I am married to don (epi-11)

After a day Swara gain conscious …..
Swara’s point of view
I am feeling different it’s different from the dragon ‘s room and bed is also different ahh my head medicine smell in the room. …I think their should be machines in this room ….I can feel someone presence in near me…but it’s not Sanskar. ………
I slowly open my eyes and scan the room and find my best friend titu sleeping in sitting on stool and Pancchi sleeping on couch holding her baby bump …from their condition is can sense they didn’t took sleep and food ….I slowly get up and attached my back to pillow in this struggle both of them got up
Pancchi-tittu go inform doctor

Swara -i am here. .oh in morning I fall unconscious in front of your car
Tittu-??????(shouts)really swara you are unconscious from morning
Swara -what oh my God. …how could it happen
Pancchi -what could not happen
Swara-woh in yesterday episode sayyam came to know why suhani left him
Titu & pancchi??
Later doctor check my report and given his usual lecture and sacchi told me about the lie they said I spent some time then I left for mm
As I enter I saw all sitting as they say me all smiles broadly ..do I looking like any sweet ….mom dad comes forward
Sumi -by folding hands. …sorry for everything being a mother I never understand your feelings being your parents we never protected u
Shekhar -we failed to fulfil your parents responsibility …beta please forgive me…we want to start our life in new way a path of truth…plzzz can u give us a chance to do our responsibility
I am the happiest person in the world …
I-are you saying true
They kept their hands on my head and sware

Shekhar -and if you don’t trust us we sware on our dead son …….
Tears flows from my eyes of happiness is huged both …..for which I am curving for long all are seeing us like we three are aliens…….
Swara-??mom dad i am dying from years to here this
Dad cups my face tears are flowing from his eyes
Shekhar -call me dad plzzz one more time please
Tears are also flowing from my eyes after years I am talking to my father who was my first hero
Swara -dad …..by hurting you It’s paining me more than you. ….I died several times by seeing you crying. …for this only me and Ayush waiting I will call him.
Sumi-we will go to kolkatta
Swara-mom dad don’t worry about anything I will help you in have collected some amount in hope someday it will help…..
Dp-my children raman ishu if they are alive
I moved towards him
Swara-uncle it’s bro’s last wish …he asked me after bringing you all in right path then only I do his last rituals
Sanskar point of view
I seen her his much happy for first time how much she loved her brother for full filling his last wish she fight with all of us alone. …. I am so happy but wait a minute when we reached to raman jiju he was dead then how he asked swara to promise. ….oh God everything is messed up
Sanskar point of view end
Swasan room

Swara point of view
I came inside the room and see sanskar sitting his back is visible to me ….he came to know about my presence ……so I thought to mind my own business. …….so I moved towards my cupboard i sense some one has search something my one tablet is missing my prescription is not in the place where usually I keep. ….but suddenly I feel something wet …….it’s sanskar’s tears…he is sitting on his knees tears are flowing from his eyes
Sanskar folds his hands ?
Sanskar -i am sorry Swara .I know my sorry can’t change the wound i given to u…I treated as a material. ….made fun of a pure relation marriage i married you forcefully like u are a toy…..
I bend down and before I say something he put his index finger on my lips
Sanskar -let me speak swara….I force my love on you…..I always promise and break it Swara give me any punishment you want but please don’t leave me ….I can’t live without u. …plzzz
He tried to touch my feet I moved back. ..and cup his face and kiss his wet eyes he is crying like kid. …
He asked me very innocently
Sanskar -will u marry me
Swara-hmmm let me think
Sanskar pouts
Swara -okay but you have two give me 7 promises of marriage
Sanskar smiles -okay what are they

Swara -first -anything happens what may be situation. .I would their or not ..
He place hands on my mouth i removed his hands
Swara-u will not return to this underworld
Sanskar -i promise. .
Swara-u will only love me…never look to another girl
Sanskar -promise u are my heroine and darling
Swara -whenever I Ask u will come to shopping and every Sunday is mine
Sanskar -your wish my command
Swara-u will let me sleep and not disturb me on Sunday
Sanskar chuckles -okay
Swara-u will not drink alcohol without my permission
Sanskar -only one plzzz
Swara -noooooooooooooooo
Sanskar -?ok
Swara-you will give sufficient time to family and never avoid us because of work
Sanskar nodes
Swara-u will become mother of my kids
Sanskar-ok….what but how will I became mother of your kids
Swara-i don’t know u have to be
Sanskar -i can’t. ….I can only become father
I slapped him playfully. ….

Swara-i don’t know anything u should become mother of my child before of valentines
Sanskar -???? valentines is next month
Swara-so what are u waiting for…..hurry up get pregnant
Sanskar -baby it’s not a song which I download from net
Swara -i don’t know anything
Sanskar hits his forehead with paam and smiles
Swara-yeah this one is want the most this killer smile
Swara holds his collar and bring him close
Swara -if you dare to look at other girl or give this smile to another then day will be the horrible day of your life
Sanskar -easy my wild kitten
Swara-don’t touch my clothes
Sanskar -from cupboard
Swara -no the dress i am wearing never dare to remove it
Sanskar -???but swara
Swara -???? I don’t like anyone touching my clothes
Sanskar -?but I am your husband
Swara -it’s my clothes
Sanskar -okay
Scratching his head
Sanskar to himself -how and when kids will come
Swara point of view end
Both spend some time together after that sanskar went towards study
Sanskar gets a call from unknown no.
Sanskar -hello whose this
U.c-hi sanskar it’s ashish agrawal

Sanskar -sry I am not remembering you
Titu-actually u don’t know me I am swara’s friend
Sanskar -yeah I remember for your wife delivery swara stayed in hospital. ..buddy don’t hastite if you want any help
Titu -if you don’t mind can u plz met me at ccd in 1 hour
Sanskar -sure I will inform swara
Titu-no please sanskar don’t tell to swara
Sanskar -okay
Sanskar point of view
I became worried why he wants to me..I came to my room it’s empty so I hurriedly change my dress and turn to take my vaulet but my mind shocks and vaulet falls down to see Swara wearing only bathrobe .and drying her hairs ..a naughty idea pop inside my head …today is very cold. …I switch on the a/c increased its temperature
She started shivering she gets up and look at ac she understands it’s my work for beating me she came forward when she is below the fan I switch it on …she has no option and came towards me to off and I grab the opportunity and
(Close your eyes ???I kissing my wife)
After spending some quality time with her i unwillingly goes to met
Sanskar point of view end
In xyz place
As sanskar comes their Sanskar He received call from doctor he inform that swara blood match with psycho killer
Sanskar become angry because the bitter reality comes in front of him …his view transfer to Tittu and Pancchi his anger by seeing pancchi
Sanskar -it means they lie ….she still carrying baby
Sanskar angrily like injured loin comes forward and hold Tittu’s collar pancchi try rescue but no use
Sanskar still holding titu ‘s collar
Sanskar -swara is that psycho killer are you both involved with her …where was she yesterday
Tittu-listen to me Sanskar
Sanskar -what I have to listen she is the blo*dy cold murderer
Titu -sanskar she is innocent she is suffering from multiple personality disorder
Sanskar shocks …laugh
Sanskar -what a joke
Pancchi -no its no yesterday she is in hospital. …
Titu-she is in danger sanskar because. ..
Before he could continue two bullets come and hit titu in his heart and Pancchi stomach ….sanskar look to direction and see sahil …he tries to catch him but he run away he comes towards titu and Pancchi but titu is died and Pancchi is alive but she shrinking ….sanskar make pancchi sit by supporting him
Sanskar -pancchi ji be strong I will take you to hospital
Pancchi stops sanskar and looks towards lifeless titu and hold her tummy and blood is flowing from it
Pancchi- San. .kar I will not be save
Sanskar -no pancchi ji nothing happens to u…
Sanskar holds her in his arm and carefully place her on passengers seat …sanskar is driving on full speed …Pancchi cries in pain Sanskar maximum tries her to support morally..they reach to hospital sanskar place her on stretcher ..she started breathing heavily
Sanskar -doctor. …..nurse call her doctor emergency. ..Pancchi nothing happens to u
Pancchi holds sanskar hand
Pancchi -(breathing heavily )Sanskar i don’t have much times….ahhhhhhhh maa
Sanskar tears are flowing from his eyes
Sanskar -no doctorrrrr
Pancchi -listen to me Sanskar. …meet Dr sunil Mittal of city hospital about swara ….maa aa
Sanskar -relax pancchi
Sanskar cares her hair and hold neck of attender
Sanskar-call the doctor if anything happens to her i will kill u all
Pancchi -s..a.n.s.k.a.r. ..that day. .raman bhai. …attacked. ..sahil….swara…did …it ….on bhaiya saying. ……………dies
Sanskar freeze for second. …then tries understand what she wants to say

Sry frnds for delay my mom strictly warned me…before finishing exam if I touch the phone she will break my finger
Recap -4 years leap

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