After marriage life is colourful episode-34

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First of all I wish you all HAPPY INDIPENDCE DAY….. We are really proud to be an INDIAN…… I Hope you all had like the previous episode…. I extremely sorry for late update and also late reply…..i try to reply you all on 10/15/17 but on the day due to rain my mom didn’t allow me so I can reply only one person….. I hope you all can understand my situation…. Now I had replied all of you please check it in previous episode….. but I am really get disappointed because many of you guys didn’t read it…. but it’s ok, you all so busy with your studies….so when you will get time please read it and give your valuable comments….. No more talks…. Now let’s get into the story… happy reading….

In night, Omri’s room,
Gowri enters the room with milk in her hand…. she thinks Om sleeps this much earlier…. Her thoughts are disturbed by seeing Om’s shivering…. She hurriedly goes near Om and checks him…. She says Oh god he have a heavy fever why he didn’t said to me….. Saying this she goes and comes with hot water and cloth… and checks his temperature… she puts that cloth by wetted on his forehead she does the same for more than twenty times…. Then she goes and prepared a soup for him…. In the middle time, Om slowly wakes up and tries to get up from the bed but falls…. Before he could fall on floor Gowri catches him and shouts, you can call me na Om…. Om by shivering says, I try to go restroom…. Gowri says come I will help you…. Om says no I can manage… Gowri yes before sometime I had seen how you are managing…. Om silently stands…. Gowri helps him by holding him on his waist and Om puts his hand on Gowri’s shoulder…. Om completely lost on her care and he thinks if you will beside me like this then I love to be in this stage till my last breathe….. After he comes outside of the restroom…. Gowri makes him to lie on bed and asks when you got a fever…. Om says, don’t know… Gowri sits beside Om and gives one spoon of soup first Om nods no… but Gowri makes him drink by forcefully…. After finishing the whole soup Gowri makes him sleep…. After sometime again Gowri checks his temperature…. She thinks now also his fever didn’t decreased I think I have to give a medicine but now all will sleep na…. she writes some medicine for fever and says to Om, don’t worry I will be back soon… saying this she placed one kiss on his forehead…. He smiles but didn’t opens his eyes…. She comes after bought a medicine for him…. First she injected him followed by; she gives some medicine for him…. In the whole night fully Gowri takes care of Om like this…. In morning Om wakes up first and sees who sleeps in a sitting position…. Om says I am sorry Gowri because of me you didn’t sleep whole night…. And he remembers the kiss which Gowri gives and smiles by touching his forehead…. Then he makes her sleep on normal and tries to kiss her before that Gowri wakes up….. Now there is no gap between them…. They had a cute and lovely eye lock…. Om starts to stammer vo vo… Gowri asks now you alright, did your fever decreased she asked by touching his forehead…. Om shockingly looked at her…. till now they didn’t apart…. Now only Gowri comes to reality….. At the time they tries to move apart but destiny didn’t allowed them because Gowri’s mangulstra stitches with Om’s shirt button…. Gowri tries to remove it but Om smiles by seeing her…. Gowri asks can you please help me…. Om says if I take my hand then I will fall on you…. if it’s ok for you then I am ready saying this he tries to take his hand but Gowri stops him by saying I can manage…. Om smiles…. After sometime Gowri gets successes in this… Om gets up followed by Gowri…. Without seeing him she tries to move from there but stops by Om as thanks for loving me this much Gowri….. Gowri says, don’t over imagine Om…. I will do like that to others also whom in your place at the time…. Om holds her hand and pulls towards him…. Gowri shockingly looking him…. Om asks, did you think me also like others…. Gowri says yes by looking down…. Om holds her chin and makes her to look at him and ask, oh then you will kiss like that to others also by placing a soft kiss on her forehead…. Gowri pushed him and says can you please stop this Om…. Om shouts then you accept the truth as you’re doing it because you love’s me now also…. Gowri also shouts as yes….. And continues now also I love’s you unconditionally because of it I can’t see you in pain saying this she cries Om also but hides it…. Gowri: but now I hate me for loving you…. did you know how much I believed you but you breaks it…. how cheap you are for marrying me what you did…. I will not forget it…. but your dream will not be true…. And also I will not be yours even for one second…. If it’s happened then it will be my last second…. Saying this Gowri leaves from that place….. Om also leaves from that place……

Anika sees all this and thinks what happened between them…. By thinking she goes to her room….. in their room, Shivaay after seeing Anika, he calls her for taking his files but she didn’t hears it…. Shivaay calls her more than ten times but she didn’t replied it…. then Shivaay goes near Anika and touches her by asking are you alright na Anika… Anika comes to her sense and says, what Shivaay, if you want anything…. Shivaay: where are you lost Anika… from last ten minutes I had called you…. Anika: sorry Shivaay, now say what I have to do…. Saying this she stands… but Shivaay holds her hand and makes her sit beside him and say, now you say, which is bothering you…. Anika: Shivaay today Gowri didn’t does pooja so I think to see her if she is fine or not but at the time I heard their fight…. Then she explained everything…. Shivaay: It’s a small fight na…. you also know all husband and wife had small fight… but it will cured so don’t worry…. Anika: no Shivaay it’s not like that… Shivaay: did you know how much they are love each other… then he explained everything what Om says…. After hearing this Anika thinks no Shivaay something is there between them…. Shivaay: now you understand how much they love each other, so don’t worry…. Now please take my file… Anika: wait Shivaay… then she gives that file to Shivaay…. Shivaay kisses her forehead and says don’t think too much saying this he leaves…. Screen shift to Om, in farmhouse….. Om lies on bed by crying….. he thinks what his Gowri says to him….. he says by looking at Gowri’s image which is hanged on the wall, at the time I don’t have any other option Gowri that’s why I did like that…. screen shift to Gowri who is cry by putting his head on bed by looking at Om’s image which is in her book…. She says, Om now also my heart says you didn’t do that purposefully and also you hide something from me…. Om: yes Gowri I had hide it because it will hurts you more than this…. I can accept your hatefulness…. Screen shift to Gowri: but I can’t hate you Om…. Did you know how much I had dreamed about our marriage…. Screen shift to Om: I also had a lot of dreams about our marriage Gowri…. Screen shift to Gowri: but it all gets spoiled because of you only…. Om: I am sorry Gowri, but my one dream gets real as you have to consider my family as yours…. Gowri: because of them only I had forget those incidents, they are more important than you…. Om: I also know that, did you how much I get jealous whenever you are with them…. Gowri: I am with them only but my heart is always searching you…. if that incident didn’t happened then our life will be totally change…. Om: yes, I didn’t allow you to move away from me… Gowri: I will always be with you by doing work for you with full of love…. Om: my day will start by your morning kiss and coffee… Gowri: my day will end by your sweet stories and dirty milk…. Om: smiles and says it’s a big task for me…. Doctor fears for milk… Gowri: I am doctor only but for you I am a child na, always you will like that only… Om: it’s true only…. But I think now we will have one sweet princess also…. Gowri: blushes and says, no I want prince only…. Om: why Gowri always fight with me for this…. Gowri: no it’s you only…. Like this they arguing with each other, at last they tries to hit each other…. Because of it, Om catches one billow which is throws by Gowri…. Omri gets shock because Gowri throws billow but it didn’t falls on Om instead of it falls on floor…. Om catches in his hand but he didn’t hold it… Then only they remembers its not real…. They are speaks to their shadows respectively…. Seeing this Om and Gowri starts to cry…. Gowri stops her cry by the touching of one hand…. Om stops his cry by seeing one phone call…. Gowri: Anika didi you hear… Om: it’s everything ok na…. on the other side of the phone, sir he escapes from here… Om shockingly what… how irresponsible you are… go and search him… if you didn’t find him then don’t know what I will do…. He is more important for me… On the other side: sure sir we will find him… after that I will call you…. Om sits on the bed by saying if you did anything to my Gowri then sure I will not leave you…. saying this he hits the bed…. Screen shift to Anri, Anika: did you think really me as your sister… Gowri: you didn’t know the answer didi…. After seeing you I didn’t feel I don’t have sister but now I had feels because if you’re think me as your sister then you’ll not ask like that na…. Anika: holds her ears and says sorry…. Gowri hugs her…. Anika: ok now I want to ask about one thing… Gowri breaks the hug and says, sure didi….

Screen freezes on Om’s angry face and Gowri’s confidence face and Anika’s confusion face….. I will stop here guys… I hope you had like it…. if I disappointed you please forgive me…. Please don’t forget to give your valuable comments about this story…. Love you all and tack care of you all… I will meet you all in your next episode…. Till then bye this is from your maha….

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  1. Aashi9

    want to know the truth soon
    update soon

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u Aashi9…. Keep reading dr… Sure dr…

  2. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

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      Thank u Alekhika20….. Keep reading….

  3. Superbb update….

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  4. really good. waiting for the next epi…

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  5. Niriha

    Awesome….feeling so bad for omri.I’m eager to know the truth…update next part soon

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  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

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    Dear Maha
    Gauri Take Care Of Om Is Really Nice???ShivIka Scene Is Cute?Miss ShivIka For Head Kiss In Show???OmRi Fight Arguement And Imagination Scene Is Emotional???Feeling Bad For OmRi?Please Clear MU Between OmRi?Totally The Episode Is Really Awesome?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. B.k.maha

      Thank u UF…. Keep reading…. Thank u dr for this complement…. U too dr….

  8. Bubblu

    superb..finally its time for the revelation… Waitign for the nxt episode and Rikara unison

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