Marriage is not business (OS1)

To the story now …

Laksh’s room but now Raglak’s room: 

It’s the night of their marriage. 

R: look Laksh I’m not interested in this Marriage I only agreed for the happiness of my family. 

L: same here Ragini I was not at all interested in this but I’m only doing this for OUR family too. 

R: I understand that’s we both are doing this for OUR family, what are you going to now?

L: Act like husband and wife in front of them and in this room here we’re strangers. 

R: I like it, I’m okay with it. 

Talking like this they both slept unknowingly

Next morning: 

Everyone was awake. 

They do all the rituals and happy in front of their families, but aside their room they are strangers.


Days passes and 10 months passed everything is still the same…

One day:

Shivaay and Anika his wife (she’s a lawyer) is speaking about Ragini as he know that ragini is not normal and she is never a quite person.

Anika: Shivaay have you noticed Ragini, it feels as if she is not our Ragini. 

Shivaay: I know anika I can feel it too it’s not my Ragu have you seen her now, our ragu usually knows how to keep everyone happy even though she is not happy, she can keep everyone happy and hide her pain, no one can notice sometimes even I can’t notice it but now I can. I don’t know if I’m over thinking, but I think it is this unwanted marriage.

Ani: shivaay I was going to say the same, our ragu only know how to make people smilie and not show pain I think we need to speak to her or either laksh.

Shiv: there is no point in speaking to Laksh he wouldn’t say anything regarding it.


Ragini and Laksh both are developing feelings for each other but still acts like strangers. 

But one thing is that they always maintained that both of them are happy with their married life, which is not correct. 

Laksh’s pov: No I can’t develop feelings for her. I have had enough with girls with my ex she’s cheated on me with that bastard Sanskar I wanted to live my life alone but cannot now as I have married Ragini for our families happiness, also to expand our business together. But my main aim was the business. I cannot fall in love with her no I cannot. Why? Why? Why are you doing this to me god tell me? No i have to avoid her I cannot fall for anyone noo!!!! I don’t believe in love!


Ragini’s pov: I don’t know what I’m think 🤔 that he is falling for me. Yes I love him 😍 I loved him since childhood because our families knew each other for a long time. Me and him used to play together and everything. Then things changed we moved to Paris to expand dads business and lost touch. We came back and they were still living in the same mansion opposite ours. But laksh had forgotten me and his had a past. Yes I know that he had loved another girl. Yes his not the old laksh who he used to me. How I know all this? I used to follow him on instagram. He used to post pictures of her and him then it stopped and he deleted all the pictures with and even deleted the account. I knew he was going through pain. But his still going through paint he hasn’t forgotten her that’s painful 😣. It’s been years since they broke up. I’m not going to say anything because I want him to forget her by me I want to heal him and I want him to know who I am and understand me as a person. I loved him. I still and will love him only. 


Both the Families were together. Ragini was serving tea. Shivaay come and asks to take Ragini out, everyone was confused on why he was asking to take her out as his always at the office and never come home middays. They agreed her to go with Shivaay as his her brother. 



Laksh comes from the office. 

Everyone was sitting in the living room laksh looks everywhere but doesn’t find Ragini any where. He comes to everyone in the living room and asked where Ragini is/was. They told him what had happened in the evening. 

He was shocked himself as for the same reasons Shivaay never leaves business for no reason. He ties Shivaay number just then he Here’s the phone ringing in his house. 

It was Shivaays phone, they look towards the entrance both Shivaay and Ragini enters lakshs mansion. Shivaay looks angry 😡. 

He comes towards laksh and holds his collar. Ragini come running asks Shivaay to leave him. All the family members asks him what happened. 

Laksh: what happen Shivaay? what’s wrong?

Shivaay: what’s wrong? Really? You don’t know? 

Laksh: I don’t know what your taking about. 

Shivaay: oh so you don’t know what I’m meaning. Why did you do this to my sister. 

Laksh: (he looks at Ragini) I really don’t know what I’ve done? 

Shivaay: okay let me remind you. You ruined my sisters life. She’s living here like a servant just doing the house hold things and helping all you families needs, but she still hasn’t got the right to be your wife. If your still not over your past then why didn’t you agree to marry my sister? I hate you. I thought you are my best friend but you … you just shatter my trust today. 

Laksh: it’s not what you think Shivaay, your sister too agreed to stay like how we are. 

Shivaay: I know she did because she’s never wanted to look like a desperate person. You know what? My sister has always had a dream about her wedding about starting her own family and a loving husband, but whom did he get her married to a low life who cannot forget his past and move on. 

Laksh and the family bends their head as they didn’t realise all the drama while they were present. 

Shivaay: my sister will not stay here anymore. 

Laksh: no you cannot take her with you she’s my wife. 

Shivaay: oh what I see you don’t want to let her go because there wouldn’t be a free servant for you and your family right? 

Laksh: SHIVAAY!!

Shivaay: don’t shout laksh saying the truth hurts right? 

Laksh; no you cannot take her she is my wife legally wedded. Tell him Ragini your not going with him. ( Ragini bends her head as she cannot disobey her brother). 

Shivaay: wife? Legal? Oh okay sure we will go through the way you want too. I WILL take my sister with me and you will be receiving divorce papers from my lawyers. 


I’m so sorry guys I haven’t had time to update. I’ve been really busy with work and uni just too much. I decided to update whenever I can. Thank you for your patience. Love you loads. ❤️❤️ 

P.S. Give me 50+ likes I will update part 2. 

••This text hasn’t been spellchecked as I was writing this in a flow so didn’t re-read it sorry for any mistakes.••

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