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Sanchi woke up when she felt a tingling sensation on her thighs. She felt the sensation slowly crawl up her thighs to her core. She felt something stroking her slowly and teasing her. She twisted in her sleep thinking that it was a dream which felt very real. She woke up with a start when she felt something twisting and turning inside her. She saw Kabir whose left hand was tucked under her head as her pillow and his right hand was under the sheets. Her hazy morning thoughts took some time to realize that the thing crawling up her thighs was Kabir’s hand and she was actually not dreaming. Her realization part was cut short when Kabir moved his fingers out of her wet core and began to thrust them into her slowly. Sanchi moaned as she arched her back and Kabir removed his hand from under her head and laid Sanchi on her back. He further spread her legs so he could have a better excess to her womanhood. He continued stroking and teasing her. Her moans were muffled as theirs lips were engaged in a deep kiss. She lifted her hips and wiggled them as an indication that she wanted Kabir to fasten his pace but he kept ignoring her signals and continued his torture.

Suddenly, Kabir turned and sat on the bed with his upper body leaning against the headboard. Sanchi was now straddling him and their kiss remained intact. After minutes Sanchi finally broke the kiss to get some air. She was panting heavily and she could feel Kabir’s erection right below her womanhood. She thought to tease him a bit as he had done this morning and thus she started to move her hips back and forth so her core rubbed along the length of his manhood. Kabir groaned and looked at Sanchi who was giving him an innocent smile. Sanchi then leant in and started giving him kisses on his chest and collar bone. She was exploring his skin the way he did to her. She was also occasionally biting him lightly on his neck. Her hands were meanwhile running up and down his chest to his perfectly sculpted abs. Sanchi kissed below his Adam’s apple and she felt Kabir shivering a bit. She finally found the most responsive spot on his skin. All the while her movements of hips did not stop. She was also taking her time to enjoy her exploration and also the expressions on his face.

Kabir placed his hands on Sanchi’s hip and halted her motion. He lifted her up and placed his length at her entrance. He then slowly guided her down on his length. Sanchi moaned as she felt him completely inside her. She rocked to adjust to his length from a different angle but in response she got his groan. Kabir then directed her slowly up and down and soon Sanchi found her own rhythm. Kabir still kept his hands on her hips but Sanchi was now doing all the work. She started increasing her speed gradually and soon she was close to her release. Kabir let go of her hips and roamed his hands on her creamy back. He kissed her again and sucked at her sensitive spot on the collar bone. He felt her orgasm and her pace slowed down. Kabir himself was on the edge of his release and so he swapped and changed their positions. He was careful not to hurt Sanchi in the process. He then started thrusting inside her with a fast speed. After a few minutes, he released inside her and fell beside her. They lay still for a few minutes while catching their breaths.

Sanchi could feel the light from dawn getting into their room. She sat up and searched for her night dress. She found them near the table at the entrance of the room. She went there and got dressed. She did not want to miss the sunrise now that she was awake. She slowly walked outside to the long and wide balcony. She felt a dull ache down there but she was still happy. She could not think that just the second day of her marriage and she had already learnt two new positions and also she had done it on a table. She blushed with the thoughts as the images came rushing into her mind. She smiled as she felt the sunrays on her face. She took a deep breath and was met with the fresh and salty air of the beach. She was basking in the moment when she heard Kabir’s voice.

K: Well I did not take you as a revenge type of girl.

Sanchi smiled as he indicated about her small stunt that she decided to pull off in the morning.

S: You started it.

She said and shrugged. They stood there in silence and watched the sun rise above the horizon. Kabir turned to look at Sanchi. She was smiling but exhaustion was clearly visible on her face. Her skin was also red due to his adventures.

K: You should probably go and rest. We are going to have a long night today.

Sanchi turned her head his way and furrowed her eyebrows. What could he mean by long night ahead? Did he mean… she blushed at her thoughts but was interrupted by Kabir.

K: We are having the award ceremony today.

Sanchi realized that he was talking about the award ceremony and she turned deep shade of red for her dirty thinking. Kabir placed his hands on her waist and pulled her flush to him. He leant his head to her ear and whispered.

K: Though what you are thinking will also happen but you are not ready for it right now.

Sanchi’s eyes widened and she faced him. She saw his smirk and she blushed some more. She hid her face into his chest as he held her close. She could feel Kabir’s chest vibrate as a melodious chuckle erupted from his throat. Sanchi wanted to break free from his grip and look at his face while he was genuinely chuckling but she knew that she would only cause his melody to stop abruptly. She just stood there hearing him chuckle while she buried her head deep into his chest. Kabir tightened his hold on her some more and they stood there like this for a while. He then let her go and went inside the bathroom to freshen up. Sanchi sat on a leisure chair in the balcony as she thought about today morning. She saw a new teasing side of Kabir and she was glad to meet this side of him.

Suddenly having a peaceful life with him did not sound that difficult to her and she closed her eyes and leant on the chair. She heard the bathroom door open and she saw Kabir coming out with only towel on his hips. Sanchi ogled him for some time and then went inside to do her morning routine. She came out to find her room empty and she quickly dried herself and changed into some treks and a t-shirt. She came down to the Kitchen and quickly started to prepare some tea and coffee. The girls had had a very difficult time in convincing the men that they did not want to hire any cook as they had decided to cook for everyone. She quickly made some sandwiches and toasted some bread for breakfast. Just when she was about to set up the table, Isha and Pragya came inside. Veer and Karan were also with them. They overtook the job of setting up the table while she went to call Kabir. She found him in the living room working on his laptop.

S: I thought that this was supposed to be our honeymoon.

She said to gain his attention as his concentration was purely devoted to his very precious laptop screen. Kabir turned around and saw Sanchi standing there with her hands on her hips.

K: Yes but I have this one meeting on 18th but after that I am free.

Sanchi grew irritated and she was about to retaliate when the door bell rung. She went to open the door and found Marc there at the entrance with three assistances behind him. They were carrying about nine dresses with them. Sanchi smiled seeing them and gave Marc a tight hug. Marc stepped inside the house and went into the dining room where everyone was present.

M: Oh thank god you three are up this early. I thought that you all must be sleeping due to the exhaustion.

He exclaimed as the ladies turned red in color.

M: Though you all still look tired. You better rest as you are going to have a long night ahead today.

He said and Sanchi and Kabir exchanged a glance. Kabir smirked at the exact repetition of his words while Sanchi just blushed thinking about the morning incident.

S: marc why don’t you join us for breakfast?

Sanchi asked while changing the topic. Isha and Pragya nodded eagerly.

M: Oh no. I have had my breakfast at the hotel. I just want you three to try these dresses on and select whichever you want. I have to make the alterations according to your selection. Also I don’t have much time as there are many other businessmen’s wives want me to design their dresses. But don’t you ladies worry I have brought my best collection for you all. Now please just come and try these on. Oh my God! I don’t have much time! Hurry up you ladies.

He chided as he made his way up to one of the rooms. The besties broke into light laugh due to his over acting and followed him up the stairs. They saw Marc in Sanchi and Kabir’s room. He was instructing his assistants to set things up. After hours of trying into other dresses, the three ladies had picked one for them. Marc gathered all his belongings and left. Sanchi sighed and went down to see that the breakfast was covered with a plate and the table was also cleaned. Isha and Pragya ate the breakfast while Sanchi headed back up to her room and changed into comfortable pajamas and slept as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry for the late update but I was caught up with some work.

This was a filler episode. The real one will be updated soon.

Thank you so much for reading.

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