Marriage By Curse- 2. Distraught


While Sanchi was contemplating the depths of an ocean from its surface, the other girls were busy ogling Kabir. In front of Sanchi stood a ‘changed for the worst man’ while for the other girls he was like a king with whom they so badly wanted to be. Not only Kabir, Veer and Karan were also receiving those stares. After all they were the unbreakable trio of the business world, all of them being stinking rich, handsome with all the features placed correctly and having the brains to rake a shiver down the spine of their opponents without even moving a finger.

Kabir Kapoor, owner of the widest chain of hotels in the country; Veer Malhotra, owner of the law firm managing all the cases related to the top class companies hence having an ally with Kabir and Karan; Karan Oberoi, owner of the biggest construction business in the country. When the three were put together, their power was invincible. Some brave hearts tried to go against them but they ended up losing everything and starting from zero in their lives. Out of the three, Kabir was more ruthless and harsh. Veer and Karan were aware about the reason behind his undeterred behavior and hence they tried their best to reason out with his insolent acts.

They kept an extremely low profile life and they were only seen around their workplace or award ceremony or parties demanding their presence. They were spotted with many women differently but their business partners believed it to be a hype created by their rivals to tarnish their respect due to their low profile lives. All of their classmates were thinking that they will not come but the school had made it compulsory for all of them to attend which rose clouds of suspicion in Kabir’s mind.

Meanwhile, Sanchi received a call and that was from her most trustable employee, Mr. Kumar Sanu. She looked around to see that Veer and Karan were busy in some deep conversation and Isha and Pragya were in the corner whispering something to each other. She hence did not find any need to excuse herself for taking this call.

S: Hello.

K: Hello Sanchi, the goods have been loaded in the godown. I have locked it. Where should I keep the keys?

S: Keep it with you only Kumar uncle, I will collect from you afterwards.

She hung up after instructing him to check the security properly. Just as she was going to make her way towards her friends, she was stopped by someone. Turning around she found it was Karan and Veer.

K: Sanchi do you think you should trust blindly?

Sanchi was puzzled as her brows drew together.

S: Sorry, I did not get you. Pardon me please.

V: Actually we are sorry. We did not intend to listen to your conversation but we just could not stop ourselves.

K: So do you think you should trust blindly?

Sanchi gave a sweet smile and shook her head.

S: Firstly, it’s okay Veer and secondly I do trust my employees but not blindly Karan.

K: But you just risked everything you have in your company by giving the keys of the godown to your employee. What if he is to steal something?

S: Well I trust him enough to not steal anything.

K: Then you must have very strong assets Sanchi.

S: Maybe.

K: But it does not take much time for the strongest of assets to change into liability.

S: I know but then one must know how to chose a strong asset and till what extent to trust them.

K: You have done Management?

S: Yes.

K: Which college?

S: IIM Ahmedabad.

V: Still you own this small business? I thought that you might be working for some multi-national company with all the brains that you have got!

Sanchi gave a hearty laugh.

S: People do ask me this question. Well I am content with whatever I am doing right now. I have no dejection with my position today. I am happy and that is what matters to me the most.

Karan and Veer shared amused glances and they continued chatting for a while before Sanchi excused herself to go to her friends. Oblivious to them, Kabir was also listening to their conversation. He was also a slight bit amazed but he thought of Sanchi to be stupid to waste her hard earned degree by not seeking the exposure it provided her.

All the students made a trip around the school enjoying the feeling of nostalgia overtake them. They had big smiles on their faces while returning to the hall, Kabir being the only person who had a shade of a fake smile on his face. Sanchi had observed him closely the whole time only to see him emotionless like a stone. This confused and hurt her but she shook that feeling off. Once they were all settled in their places, the principal of the school addressed them.

P: Good afternoon students. I hope you all enjoyed refreshing your childhood memories.

Everyone cheered by clapping and hooting. The principal gave a tight lipped smile and he nodded slightly.

P: I hope that you all will react positively to the situation that is going to be disclosed to you all in a few minutes.

There was pin drop silence. Everyone was keen to hear what the principal had to say that would demand their reaction. The mike was then handed over to a formally dressed old woman. She introduced herself as Elliy, the curse breaker from London.

E: Okay students, the management of your school contacted me a few months before. They told me of a book which they discovered from the shelf of your school library. The book stated of a curse being in effect on the 50th batch of the school. This school is very old and unfortunately your batch is the 50th batch of this school meaning the curse is going to affect you people.

All of them had frowns on their faces as they waited for the lady to give a detailed explanation of the curse. Some even had an expression of mockery on their faces as they discarded the idea of mere existence of the curses.

E: Do not mock dear children, the curses do prevail. They have been present since times immemorial.

She then presented certain cases where the mass had been cursed and how it still had prevailed even in the modern era of technology. Everyone now seemed quiet curious to know what this curse was.

E: Okay so coming to the most important part of the topic, what is this curse? The book states that each and every one of the 50th batch of this school has to be bound to a specific other. If they fail to do so, then the only option will be death of both the respective partners.

The girls gasped and each and everyone in the room went as stiff as a board when they heard it. Elliy had an expression of pity and sympathy in her eyes as she gazed at the mass of youngsters sitting in front of her who were on the threshold of their lives and were being forced into something due to one pathetic curse.

Sanchi opened and closed her mouth but nothing came out of it. She was dumbstruck when she heard Elliy. She could not believe her ears and she kept on hoping that this would all turn out be a joke or a prank. She could not block the flow of tears that tumbled down her cheeks as she felt that her life was being slipped from her hands. She had so many dreams in her life. She wanted to achieve something before finding someone and marrying him with all her heart. She did not want to have an arranged marriage. She did not want to get married at the first place! Glancing around she found all the girls had tears in their eyes and the boys had a hard look on their faces.

Each one of them present in that room was worrying about their future and they were all distraught after hearing this news. Who would have thought that a simple reunion would result in a mass arranged marriage announcement?


Hello everyone,

I am sorry for posting late but as you all know that Navratri is going on, I am really very busy and also my exams are coming so please spare me if I am irregular.

Now, if any management students are reading this then please do not hit me if my interpretation of assets and liabilities is wrong. I have written this purely on the basis of the information from net. If anything is wrong then please forgive me.

The curse thing may be a bit ridiculous but please bear with me. Kanchi scenes will be included after some chapters as I am trying to build the base for the story. Please do comment and let me know about your views.

Once again, Happy Navratri.


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  1. Dhruti

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    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Pooja

  3. It was a different plot dear I like it pls post next part soon whenever you get time and happy navaratri tc lots of luv😍😍😍😍

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    1. AAYU

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    Superb concept… I loved it… Plz post next part soon

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