Marriage By Curse – 13. THE HONEYMOON 1


The flight was in the evening. Sanchi just got enough time to repack her clothes. They left for the airport as soon as Sanchi had finished packing and reassuring that the house was properly locked. They reached a secluded part of the airport and the car stopped near the large clearing beside the runway. Sanchi’s mouth dropped in awe as soon as she set foot out of the car. There standing regally in front of her was a lavish charter plane with ‘K2V’ painted in large bold red letters. It was a spotless white colored plane which would just blend into the clouds once it was in the sky. They went inside with the chauffer, who was carrying their luggage, in toe behind them.

Sanchi was wearing a tight grey jeans and a white loose crop top and Kabir was wearing a black pant with grey shirt. They made their way through the small reception corridor where two beautiful airhostesses welcomed them and reached the sitting area which contained ten plush seats. Sanchi and Kabir sat on two seats adjacent to each other on the right side of the walkway. A while later Isha and Karan stepped inside. They waved at the seated couple and occupied the last seats on the left side of the walkway. Pragya and Veer were the last to enter and they sat in the front seats on the left side. All the three of them were seated separately and in silence. The plane took off and soon the seatbelt sign was also off. Sanchi was sitting on the seat near the window and Kabir was on the one besides her. They took off their seat belts and relaxed. Soon Sanchi was leaning on Kabir’s shoulder with her eyes closed and breathes evened out. Kabir checked his phone for some emails and started to reply them personally when he received a message from Karan.

Karan: We must meet.

Veer: Why?

Karan: I want to discuss about the Paris project. There seems to be a problem.

Kabir frowned when he read that. He reminisced going to Paris a few months ago. The merging company had put forth many claws and some of them were just unacceptable. He had flown there and managed to bargain in some of the terms but here again they have come with some other problem. It is like they are either too insecure or they just don’t want to continue with this merger.

Kabir huffed in anger and attempted to make his way towards the meeting room in the plane. He had almost gotten up when he remembered Sanchi. He carefully lifted her head and leant it against the window. He turned around and was just going to walk away when he was stopped by Sanchi’s voice.

S: Where are you going?

K: To the meeting room. You rest.

Sanchi nodded and Kabir walked off. She stretched and got up to find Pragya and Isha missing. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion and stood there for a few minutes before making her way to the counter where the airhostesses were sat. They stood in attention as soon as they saw Sanchi approaching. They bowed and had a sweet smile on their faces.

AH1: Hello Ma’am. How may I help you?

Sanchi also responded with a smile.

S: I just want some water.

AH1: You could have called us Ma’am. Why did you take the effort?

S: That’s fine.

She responded and drank the glass of water that she was handed by the air hostesses.

S: Have you seen Isha and Pragya?

She questioned.

AH2: Yes Ma’am, they are in the living room adjacent to the sitting room.

S: Thank you.

She opened the door of the living room and smiled brightly. It was a large space with some couches and a TV with home theater. Her two besties were on one of the couches and were throwing malicious glances at her. Her expressions changed from happy to one of worried as she knew they had done something.

S: What did you do?

She questioned wearily and Isha and Pragya exchanged wicked smiles. They took out their phones and showed something to Sanchi. Her mouth dropped at what she saw. She blushed a deep shade of red threw angry glances at her besties. They were laughing like mad people at Sanchi’s reaction. She fumed further.

I: At least you would have made an attempt to hide it Sanchi!

Isha exclaimed between her laughs. Pragya snorted in agreement and they continued to laugh.

They had clicked a photo of Sanchi leaning on Kabir’s shoulder when Kabir was busy in his work. On inspecting the photo, the red mark on Sanchi’s collarbone and the one near her ear lobe was discovered. They laughed like maniacs and Sanchi attempted to cover her marks with her hairs and top. She huffed in annoyance and sat on the couch adjacent to the one her besties had occupied. She crossed her hands across her chest glared at them. They sobered up and awed at her as they sat on either sides of her. Sanchi slumped on the couch and her besties stared at her.

P: We won’t ask you how it was because the proof is with us.

Pragya said and Isha smirked while Sanchi grimaced.

S: Well even you two seem to look tired and worn out.

She stated and smirked as her retort made them shut up.

I: Oh please…

Isha began but Sanchi cut her in the starting itself.

S: Can’t we talk about anything else.

She pleaded and gave a cute pout which made her besties smile. They saw the TV and started to check through the list of the movies that were available in the cabinet. All were horror movies and they decided to watch one. They ordered some snacks and a warm blanket which was provided to them shortly. They adjusted themselves on the couch and started the movie with blanket covering them all. For the next two hours, a loud squeak or collective gasps was heard from the living room.  The first time that they screamed the air hostesses ran inside the room to check on them and so did their husbands but on finding them hurled up on the couch and watching a horror movie relaxed them. They were not disturbed for the rest of the movie. The movie finished in time with the flight journey. They all took their previous seats and secured the seat belts to prepare for landing.

They completed the security procedures on landing and went to their hotel in Thailand. It was night and the streets were glowing with all the lights from the restaurants and the residences nearby. Soon the lights faded into dark and their road was illuminated by the street lights. The hotel was far away from the airport as it took them one hour to reach the hotel. When they got down; Sanchi, Isha and Pragya were shocked to see a big bungalow with a large garden surrounding them. It was located near the sea shore and on the outskirts of the city. The bungalow was rented and it would provide them the security and privacy of their honeymoon.

They entered the house and were greeted by the house help. They finished their dinner and the men showed their wifes their respective rooms. All the rooms were on the first floor. The ground floor had the hall and kitchen. The hall also had a large balcony where an open dining table was kept to enjoy the food with the sea breeze. The first floor had only three master rooms and the top floor had a very big gym on one half and the other half was an open area with some couches and chairs. The house was designed beautifully and Sanchi was in love with it at the first glance.

She entered their room and saw that their luggage was already in the room. She unpacked her luggage and removed her outfit for tomorrow. After completing hers, she unpacked Kabir’s luggage and organized his side of the wardrobe the way it was when she stumbled upon the walk in closet back at house. She kept the watches and ties differently in one of the drawers and all the shirts were hanged on the lower rod. She also placed the suit with the matching pants on the upper rod and his casuals in the shelves. She then shut their suitcases and kept them on the rightmost side of their closet. She took her night dress and went to change in the washroom.

Kabir came back to his room after he finished his talking with Veer and Karan. He was nearly worried when he heard Sanchi’s scream but on finding them watching the horror movie, he was annoyed. He could not understand that why did people watch horror movies when they could not tolerate horror scenes? The three of them had then resumed with the discussion. They were planning on finding a way to end the problems all at once. Kabir had had enough of the merger party’s tantrums. He could not tolerate them anymore. They were disturbed with the landing and the processes. After showing Sanchi the room, he waited for Karan and Veer in the living room. They proceeded with the plan and then when the draft was ready, they retired for night.

He found his luggage missing when he came back to the room. He opened the closet and found all his clothes on the right places, just the way he liked. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as to who set this up when Sanchi emerged from the washroom. She was wearing shorts and a baggy top.

K: You set my things up?

He questioned and hid the amusement in his voice.

S: Yes. Sorry if they are not as per your liking.

Sanchi hesitated as she spoke. She thought that she had done a good job because it was just the way his things were at home.

K: It is okay but you just need to fix the suits on the top row.

He stated and saw that Sanchi kept her cleanly folded clothes in the laundry bag and came near him.

S: What should I fix?

(WARNING: Mature content ahead)

She questioned and looked around the closet to spot something wrong as she awaited his answer but it never came. Instead she felt herself being turned and soon she collided with Kabir’s chest and his lips were on hers in an instant. She responded to his kisses after coming out of the shock. She ran her fingers through his hairs as he deepened the kiss. Kabir moved them to an empty table near the wall. He placed Sanchi on the table while still kissing her. She moaned into the kiss as she felt Kabir’s hand roam around her body. She too directed her fingers to remove his shirt buttons. She shakily removed his buttons and pushed the shirt off his shoulders. She traced the outlines of his packs with her fingers lightly. Kabir’s lips were now sucking on her neck and his hands were drawing patterns on her thighs. Sanchi was trying to control her noises and Kabir saw that. He kissed his way up to her earlobe and whispered in her ears with heavy breathing.

K: The room is sound proof.

Sanchi gasped and blushed as the implication of Kabir’s words sunk in her mind. Kabir stepped back and removed her top only to find that she was not wearing bra underneath it. He raised his eyebrows at Sanchi and she just bit her lips in response. He smirked and pulled her shorts down as well and soon they were accompanied by her panties. He also removed his pants and then his boxers.

He claimed her nipples once he was free of his clothing. Sanchi arched her back and held on the edge of the table for support. He continued to pay equal attention to her nipples and at the same time his hands rubbed circles on her womanhood. Sanchi’s moans filled the room and Kabir felt that she was close enough to orgasm. He stopped his ministrations and kissed her once again. He parted her legs with his other hand and crossed them around his hips. He adjusted the tip of his member at her entrance and pushed into her at once. Sanchi’s legs tightened around his hips involuntarily and a scream of pleasure left her throat. Kabir began to slide inside her at a fast speed as the need of her since morning began to rub off him. Sanchi held onto him for support as he began to move. She could feel that she was going to explode but she decided to come with Kabir. She tried to hold onto her desire to release but she could not contain it for a long time. She orgasmed and felt Kabir also spill himself after another few minutes of her release.

Kabir felt Sanchi stiffen in his arms. He knew that she was close to her release. He continued to thrust but on not finding her wetness around him, he lifted his face from her hairs to see her face contorted in a painful attempt to control. He saw that she was trying to control. He kept looking at her as he thrusted inside her. He saw that her face changed from painful to relaxed and ecstatic after few seconds. He heard his name roll off her tongue and felt her wetness around him which further drove him to the end of his release. After few minutes he released inside her.

They stayed put for a few seconds while catching their breathes. Sanchi was leaning on the wall and Kabir was leaning on her. He pulled out after catching his breath and carried a tired looking Sanchi to the bed. He laid her down on the bed and found her on the verge of sleep. He himself was tired after the flight and all the standing. He got inside the covers and pulled Sanchi towards him. He placed a hand on her waist and the other beneath her head. He buried his face into her hairs and spooned her as they both drifted off into sleep.


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