Marriage by Curse- 1. Reunion


I shut the lid of my suitcase and sighed heavily. Today was an eventful day. The wedding was a great success and all my team mates had outdone themselves. It took about three hours to wind up the remnants, pack the stuff and get them loaded to be delivered at the godown of our company. I had just showered and packed my entire luggage as I was going directly to the reunion from here. I was very tired but the thought of meeting my friends energized me. I was very excited to see everyone and of course a certain someone. Keeping the school in mind, I decided to put on some business pants and a full sleeves black and white party shirt. Tucking the shirt in the pants and rolling the sleeves a little bit up, I wore my watch and bracelet. I also wore the casual silver band on the third finger of my right hand. I let my hair fall loosely over my shoulders and did not apply any makeup. I wanted people to see the natural me not the one who is caked with tons of makeup. Pairing the attire with a black pencil heel, I glanced at myself in the mirror before walking towards the entrance of the resort. The chauffer opened the door of my car and assured me of the luggage been loaded in the car before. I thanked him and sat on the drivers’ seat.

Just as I was turning on the corner of the street that would lead me to my school, my phone rang making me jump on my seat in surprise as it killed the silence of the car that had prevailed for three hours. I swiped without seeing the caller id and was met with a loud blast of noise. I scrunched up my nose and turned the volume of the phone down. Several seconds later I heard Pragya’s voice.

P: Where are you? We have been waiting for so long!

S: I will be there in five minutes.

With that I hung up and drove straight through the doors of the school. All the memories were bubbling on the surface of my mind as I made my way towards the parking. I parked my car and went straight to the arrival square where I was engulfed in a bone crushing hug by my two besties. After several minutes, we let go.

I: Wow yaar Sanchi, you look stunning hot. Are you planning to kill all the boys in there?

Isha winked at me and I laughed the comment off. I was never the one to properly appreciate and handle comments. Pragya took hold of my hand and turned me around. A frown marred my forehead as I saw her confusingly. She looked at me wide eyed and a horrific expression was on her face.

P: You lost a lot of weight! You looked a bit better when I saw you last time but now, it seems like you are a stick. Are you eating properly?

I: Oh, Miss. Pragya is on mother mode from now onwards.

Isha commented and we burst out laughing. Pragya pouted while I and Isha were holding our aching stomachs and trying very hard not to laugh. After sobering up a little, I turned towards Pragya.

S: Pragya, I have just lost five kilos. The work is so demanding that I have to spend all my energy in it. And by the way, I am 48 kilos so please; don’t call me a stick with Isha here.

Pragya was going to argue when a voice from behind disturbed us.

V: Hello beautiful Ladies!

He said and made his way towards us. I instantly recognized him as Veer. His face was the same but he now looked a grown man and a bit of a mature person. The stubble just added to his manly persona. He was never this free with the girls before but I think time changes everyone. I tilted to look at Pragya who was staring at him with wide eyes. Shock was evident on her face. He greeted Isha and Pragya with a hand shake and when he saw me, he frowned and asked in an apologetic tone.

V: I am sorry but may I know your name please?

S: Sanchi.

V: Sorry?

S: Sanchi. Sanchi Mishra.

I repeated in a confused manner. He stared at me with wide eyes and then composed himself. He cleared his throat and forwarded his hand for a hand shake.

V: Sorry but I really did not recognize you Sanchi. I thought you will be the same chubby girl with specks from school but now you are totally different.

S: It’s okay.

I said while shaking his hand. We then departed and went to the multi-purpose hall. Almost everyone was there. We separated ways with Veer and mingled with the girls. Priya was as always the sweetheart of the class. Riya who once used to be b*t*hy was now a bit soft. It was good conversing with all of them. My eyes roamed around to find someone but there was no trace of him. I was a bit disappointed when the thought crossed my mind that he would have not considered it important to come but then I realized that the reunion was mandatory for everyone.

I collided with someone on my way to the refreshment counter. Apologetically, I looked up and saw Karan. He was talking with Isha and I was lost in my thoughts so we did not look where we are going and hence we collided. I threw Isha a knowing glance and wiggled my eyebrows. She just blushed and shook her head in return.

K: I am so sorry Sanchi. I did not see where I was going.

S: It’s okay. Even I was not paying attention.

We stood there making small talks about our careers when the doors opened and everyone turned their heads to see who has arrived. We, being right at the opposite end of the entrance could see clearly. My heart fluttered at the sight of him. There in all his glory stood my crush, Kabir Kapoor, the famous footballer and sports captain of our school. His childlike face had now developed into a handsome one and the set of decent beard just glorified his face. He had a good face-cut with high cheek bones, sharp jaw line and his lips set in a firm line curving slightly at the ends. His shades had covered the most important part of his face, his eyes. He was wearing a normal suit which stretched at his biceps giving us an indication of his gym training. His shirt was tight around his chest defining the abs and lines of his body. He was not the same boy with lean structure, he was a grown up man with an attractive physique. What shocked me was his personality. It no longer reflected sincerity, joyfulness and most importantly innocence. It was now a perfect blend of potent, seriousness and unwelcoming cold aura. His personality was still alluring but something about him was not the same. I frowned when he removed his shades. His eyes, the one who held emotions in them sometime were now hollow. They just looked like his demeanor, cold and may I add icy cold. I felt dejected. I did not think that he would grow to become someone so detached. My eyes followed him and I could see that his greetings were not whole hearted and warm. They were more formal or almost professional. I signed and turned away. This was not the same Kabir on whom I had a huge crush. He was a changed man, a different man whom I could not decipher.

I: Wow yaar Sanchi, he is so hot!

Isha exclaimed and I just hummed in response and drowned myself back in the thoughts of his extensively differing personality change over the time span of six years.


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  1. Hey Aayu, the episode was awesome I totally loved it. The way you explained Kabir was superb
    Waiting for the meet of Saanchi and Kabir
    Post soon
    Take care

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Tanvi
      I will post as soon as possible
      Take care you too

  2. Dhruti

    Hii aayu…epi was awesome and what u explained about Kabir was awesome and I’m waiting for meet of kanchi…… post next one soon….TC…..

    1. AAYU

      Thank you Dhruti
      I am glad you liked it
      Take care you too

      1. Dhruti

        post next chap soon…..

  3. Rishika

    Hi aayu, the epi is awesome I loved it and the way u described kabir I actually got the image of kkk in the initial part of the show
    Waiting for the next update
    Post soon

    1. AAYU

      Thank you Rishika
      I will try to post soon

  4. Avika

    Amazing episode…. Loved the bond between Sanchi -Isha-Pragya ….. Sanchi waiting for kabir😘… The way you differentiated in the old kabir and this new kabir is awesome…. Want ti know what happened that made innocent kabir into cold hearted kabir… Post sooooon . Stay safe stay happy

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much Avika
      You know it when the time comes
      Stay safe and stay happy you too

  5. Anu88

    Sorry yaar for not commenting on intro and prologue part……….I am really very very sorry for that yaar……………I miss u so so much yaar……….this story is really so so interesting and beautiful yaar……….you know yaar your previous ff mafia devil is one of my most favourite story yaar…………in your ff which is my most favourite is your description about sanchi pragya and isha friendship ……………….this episode is also superb and amazing yaar………… u lots yaar…… dear

    1. AAYU

      Thank you so much dear
      No need to be sorry
      I really get inspired by your comments
      They are filled with positivity that makes me very happy
      I am glad that you like my work and I will try to keep on writing more as the ideas flash in my mind
      Lots of love to you too
      Take care you too

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