Marriage a bond of love (Kaira, Shivika, Kriyaansh, Swaron Story) Intro


kriya a luck to go girl, wants to have an love marriage.

rey hates the word marriage.

what if rey and kriya have an arrange marriage?

shivay and anika loves each other, but there parents dont know this.

what if shivay and anika have an arrange marriage?

what if sharon and swayam best of friends falls in love with each other?

kartik and naira are class mates and hates each other.

what is they are married?

i am new on wattpad,  and thought of writting on my favourait couples

 how is it?


kriya goeanka: a happy to go luck girl. loves her brother and sister very much. never denies her father. twin of anika but smaller ther her. loves dancing. works in  dance accadamy of shivam.

anika goeanka: loves shivay, only kriya knows about it. girl full of hopes. kriya is her jaan. big sister of kriya. helps her dad in  bussines.

kartik goeanka: smalles of all. loves his sister a lot. can do any thing for them. going to start colage.

reyansh singania: has a dance accadamy, loves his brother a lot, hates marriage, but agrees to see girls on request of his father. also helps his father in bussiness. friend of anika and shivay.

swayam singania: brother of rey, helps him in the accadamy, bff of sharon, is going to meet her after 6 years.

naira singania: small sister of rey and swayam. they life. both of them lover her lot.  going to start collage.

shivay oboroi: a buissnessman, loves anika, only rey knows about it. can do anything for his younger sister. friend of shivay and anika.

sharon oboroi: bff of swayam, is in london for studies, comming back after 6 years.

shivam rana: raivar of reyansh.

so how is it, shoud i continue it or not?

  1. Yes plzzzz continue it these are my favorite couples too

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