Mariam Khan Reporting Live 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz gets Mariam’s welfare

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam crying. Majaaz comes home and recalls Mariam. Rang de….plays…. Zain says I had enough. Aijaz says you had come for the first time, enjoy the feast. Mahira stops Meher. Zain says you didn’t had food since yesterday, are you fine. Mahira says I don’t like to have food. Madiha says everyone is restless as Mariam left, Mahira have fruits. Amna says you must feed each other. Mahira stops Zain and asks about dad and Mariam. Aijaz says yes, they would have reached safely. Mariam says dad… and looks around the haveli. Madiha and get shocked seeing Majaaz. Madiha asks Mariam to come out, majaaz spoiled her surprise. She asks where is Mariam. Majaaz cries and says she went to Pakistan. Madiha asks why. Majaaz says Aayat was feeling unwell, I went to get medicine, when I returned, they both boarded in the train, the officer said I can’t go to Pakistan, I requested them a lot, but they didn’t hear me, I asked Mariam to get off the train, Mariam was getting down and train departed, I watched her and she left.

Aijaz says you did a big mistake by sending Mariam with Aayat. Madiha scolds Majaaz. He says Mariam is with Aayat, Aayat is her mum, she will take care. Aijaz says I know Aayat, she is cunning and unsympathetic, how will Mariam live with her. Mahira and Zain come home. Rifat finds Mahira upset and asks Zain what happened. Zain says Majaaz had visa problem, he couldn’t go to Pakistan, Mariam had to go alone with Aayat. Rifat says this is bad, poor Mariam, how will she live alone, she is a kid, go to Mahira. Rifat says I didn’t know this would happen, its good I got the haveli papers. Choti praises her. Mariam gets scared and runs to Aayat. Mahira recalls Mariam and cries. She asks Zain to stay away. He says sorry, I want to help you, I know it takes time to know each other, you can take much time, you rest here, I will sleep on couch over there.

Aayat sees someone. She hears a couple. The lady says we will rule on this haveli, I will become the queen. The man says we are real owners of this haveli. The lady says that boy is the heir, he should die, he shouldn’t get fine. Mariam sees a little puppy toy and goes to get him. Aayat comes there angrily. She shouts Hamdam and Junaid. Mariam says I have seen the king and the queen. Aayat asks where. Mariam asks her to come and see. The couple cover themselves with blankets and acts unwell. Mariam pulls off their blankets. Aayat sees them wearing jewelry. Mariam says I told you, they are king and queen. She shows more jewelry hidden on the bed. Aayat says how dare you took my jewelry and clothes. She scolds them and punishes. Aayat asks Mariam to do as she says, else she will be punished. Aijaz scolds Majaaz.

Aayat makes a video call to Majaaz. She shows Mariam. Mariam talks to everyone and says everything is good here, even the food. She says aunt has prepared all the dishes for me. Madiha and everyone smile. Mariam says the mansion is also same, everything is same, but there is just police on roads. Aayat says don’t worry, its a small curfew. Mariam says yes, I m having fun here. Majaaz says I was trying to call you. Aayat says there is network issues. He says we will have video call everyday, send sponsorship letter for me, then my visa will be approved, I want to come there soon. Aayat agrees. Mariam says I will reach there and meet Mariam. Aayat scares Mariam and asks her to say bye to everyone. Mariam says good bye to them. Majaaz says Mariam is happy, Aayat is taking care of her. Mariam cries and says I want to go to dad. Aayat says your dad will come here soon. She hugs Mariam and says then you can leave with him.

Mariam gets scared seeing a flying ghost and asks whose room is this. Aayat says this is your room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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