Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz loses Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madiha hugging Mariam and asking her to call her daily. Everyone hugs Mariam. Rang de….plays…. Mariam hugs her friends. Everyone cries for her. Aayat asks Mariam to come. They leave in the car. Madiha cries. Mariam waves to everyone. Majaaz says like you had fun by flight, you will have more fun in the train now. Mariam says I will see real train now. Mariam goes with Majaaz. Aayat gets angry. She acts to faint. Mariam and Majaaz run to her. Aayat says I feel dizzy, can you get some water for me. He goes to get water. Mariam waits for Majaaz. Aayat insists and takes her. The man asks Mariam why is she going to Pakistan. Mariam says I m going to look after my aunt’s health, I will come back when she gets fine. Aayat and Mariam clear the security and immigration. They go ahead.

Mariam says dad has to come. Aayat says he will come. Majaaz sees Mariam in the train and says wait, I m coming. He asks her to be with Aayat. Mariam asks him to come soon. He gets late in the queue. The man checks his visa and says sorry, you can’t go to Pakistan. Mariam says I will go and get dad. Aayat says stay here, else you will be lost, he will come in 5mins. Majaaz asks what do you mean, visa is there. The man says there is a problem, I have got this visa along with Mariam and Aayat, check well, my train is leaving. The man says I have checked well. Majaaz cries and says Mariam has already boarded the train, how can she go alone, she never travelled alone, even my sister is ill, they can’t travel alone. The man says I can’t help you. Mariam shouts to Majaaz. Majaaz shouts Mariam. He begs the man. Mariam asks him to come fast.

Majaaz runs. The guards hold him. Mariam tries to get down the train. The train starts. Aayat stops Mariam. Majaaz shouts Mariam and cries. He thinks of Mariam. The train departs. Mariam sleeps. Aayat thanks someone for not letting Majaaz board the train. She says you will get your reward. She says Majaaz can’t come to Pakistan now, Mariam can’t return to India. Mariam reaches Pakistant. She sees the curfew state and asks Aayat. Aayat doesn’t answer.

Mariam says you are sad as dad didn’t come. She sees some men beaten up by police and gets scared. She asks the policemen not to give punishment and explain them with love, she gives them roses. She reaches the haveli and says its similar haveli like ours, when will dad come. Aayat says he will come when he has to. She talks to doctor. She rushes to see her son. Mariam falls down and gets hurt. She cries and recalls Majaaz’s words.

Majaaz returns home and says Mariam went to Pakistant with Aayat. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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