Mariam Khan Reporting Live 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz gives his camera to Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aijaz saying Sarfaraz would have done this. Majaaz says he isn’t behind this. Madiha asks then who is it. Majaaz looks at her. She gets shocked. Wasim says if Majaaz was weak, he would have broken down 20 years ago and Madiha would have lived well, inspector you need to hurt him with words, not with a stick. Rifat asks inspector to beat up Majaaz to control him. Mariam hears this and gets shocked. She runs to Majaaz. Inspector asks Majaaz to print an apology. Majaaz refuses. Meher scolds the inspector. She says you are wasting our time, you take him to court and then get him in custody. Inspector scares them.

Mariam imagines Majaaz in trouble and worries. She pushes the inspector and throws the stick. She hugs Majaaz and says don’t beat my dad Madiha cries. Majaaz says no one is beating me, I m fine, don’t cry, you are a good girl, calm down. Inspector says you can go, but remember one thing, we can call you again. Majaaz and family leave. Media clicks their pics. Rifat plays the snake and ladder game with her sister in law. Rifat wins and says I know how to step ahead, you worry for yourself. The lady says police will not be able to hold Majaaz in station for long. Driver gets the newspapers from Zain’s car. The lady shows Majaaz’s newspaper. Rifat gets angry and crushes it.

Mahira meets Rihaan. He signs her to smile. She says I came here by making an excuse at home, why do my family feel that your dad is behind this, I don’t think our families will accept our situation. Sarfaraz comes there and sees them. Mahira says we will never meet again. Rihaan says that’s not possible, we will elope. She asks what. He says just kidding, sorry, I really can’t help. Sarfaraz goes. Rihaan says I want to spend my entire life with you, I will talk to your parents. She says we can’t even think of it, so much happened. He says a new problem will arise, till when will we wait. She says we shall wait.

Madiha makes Mariam sleep and asks her to get habitual to sleep along. Mariam says you and dad are also grown ups, why do you sleep together. Madiha smiles. Majaaz asks her to go, he will make Mariam sleep. Madiha goes. Mariam asks him to sleep, he maybe tired. He smiles. She massages his head and talks to him. She says you are not a criminal, why did police take you. He says sometimes police arrests some noble people who speak the truth, like Gandhi ji and others, they were good people, freedom fighters, and still went to jail. She asks why, wrong doers should be punished. He says yes, you will understand it when you grow up. He asks did you enjoy the race. She says but I lost. He sees the trophy and says you bagged the first place. Zain sees Fawad sad and asks the reason. He says you should be glad to come second. Fawad says she did cheating. Rifat comes with snacks. She gets the newspapers to burn in the coal chamber. She asks Zain why did he buy Majaaz’s newspapers. She burns the papers. Zain feels bad. Rifat says you can’t join the enemy and help him. Mariam says I won by cheating, so police caught you for my mistake, sorry.

Majaaz says you don’t feel bad, I didn’t go there because of you, I m very happy, you told the truth, you accepted that you cheated, I m proud of you. Mariam says I don’t want that award. He says saying truth needs courage, keep it up, you are my brave daughter, I will bring something for you. He gets the camera for her and says I told you I will give this to you when you deserve it, this is yours, you need to take care of it, you need to be honest always. She thanks him. She jumps happily.

Madiha says so Majaaz gave this camera to you. Mariam hears Rihaan telling his dad that he will get his enemy’s weakness to him. Mariam gets shocked seeing someone.

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