Mariam Khan Reporting Live 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat wants revenge

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz running after the truck. He says Mariam was close and went away, I will take her with me, no matter what, I will find her. He cries and shouts Mariam. He gets leaving. Farhaan hits on his head. Majaaz faints down. Aayat is with Jibraan. Rifat calls her. She says I called to know about your son. Aayat says Majaaz snatched Mariam from me, I will snatch their happiness. Rifat says surely, just give me this haveli and this family will be ruined, I also want revenge, our motives are same, our destination is also same. Aayat says I agree, Majaaz and his family should be ruined. Rifat says I will do this, you name haveli to me. She gets glad. She says I have to take advantage of Majaaz’s absence. Majaaz gets conscious and recalls Mariam. He shouts and says I

have to go to her.

He asks Farhaan what is he doing, where is Mariam. The man comes and says you need to have patience, you have come to take your daughter. Majaaz asks what are you saying. The man says we had our watch on you, we want you to do our mission, you have to blast the indian army headquarters, we want file of nuclear plans. Farhaan smiles. Majaaz asks what are you saying, I won’t do this, how is your thinking, you want to make two countries fight, you are doing wrong. Farhaan says we know it, you just focus on mission, we want to secure our country. Majaaz says it would mean my country’s destruction, I won’t let you succeed even if I die. The man says we like people like you who don’t care for their lives, you would care for Mariam, we have another way, we have sent a man to find Mariam, you have to do our work. He asks Farhaan to find Mariam soon. He goes.

Zain sees Mahira with a knife and stops her from committing suicide. She says no, I was cutting this friendship band, its itching, I didn’t get any scissor, so I thought to cut by knife, if I had to commit suicide, I would have done that the day when Rihaan died, I m not so weak, dad taught us to fight problems, not to bend down, I can never forget this. He says I understand, Meher called, a lawyer has come home, I will go. Goons leave. Majaaz says I can do anything to save Mariam. He prays and tries hard. He falls down the chair. He recalls the tempo and rushes to store. Rifat says I will call Aayat and tell her that I got the papers. She says my dream got true. Zain comes and asks what’s this, give me, property papers can’t be waste. Mahira comes to him. He stops. She gives the car keys. He says I will read papers later, I have to go for work. He leaves. Rifat says the haveli will be mine. Majaaz asks someone for store and takes lift. Farhaan asks what, Majaaz ran away. The goon informs about the store. Farhaan says its close, we have to catch him. Aayat argues with police for Mariam. She says I want my daughter, that man is dangerous, find her, just go. Aayat says I will give Mariam’s kidney to Jibraan and secure him. Nawaaz shouts Aayat… He scolds her for hiding about Jibraan’s state. She says you have soft corner for Mariam, you would have not allowed this. He says now Mariam isn’t here, its punishment of torturing her. He threatens to call police. She scolds him and hurts him. Nawaaz faints. Aayat locks the door. She warns Hamdam and Junaid about their son.

Farhaan asks about Mariam. The man unloads the sacks. Mariam moves inside the sack. Farhaan reaches the store. Farhaan asks about Mariam. The man says I didn’t see him. He jokes. Majaaz comes there and sees the sack.

Lawyer says we can’t save haveli. Zain says there will be some solution. Lawyer tells Rifat about clause, until Mariam is 20 years old, this haveli will be on her name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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