Mariam Khan Reporting Live 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Fawad meets his daughter

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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Meher not to leave her ever. Meher and Zain promise that they will always be with her. Mariam offers help to Majaaz. He asks her to go and get ready. Mariam and Fawad argue. Everyone looks on. Fawad says I m thinking to help them until you get ready. He asks do you need any help. Biji asks are they out of their minds, its their marriage. She asks them to go and get ready. Fawad asks is there any work. Madiha says we will tell you all the work after marriage. Fawad’s assistant comes and says there is a bad news, Bhakti met with an accident, and she died, she was drunk, she was driving at high speed. Everyone gets shocked. Rifat smiles. Fawad goes.

Fawad thinks of Bhakti and cries. Mariam says you shared a deep bond with Bhakti, I know what you are going through, I m with you. She hugs him. They cry. She says we also had differences, we don’t know how our life takes turns. He asks her never to leave him, he can’t live without her. She promises and hugs him. Madiha says we should postpone this marriage. Majaaz says we should support Fawad. Choti says Fawad can refuse for marriage. Rifat says he is worried, but he won’t postpone his marriage. Choti asks are you behind Bhakti’s death. Rifat asks her to just wait and watch. Fawad and Mariam come. Everyone asks Fawad about his decision on marriage. Zain and Meher promise to support him. Fawad says I m getting Bhakti’s memories flashing, I feel we should do what we want, nothing is for sure, marriage will happen tonight. Majaaz says sometimes we don’t understand life’s turns, we all are with you. Rifat says we too. Mariam and

Fawad leave. Rifat says someone will be coming with them. Mariam asks Fawad to go inside alone. He asks her to come along. She says I feel anxious, I can’t come. He says I understand, I have my past related to Bhakti. Inspector asks him to come for a talk. Fawad goes and puts flowers near Bhakti’s pic. He gets her parcel. Assistant says body is sent for post mortem. Fawad thinks Bhakti has kept many things safely, she never let me touch this special diary, I will keep this safe. He gets his pic in diary. Mariam is waiting outside. Fawad reads the diary, that Bhakti was pregnant with his child. Fawad gets shocked. He reads more about the child’s secret. Mariam protects a girl and asks her not to cry. She says children look good when they smile. Bhakti’s diary has her daughter’s pic. Fawad sees the pic and cries. He sees Bhakti’s pic. Rifat is at home. She waits for them to come back. Fawad talks to Mariam and asks her to meet. She says even I need to talk to you. He feels sorry to decide without asking her. She thinks sorry I decided this, I feel some connection with her. Fawad comes to her and says I need to talk to you. He gets shocked seeing the same girl. Mariam asks him how did he get this pic.

Mariam and Fawad bring the girl home. Mariam says she is Chiku. Fawad says she is Bhakti and my daughter. Rifat thinks I had kept this girl to use at the right time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    That girl is roughly seven old. Strange why Fawad doesn’t know his daughter exists already for seven years. In my opinion, here there are intrigues of Rifat.

  2. Where is the story heading to?
    When a serial is coming to an end, idk why are all makers obsessed to add sooooo many obstacles in the last few days and solve all of them on the last day of telecast, leaving just five minutes for a happy ending. Why can’t they show Mariam fawards wedding for a few days, expose rifat and then show Mariam becoming a journalist. She’s roughly 20 years old, she doesn’t have a degree if I’m right. Why ruin the storyline.

    And that kid is almost as old as Alia, if not she’s at least 5-7years. How long were fawad and bhakti together for? Is this Kuch Kuch hot hai? Fawad was in mariams class. So he must be her age. Let’s assume she was put one year early and he one year late. So he’s probably 22 max. He has a journalism degree, he has work experience and has an entire channal for himself at such a young age? And if he’s 22, the kid must have been born when he was 17-16. But bhakti broke up with him after she use him and stole his story, that means he couldn’t have made a story at 16-17 years. What logic.

    I’m sure in the end they’d be like bhakti and rifat were involved and she didn’t die and rifat got some other girl. But this kid is already attached to Mariam, so mairam and fawad will adopt her and all of them will live a happy life at their firdaus Mahal.

    1. Lol..was thinking the could the writers put a child so old to be Fawad’ least it could have been a baby or toddler.2-3yrs..for sure she cant be his daughter..

  3. Lol..was thinking the could the writers put a child so old to be Fawad’ least it could have been a baby or toddler.2-3yrs..for sure she cant be his daughter..

  4. It might be mehers original daughter

  5. Mahiras daughter

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