Mariam Khan Reporting Live 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Majaaz questions Aayat

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz praying for Mariam. Aayat waits outside the OT. Doctor says operation was successful. She thanks doctor and sees Jibraan. Doctor thinks why is Mariam shivering so much. Aayat asks when can I meet Jibraan. Doctor says you can meet him in some time. He thinks it can be dangerous for Mariam’s over shivering. Majaaz goes to Dargah and prays for Mariam. Is shaane karam ka kya kehna…..plays….. Nurse says Mariam’s state is getting bad, where is doctor. She learns that doctor is busy. Other doctor checks Mariam.

Majaaz prays and ties a thread for Mariam’s welfare. Doctor treats Mariam and says her life is in danger. Madiha and Meher also pray. Aijaz comes to Majaaz and holds him. Doctor says maybe someone prayed for Mariam and the prayers have got answered. Majaaz hugs Aijaz. Aijaz wipes his tears. He says I have arranged visa for you, be ready to go to Pakistan. Majaaz asks really. Aijaz nods. Majaaz smiles. Aijaz asks how are you. Majaaz says I met with a minor accident. Aijaz says some journalists are going there, you will go there being a reporter. Majaaz hugs him and happily cries. Aijaz says Lord has solved a big problem for us. Majaaz says I m worried for Mariam. Zain falls down the stool. Mahira and chachi worry for him and ask where is Mahira. He says she went out.

Rifat says don’t take her side today. Mahira comes and sees them. Rifat scolds her. Mahira shouts and says I have gone to take medicines for Zain, my Maayka is also my house, I can go there anytime, I don’t like anyone interfering in my personal life. She cries and goes. Zain calls her out. He goes after her. Rifat stares. Aayat says where is dad and calls him. Everyone gets glad seeing Aijaz back and greet him. Majaaz says dad has arranged my visa. Aijaz says I m missing Mariam. Aayat meets her dad and says Jibraan’s operation has happened, thanks for your help. He says Jibraan is fine now, I won’t tolerate Mariam now. Aijaz says go and get Mariam back. He gets emotional and says make me talk to her. Aijaz’s brother says I had tolerated Mariam just for Jibraan’s sake, you are also tolerated as you have Akram’s last sign, I can’t tolerate Mariam in my house.

Aayat says Jibraan hasn’t recovered completely, pretend to love Mariam for more days. He refuses and goes. Majaaz calls Aayat and says Mariam is in hospital, you didn’t tell me. Aayat says I was worried that you will blame me. Majaaz asks what happened to Mariam, is she fine. Aayat thinks he doesn’t know much, Mariam had a viral fever. He says make me talk to Mariam. She shows Mariam sleeping. Madiha asks what’s the matter. Aayat says I m not hiding anything. Madiha says you told Mariam that we are not her parents. Aayat says I didn’t do this. Majaaz says don’t lie, Mariam called and told her friends that we are not her parents, its you who made this mistake, what does this mean. She says I was talking to doctor and Mariam heard me, she needed blood that time.

Madiha says you could have made any excuse. Aayat says sorry, what will I get doing this. Aijaz says you are lying, Mariam would like to talk to us. Aayat acts like she is really ill. She says I have to go and get medicines for Mariam. Majaaz says I m coming there soon, take care of Mariam. Aayat gets angry that Mariam called Majaaz. Mahira talks to Aijaz and asks where did you do. Aijaz asks her to come home. Mahira says Zain and I are coming right now. Majaaz tells her that he is going to Pakistan. Mahira says wow, you can get Mariam back. Rifat talks to him. Majaaz invites them for dinner. Rifat agrees. Rihaan gets Mahira’s message and smiles. Aijaz thinks to talk to his brother Nawaaz. He calls. Mariam comes home and answers the call. Nawaaz takes the phone. She hugs him and says I underwent the operation and saved Jibraan’s life. Nawaaz scolds her and sends her to room. Aijaz says its me. Nawaaz gets angry.

Mariam says I want to talk to my dad. She talks to Majaaz and says Aayat took me to doctor, I m hurt, I miss you a lot. Majaaz and Madiha cry.

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