Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam undergoes the operation

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam getting unwell and holding her neck. Hamdam and Junaid leave. Aayat comes to Mariam and sees her state. She calls the doctor. Doctor flushes out her stomach. Omkar asks Majaaz to have food and takes him. Madiha asks him to show humanity and just stay as guest, don’t take Mahira’s name. Majaaz says my phone broke, how shall I talk to her now. Aayat and doctor go to see Jibraan. Doctor says Mariam’s life is weak, it will be tough to operate her. Aayat says I don’t care for Mariam, I want to save Jibraan. He asks nurse to prepare for the operation. Majaaz says my phone is broken, I m not able to contact Mariam. Madiha says but I m calling Aayat, she isn’t answering, Mariam is in problem. Mariam’s friends come and hold ears. Mariam says don’t take out my bone marrow, let me go to my parents. Aayat says I m your mum. Mariam cries. Mariam’s friends apologize and admit that his phone broke because of them.

They say we called Mariam. Majaaz asks how is she, is she fine. Aayat says your grandpa is here. Mariam asks him to send her home. She is taken away forcibly. Mariam’s friends say Mariam said about her bow and arrow, and that her dad isn’t her dad. They get shocked. Majaaz asks did you hear it right, are you sure. They say yes. Madiha says Aayat has showed her true colors, she has told truth to Mariam, Mariam will think we are not bothered about her. Mariam shouts to her mum and dad. She is taken for operation. She asks doctor to help her. Aayat says I m your mum. Mariam says my parents are in India, help me, make me talk to them. Aayat says maybe she can’t recognize me because of medicines. She shows the reports and takes Mariam. She scolds Mariam.

Majaaz calls Aayat. Mariam tries to snatch Aayat’s phone. Aayat thinks I won’t let anyone come between this operation. Majaaz says why isn’t Aayat letting us talk to Mariam. Madiha says it was your decision to send Mariam with Aayat, get Mariam back, Mariam would feel we are not her parents. Mariam faints. She is taken for operation. Madiha says all this happened because of you. Majaaz cries. She says if Mariam doesn’t come back, you will lose me forever. Mariam shivers. Doctor asks nurse to ask Aayat about Mariam’s allergies. Nurse sees Aayat praying. Majaaz says what shall I do. Nurse checks Mariam’s file and says this maybe a relative’s number.

Omkar puts Majaaz’s sim car in a phone. Nurse says he would be knowing about Mariam’s allergies. Majaaz answers call. Nurse says I m calling from Lahore hospital. He gets shocked. She says I have to talk regarding her allergies. Aayat takes the phone. Omkar asks what happened. Majaaz tells them about call. Madiha says what did Aayat do with Mariam, why is Mariam in hospital. Aayat scolds the nurse. Nurse says I had asked him about allergies, you were offering prayers, so I contacted emergency number. Aayat says Mariam has no allergies. Mariam’s operation gets done. Majaaz cries and says nothing will happen to my child. Rang de….plays…..

Doctor says congrats, operation was successful, don’t know why is Mariam shivering so much. Doctor checks Mariam. Majaaz prays for Mariam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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