Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam meets Majaaz

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam saying I can’t come, I m preparing a surprise and I m nervous. Fawad asks what’s the surprise, give me some hint, tell me. She says I m feeling guilty, you have done a lot for me. He says go. She smiles and goes. He gets a call. She rushes out Majaaz hides from goons and goes. Fawad says where is she going out, oh maybe she must be doing special packaging for my gift, I like to get to the root of any story. Mariam and Majaaz reach the Dargah. Fawad follows her. Goons follow Majaaz. Fawad hides from Mariam. She enters the Dargah.

Majaaz prays for meeting Mariam. Mariam comes there. She also prays that she meets her father. She says he hasn’t reached yet, he should have come by now. Majaaz and Mariam see each other. They cry and recall the past. Mariam cries and hugs him. She says I m much upset with you, you didn’t try to find me, why did you take so long, you promised that you will come back. She asks him why did he leave them. Goons follow Majaaz inside the Dargah. Mariam asks Majaaz to tell her why did he forget them. He says I didn’t forget anyone, I searched for you everywhere, I didn’t find you, Aayat has complaint about me and Farhaan said he will help me and send you to India, but he had a condition, he wanted me to do something wrong, you were walking ahead of me, when you went ahead of border, a bomb was tied to my body that time, I didn’t know how I would meet you, my daughter is front of me, my prayer got answered. He hugs her and asks her to sit, he got something for her. He gives her fav toys. He says I used to wonder how would you look when you grow up, aren’t these nice. She nods. She says I have got something for you. She says mom had prepared kheer for you, you like it a lot. He nods and eats kheer. She feeds him.

She says I m happy to reunite with my family, my dad, I m going to get married to Fawad. He smiles. Fawad comes there and sees them. He says I thought I saw Mariam, I m hallucinating, where did she go. Majaaz says congrats, thats a good news, Fawad is a nice guy, your pairing looks good, I have seen it. She asks are you connected with terrorist group, why, what compelled you to forget principles and family, I m familiar with your principles. He says that’s true, I m a terrorist. She says you would never do something to harm others, you have always fought for others, I trust you, you will tell me the truth. He says I m not a terrorist. She cries happily. She says I knew it. He says I want to tell you something imp, promise me you won’t say this to anyone, I m a RAW agent, I m working for Indian govt, I share the secrets with indian govt, I m working for my country, I can never betray the country. She says I knew it, everyone will be happy, Fawad hates you, they all will be proud. He says no, you should keep it a secret. She says I m talking about family. He says you can’t tell even family, its top secret, your life will be in danger if anyone knows it. She says Fawad can really help you. He says no one can help me, I m dealing with dangerous people.

Majaaz says I m going to expose some people, I will come back to you all soon. Fawad catches terrorists. Majaaz and Mariam get shocked hearing a gunshot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    There was the emotional scene meeting daughter with beloved father. I before thought that Majaaz would secretly work to government. Now Mariam is in on the secret and must hold your tongue.

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