Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Farhaan kidnaps Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Majaaz and Omkar going to border area. Shamsher asks them to be alert. Army officers get news about him and say we will not spare Majaaz. Majaaz says I m close to Mariam, but I m doing wrong to do this. Omkar asks him not to think much and come. Madiha prays for Majaaz. Aayat asks doctor to prepare for operation, Mariam can give kidney to Jibraan. Doctor says Mariam can’t be a donor now, its risky for her. Aayat says I don’t care for her life, I just want my son fine, I m sure that Mariam will help her brother, right Mariam, say yes. Mariam says no, I can’t give kidney, my dad is coming, I have to go with him. Aayat says doctor, take her for tests. Mariam says please leave me. Mariam asks doctor not to do her operation and explain Aayat.

Aayat asks

her to shut up. Majaaz and Omkar go ahead. Aayat says like you want your dad, Jibraan wants his mum. Mariam says I want to go to family. The army officers see the men running. Shamsher hides. Majaaz and Omkar run ahead. Majaaz pushes Omkar to save his life. Army men run ahead and follow Majaaz. Majaaz runs and gets shot. Omkar and Shamsher get shot. Majaaz falls down. Doctor injects Mariam. Shamsher calls Farhaan and says BSF has shot Majaaz. Farhaan gets shocked. Jibraan asks Mariam to run away from here, if she stays here, she can’t meet her dad. Mariam says no, I have to help you. Jibraan says I will ask doctor to give me any kidney from the lab, you can go, I will get fine, you can meet your dad and go home. Doctor says Mariam’s kidney matched with Jibraan, we will do operation tomorrow. Aayat says its good. Aayat says Nawaaz won’t agree for this operation. Omkar cries for Majaaz. Army officer checks the man and says this isn’t Majaaz. Omkar gets relieved. He meets Majaaz and says I felt I lost you.

Majaaz says yes, thank God I got saved. He asks Omkar to go back, the family needs him, they all are alone, police is interrogating them, they need his support. He says either of us have to get saved. Aayat says Jibraan is fine now. Nawaaz says thank God, I hope this time we don’t need Mariam’s help, I m thankful to Mariam for giving new life to Jibraan, take care of Mariam, she is also your child, this truth is bitter to me. Aayat says yes, she did a big favor on us. Mariam tries to leave. She hides from Aayat. Nawaaz asks Aayat to take care of kids. He leaves. Majaaz and Omkar cry. Majaaz convinces Omkar. Omkar says I m going back, but I will make you go across the border. They big farewell. Majaaz runs again. Omkar distracts the army men. They follow Omkar. Omkar runs in the trees. Majaaz tries to cross the border. Shamsher shows him the way. He falls down. Army men shoot at him. Majaaz runs ahead alone. Shamsher messages Farhaan.

Farhaan gets glad and says I have passed in my first attempt, I have to stop Mariam’s operation, else Majaaz won’t listen to me. He sees Mariam and stops her. She asks him to make her talk to Majaaz. Majaaz hides from the army men. Omkar sees Majaaz across the border and waves to him. The army men shoot at the border line. Majaaz falls down. Farhaan kidnaps Mariam. Shamsher gets shot. Majaaz reaches Pakistan.

Farhaan captures Mariam. Mariam gets shocked knowing Farhaan’s plan. Majaaz hears policemen talking about him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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