Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam gets Majaaz’s note

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fawad getting Mariam to the office. He shows a video of MK reporting LIVE. Mariam sees the animation video and cries. Fawad asks her to forget the silly stories and upload this video, the thing said by heart will definitely reach Majaaz. They upload the video. She thanks him. He asks her to say I love you instead. They smile and hug. Majaaz plays the video and hears the story. He recalls Mariam. He learns that Mariam has come back to Bhopal after ten years and met her family, now she has to meet her dad by some day, since her dad has told her that whoever tries never fails. Majaaz cries and thinks of Mariam’s words.

He says Mariam, my daughter, Manjeet is my Mariam. Everyone at home sees Aaliya dancing on Gal mithi mithi…. They all smile. Fawad signs Mariam. Mariam thinks Majaaz’s reply didn’t come, where is he. Fawad dances with Aaliya. Majaaz flies a drone into the house. Rifat sees Fawad dancing and smiles. Fawad asks Zain for dance. They hold hands and dance. Mariam and Meher join them. Majaaz sees his family via the drone and gets gad. He sees Mariam and cries. He says my daughter… Mariam thinks I should get some news from dad. Fawad hears the drone sound and turns to see. Majaaz hides the drone away. Fawad misses to see it. Mariam goes to clean her dress. Drone flies after her and then comes in front. Mariam gets shocked. Majaaz smiles seeing her. She looks around. She says how did a drone come here, who is operating it. Majaaz drops the drone down. She gets a chit inside and reads, Mariam meet me today, your dad. She cries. Majaaz says I m waiting for you. She recalls Majaaz and cries.

Fawad comes there. She thinks I would have not found dad without Fawad’s help, I don’t know how will he react now. She says its nothing. He asks her to come. He asks what’s this shiny thing. He checks the earring and makes Mariam wear it. He holds her close. Aaliya comes there. He says Aaliya is impossible. He goes. Mariam thinks I couldn’t tell you anything, but I will tell you soon. She says I will meet dad today at 5. Majaaz smiles and says I m going to meet my daughter today, I know you will have many questions to ask me, I will answer you. He recalls her words. Mariam thinks I m coming to meet you dad. She tries to leave fast.

Biji looks for her and asks Meher about her. Mariam thinks sorry Biji, but the day is very imp for me. Mariam goes. Majaaz gets the superhero figures and hugs. He says I m very happy to meet you. Madiha also looks for Mariam. Majaaz says I should leave from here without letting anyone know, else it can be a problem. Fawad stops Mariam. Majaaz hides from goons and tries to leave. Fawad says our marriage is fixed, but our engagement didn’t happen, look what did I get, this threaded ring, the people believe that if a guy makes a girl wear this threaded ring, their love will never end. He makes her wear the ring. She smiles. He hugs her and asks her to go. She thinks I have to meet dad at any cost today.

Mariam and Majaaz try to meet. Goons follow Majaaz. Fawad follows Mariam. Majaaz and Mariam cry seeing each other and hug. Fawad looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nina

    In my opinion in vain Mariam didn’t talk about a message from her father and decided to act independently. Fawad looked at her with distrust.

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