Mariam Khan Reporting Live 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aayat reveals truth to Mariam

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam getting punished by Aayat. Aayat says you didn’t think about Jibraan’s life. Mariam says sorry, I went to meet my dad. Aayat asks who said your dad is here. Mariam sees Hamdan. Aijaz comes. Mariam hugs him and asks him to take her home. He says we shall go after Jibraan gets fine. She says sorry, I won’t do this again, take me to dad. He says I m going to Jibraan now. Rifat says Aayat isn’t answering me. She sees Mahira talking to someone. Mahira says I love you too. Rifat knocks the door. She asks who were you talking to. Mahira asks do I need permission to talk to my husband, I was saying I love you to him, Zain had to leave for office work. Rifat says go to sleep, its late. Rifat gets Zain’s call. She says you spoke to your wife and got time to call me now. Zain says her phone is busy, I called to know about her, look after her. She gets shocked and says Zain didn’t talk to Mahira, why did Mahira lie to me, who was she secretly talking to at night.

Aayat says Aijaz is also upset with you, if you try to do this next time, then none can save you. Hamdan says forget her, go to Jibraan. She lies to Mariam. Mariam goes. Aayat says Aayat is not answering call. Mahira asks for tea. Rifat asks don’t you greet elders without bed tea. Mahira greets them. Rifat asks her to have tea, and take care of Zain. Rifat says Zain would be disturbed if she leaves the door open. She sees Zain sleeping on the sofa. Aayat talks to Rifat. Rifat scolds her for cheat. Aayat says I will stop Majaaz’s visa again. Rifat says this time I will help him in getting the visa. Aayat says he shouldn’t come, you will get real papers from my lawyers when my son’s treatment is done, you decide. Rifat says fine, no one will be able to stop Majaaz this time. Aayat tells her plan. Mariam rests and sees the dolls. Aayat comes and asks do you want to go to your dad, come and have special food. Mariam refuses.

Majaaz gets restless to talk to Mariam. Madiha says Aayat isn’t fit to look after Mariam. Majaaz gets Aayat’s message and sends Mariam’s pic. She says Mariam is sleeping. Madiha says Mariam can’t stay without talking to us, Mariam is in trouble. Majaaz says Zain said I will get visa today, don’t worry. He goes. Aayat asks Mariam to have food. Mariam asks Hamdan to let her go to dad. Omkar asks are you fine. Majaaz says I want to go to Mariam, I can’t be fine. Omkar gets a call. He says Gauri fell ill suddenly. Majaaz says I will go office alone. Omkar says no, I will check on Gauri and come. Aayat shouts he isn’t your dad, I m your mother, you are my daughter. Mariam says no, you are my aunt. Aayat takes her and shows her birth certificate and photo. She says I m your mum. Mariam says you are lying, call my dad. He says your dad got fed with you and sent you here. Mariam says I want to talk to him. Rifat sends some goons to stop Majaaz. She messages Aayat.

Rifat says stop the car, my son is also in that car. Majaaz says brakes aren’t working. He hits a tree.

Update Credit to: Amena

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