Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam tricks Aayat

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam looking for Majaaz. Goons and Aayat look for her. Mariam sits crying. A little boy sees her teddy bag and takes it. She goes to wash her face. She comes back and takes her bag. Goon informs his chief about tracking Mariam. Mariam goes to a Dargah and talks to the Dargah baba. He asks her if she lost something, she will get get everything she lost, Lord will fulfill her wish, go and pray. Mariam goes and offers prayers. Rang de…..plays…. She says dad isn’t here. She talks innocently and prays that she meets Majaaz. Majaaz cries and prays for Mariam. He sees her pic. Mariam wishes she meets Majaaz. She opens eyes and sees Majaaz beside her. He disappears. She cries. She gets a rose and thanks the saint. She asks the lady why is she crying. The lady says my son is missing. Mariam gives her the rose, it will help her find her son. Aayat looks for her. Mariam takes the lady outside and tells about finding her dad.

Aayat reaches the Dargah. Mariam says I have prayed for you that you get your son. The girl says we have got a news that your son is found, he is coming home. The lady says your faith is strong, Lord listened to your prayers and returned my son. Mariam hugs her. She sees Aayat and hides. Aayat gets a call. Mariam takes help from some stranger. He says I will help you in finding your dad, come with me. She asks how will you find my dad, you are bling. He says I will just help you, you look for him. Majaaz calls Aayat and says I m so worried, you should have called me, make me talk to Mariam. She says she is sleeping. He asks how so soon. She says we had gone out, maybe she got tired, we just came home. He asks what’s this traffic sound. She lies that its independence day so there is much crowd on the roads. She says I will make you talk to Mariam when she wakes up. Omkar says Aayat is hiding something, is she playing any game, she is not letting Mariam talk to you.

Majaaz says yes, I feel the same, I was at peace after talking to Mariam, why would Aayat do this, what could be the reason, I will ask everything to Mariam. Goons follow Mariam. Mariam gets away in crowd. Aayat catches her. Mariam says I want to meet dad once. Aayat says your dad can’t come here until my son gets fine. Mariam says you are lying to me. Aayat scolds her and asks her to come along. She tricks Aayat and runs away. Aayat shouts Mariam. Mariam hides and cries. She checks her bag and says such a big clock, it has colorful wires connected. Goons catch that old man. The old man removes the wig and shows his face. He says you ruined the plan, so I was sent as a blind person, we have to find that girl, there is less time now, that girl is suitable for this work, she is an Indian, her name is Mariam Khan. Mariam hears this and gets shocked. She says it means this is not a clock, not a bomb.

The man asks Mariam to leave the bag there, if she wants to find her dad. He threatens her at gunpoint.

Update Credit to: Amena

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