Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam refusing to have food. She cries thinking of family. Aayat says you have to eat food, with or without your will. She feeds Mariam and says your dad will come soon. Mahira wakes up. Zain comes from bath. She screams seeing him in towel. He says sorry, I will wear clothes. He takes bean bag to cover himself and says so sorry. He goes away. She gets Rihaan’s message.

Majaaz thanks someone. He says I can get the visa now, I don’t need Aayat’s sponsorship letter, I can meet Mariam soon, don’t worry. Madiha says my worry won’t get less till I see Mariam. He says I promise I will get Mariam to you back. She says she would be missing me. Rifaat comes to Mahira and asks her to get ready for Mu dikhai. She says my friends are coming to congratulate you, I got jewelry for you, wear heavy clothes, everyone should know my bahu is from Nawab’s family. Mahira disconnects Rihaan’s call and says my friends are calling to congratulate me. Rifat says then accept their wishes. Mahira answers. Rihaan says just listen to me once. Mahira says I don’t want to listen, why did you not come in marriage, I was waiting. He says this happened because of Meher, she has locked me up, come to college and meet me once. Mahira gets shocked and says sure. Rifat says call your friends home, get ready, be careful with costly jewelry. She goes.

Hamdam and Junaid get Jibraan and show Aayat feeding Mariam. They make Jibraan against Mariam. He gets angry. Aayat gets Majaaz’s call. Mariam answers. Majaaz says we can’t see anything clear. Madiha says I felt like Mariam…. Aayat disconnects and says I will lock you in room if you do this, talk to Majaaz, if you try to say anything, I won’t let you talk to him again. She makes Mariam dress up well.

Rifat asks Mahira why didn’t she wear heavy clothes. Mahira says I m going college, my studies are suffering. I couldn’t attend classes. Rifat says I told you, its your Mu dikhai rasam today, al my friends are coming, what will I tell them. Mahira says they can come together, my classes won’t repeat. Zain comes and asks what happened. Rifat says nothing, explain your bride, what will ladies say if mu dikhai doesn’t happen. The ladies come. Rifat welcomes them. Zain says Mahira, I know your classes are imp, guests have come, attend this rasam, then I will drop you to college. Mahira sits for rasam. The ladies praise Mahira. Rifat praises Zain. Mahira gets the gifts.

The lady asks Mahira to be careful of Rifat. Rifat laughs. Mahira says even she doesn’t know me well, can I leave now if you all have seen my face. Rifat says sure, you can go, Zain drop her to college. Zain and Mahira leave. Choti says Mahira isn’t like Madiha. Rifat says I will cut her wings, she is dealing with me. Zain drops Mahira to college. He says I will come to pick you. She says no need, I will come myself. He goes.

She meets Rihaan and hugs him. They both cry. Zain sees her phone and comes to give her. Mahira asks Rihaan to go. Zain gives her phone. She goes. Aayat asks Mariam to lie to Majaaz. She asks her to say what she tells. She says you will get beaten up if you say anything. Mariam agrees and cries. Aayat makes her wear black glasses. Mariam talks to everyone. Aayat tells Mariam what to say. Mariam says Aayat got fur coat and sunglasses for me, see the food for me. They smile. Majaaz says good, where is Aayat. Aayat signs market… She writes market on notepad. Mariam can’t read it and says Maar….. Majaaz asks maar/beating? Did anyone beat you Mariam? Mariam says no, Aayat has gone to market, she will get better things for me. Aayat thinks I got saved.

Majaaz says I have a good news, I m getting visa, tell Aayat that I don’t need her letter, I m coming to you soon. Mariam asks really, are you coming. Madiha asks why are you crying, are you fine. Mariam says yes, I m missing dad, come fast. Aayat thinks to get Mariam’s operation done before Majaaz comes. She goes. Mariam cries. Aayat talks to doctor. Servant comes and says Jibraan is getting angry, come fast. Jibraan throws things. Aayat comes and tries to calm him. He asks her to send Mariam to get his toy. Mariam gets shocked.

Mariam gets Aayat’s phone and answers call. Doctor tells about the tough operation. Mariam gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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