MANZIL..the unknown destination.. SHOT 15

MANZIL… The unknown destination…

SHOT 15…

Shivaay enters Shivika’s room and finds her sitting on bed, he sits besides her and places his hand on her shoulder to gain her attention as she was busy reading.
Shivika with her flawless smile: Papa…
Shivaay smiles back and makes her stand and then makes her sit on his lap as she looks at him being confused, he smiles seeing her confused face and kisses her cheeks, then holding her hand delicately makes her wear a watch.
Shivika’s smile becomes wider: Watch!!!
Shivaay nods and smiles seeing her excitement.
Shivika jumps from his lap and shouts being on ninth cloud: I will go and show it to everyone.
Shivaay holds her and stops her: Ary wait Baccha. First let’s learn how to see time then you can show it to everyone and tell them time also.
Shivika nods excitedly.
Shivaay lovingly takes her in his lap and starts teaching her: Now how many hands do you see.
Shivika being confused: I have only two hands papa.
Shivaay mentally hits Rudra’s head and in reality he playfully pats Shivika’s head who makes a cute pout making him laugh.
Shivaay: Baccha I am not talking about your hands, look in the watch do you see those needles (Shivika nods) They are called hands of watch.
Shivika: Ohhhh!!!! But why so.
Shivaay sighs in confusion but manages a good enough reply: What do you use for all your works Shivu?
Shivika: Hands….
Shivaay: Similarly watch’s work is to show time so with help of needles it shows time that’s why these needles are called hands of watch.
Shivika: Oh okay…
Shivaay points at watch: Now look here, how many hands are there.
Shivika starts counting: 1….2….3…. Total 3.
Shivaay: Very good. Now see the longest and slimmest hand.
Shivika pointing at seconds hand: This one papa.
Shivaay nods: This is called seconds hand. Which hand?
Shivika: Seconds hand.
Shivaay: Good. Now see the other hand which is smaller then this but longer then the third hand.
Shivika points at minute hand: This one papa.
Shivaay: Ya. This is called minutes hand.
Shivika: Minutes hand.
Shivaay: Good. Now last one it’s called hour hand.
Shivika repeats obediently: Hours hand.
Shivaay: Okay now tell me which one is which hand.
Shivika: (pointing at longest hand) seconds hand (Shivaay nods, next she points at the minute hand) minutes hand (Shivaay again nods confirming that she is saying right and finally she points at the smallest hand) hours hand.
Shivaay: Very good. And how many numbers are marked on watch.
Shivika: 1…2…3…4…5….6…7…8….9…10…11…12…
Total 12.
Shivaay: Very good. And how many lines are made between 1 and 2.
Shivika again counts: 1…2…3…4…5…
Shivaay impressively: WOW my Shivu is so intelligent.
Shivika smiles cutely making Shivaay chuckle at her antics.
Shivaay: So we have main 12 numbers and in between every number there are 5 lines so total is….
Shivika scratches her hair and looks nervously at Shivaay.
Shivaay: Umm… Let’s take it other way 12 x 5 is equal to.
Shivika sprinting: 60.
Shivaay: Wooh! Correct.
Shivika’s eyes sparkle in happiness.
Shivaay: So in 1 minute we have total 60 seconds. How much?
Shivika: 60 seconds in one minute.
Shivaay: And in 1 hour we have 60 minutes.
Shivika making faces: Same same.
Shivaay smiles: No buddhu how come same. 60 seconds in 1 minute and 60 minutes in 1 hour. How is that same.
Shivika keeping her hands on her waist: Both 60 na. So same.
Shivaay: Ary if you have 60 apples and 60 grapes would that be same.
Shivika making an angry face: Now how come apple and grapes came here. And obviously if they are 60 they will be same only na.
Shivaay face palms: Oh ho! Shaant ho ja. 60 and 60 that’s same but apple and grapes isn’t same na.
Shivika: What are you talking papa? Are you teaching me how to see watch or how to buy fruits.
Shivaay mentally slaps Rudra for showing up his effect on his dear daughter.
Shivaay breaths in to calm himself: Okay forget apple and grapes.
Shivika nods.
Shivaay: 60 minutes and 60 seconds aren’t same but different. There quantity is same meaning the number 60 is same but minutes is bigger then seconds.
Shivika: Oh!! Say like that na…. You were toh opening sabzi Mandi here.
Shivaay looks at her with puppy face as she scolds him.
Shivaay: Okay now coming back to watch. Hour is bigger unit of time so hour has lots of minutes but those minutes in an hour are always same that is 60 minutes in every hour.
Shivika’s: Got it.
Shivaay: Aur abhi tumne kaha is watch me total 60 lines hain.
(And you only told me right now that this watch has total 60 lines.)
Shivika nods being proud and elated by her-self achievement.
Shivaay: So when the minute hand (Shivika points at minute hand and Shivaay nods) will complete a full circle that means at least once it will pass every line then one full hour will be completed.
Shivika nods and looks at the watch sceptically.
Shivaay questions: What happened?
Shivika: When this lambu that means Omi pa of watch will complete full circle what will happen.
Shivaay being confused: Om…. From where did he come?
Shivika: Ary papa…. Simple na. Omi pa is the longest of all the brothers so he is seconds hand, you are the shortest of all so you are hour hand. But there is one confusion.
Shivaay coming out of his shocked state as Shivika shakes him says being in trances: What?
Shivika: Yahi ki…. RU pa or Chu who would be the minutes hand.
Shivaay hides his face in his palm and after few seconds starts laughing and pulls Shivika’s cheeks.
Shivaay: Shivu…. You are soooooooooo cute.
Shivika pouts: But who?
Shivaay: Shivu I gave you the watch na.
Shivika nods happily.
Shivaay: Then exclude me from this so we will take long hand as Omi pa (Shivika nods) the minute hand as Chu he comes after Om only so that will be convenient (Shivika nods) and smallest one or hour hand as Ru pa.
Shivika nods happily but then becomes sad and looks at Shivaay.
Shivaay: Ab kya hua? (Now what happened?)
Shivika: O BRO’S are always together so how can I exclude you.
Shivaay smiles at her and then gets thinking: So what shall we do now?
Shivika after alot of concentrated thinking: Idea!
Shivaay: What?
Shivika: You will be the glass.
Shivaay: But it’s useless.
Shivika pouts and shouts: NNOO.
Shivaay: Ary… Chill…
Shivika: It’s not useless it protects all the three hands so it’s not useless. It’s like you-Shield.
Shivaay smiles being highly overwhelmed by Shivika and takes her in a bone crushing hug.
He kisses her forehead: Buddhu….
Shivika’s smiles and hugs back.
Shivaay: Okay now see when your Omi pa completes a full round of watch total 60 seconds get completed that makes one minute.
Shivika nods understandingly.
Shivaay: When your Chu completes one full round then one full hour gets completed. Okay.
Shivika nods: And when Ru pa completes one full circle.
Shivaay: Then half day gets completed.
Shivika: How many hours are in a day papa.
Shivaay: 24 hours.
Shivika: So when Ru pa complete two circles of my watch then one full day will end.
Shivaay nods.
Shivaay: So tell me how many seconds will be there in a minute?
Shivika: 60.
Shivaay nods: How many minutes in an hour?
Shivika: 60.
Shivaay again nods and continues: How many hours in a day?
Shivika: 12.
Shivaay widens his eyes as if signalling her that she is saying wrong, so Shivika again starts thinking.
Shivika bouncing up and down: 24.
Shivaay smiles: Right. Now how many days in a week?
Shivika again begins to think: Umm…. Monday…. Tuesday…. Wednesday… Thursday… Friday…. Saturday…. Sunday… Total…. 7…
Shivaay claps for her: Very good. Now how many weeks in a month?
Shivika scratches her hair and bites her tongue looking absolutely cute.
Shivaay chuckles: 4 or 5… Remember that. Okay.
Shivika nods: Four or five.
Shivaay nods: Okay now… How many months in a year?
Shivika: Umm… 12.
Shivaay gives an impressive look.
Shivaay: How many… Umm… How many years in a century?
Shivika: What’s a century?
Shivaay: Hmm…. A century always means 100. So 100 years make a century.
Shivika: Okay…
Shivaay: So now let’s see the watch again.
Shivika nods and gets back to watch.
Shivaay: Where is your hour hand or Ru pa standing right now?
Shivika chuckles: Between 2 and 3.
Shivaay: Right. But he hasn’t reached three.
Shivika nods.
Shivaay: He has crossed two. Right?
Shivika again nods.
Shivaay: So according to hour. It’s 2. Okay.
Shivika nods.
Shivaay: So write it down.
Shivika writes it on her notebook.
Shivaay: Next, where is your Chu or minute hand standing?
Shivika: At 6.
Shivaay nods: So how many lines has he crossed.
Shivika starts counting and adds them to be: 30…. Ufff….
Shivaay smiles: Right. 30. But ye difficulty se pata chala na.
Shivika nods.
Shivaay: So hum koi simple way nikalain.
Shivika nods happily.
Shivaay: Chalo let’s see.
In-between 1 and 2 there are 5 lines.
Shivika nods.
Shivaay continues: And your Chu I standing on 6.
Shivika again nods obediently.
Shivaay: So 5 x 6=
Shivika: 30.
Shivaay: Correct. Hi-fi.
Shivika does a hi-fi.
Shivaay: Problem solved.
Shivika nods happily.
Shivaay: So at last where is your Omi pa.
Shivika: Umm… Near 2… Nnnnooo…. Between 2 and 3. Now 3… Ary…
Shivaay chuckles: Wait baba… You need not to see that much, seconds move fast so we often leave them. So no need for that. Now tell me what is time.
Shivika looks at him sadly.
Shivaay: Ary you have noted it down.
Shivika: 2 and 30.
Shivaay: Right but not 2 and 30. We say 2:30. Okay.
Shivika nods and claps her hand in excitement and hugs Shivaay.

Ariana places her hand on Shivika’s shoulder as she finds her sister teary eyed.
Ariana amicably: Di…
Shivika looks up at her after wiping her tears and Ariana sits besides a teary smiling Shivika and understands why her sister became teary eyed. She pulls the watch from Shivika’s hand.
Ariana: So papa is the reason behind my teary sis.
Shivika chuckles: Nahi baba…. That was the first time when papa taught me to see watch.
Ariana: And still my di gets teary even after some 25 years of that day.
Shivika smiles and nods: What to do, every memory with papa is so beautiful.
A man entering from door: Why are you crying remembering my memories when I am standing right here.
Shivika chuckles and hugs her papa: I love you soooooooooo much papa.
Shivaay hugs her back and kisses her forehead: If you will cry like this then Abhimanyu will charge us for forgery.
Shivika looks being confused at him.
Shivaay explains: Ary we had promised to give our beautiful daughter to him not a ghost.
Shivika spats him on shoulder making him flinch.
Ariana: Hahaha…. Papa this should be bhai’s dialogue just with little moderation instead of ghost…. Bhootni.
Shivika: Acha bacchu…. Bhai ki chamchi.
Ariana chuckles and starts running as Shivika chases her.
Anika who just came from outside almost tripped because of girls chase game but was held by Shivaay. Both share an eye lock which Shivaay breaks by winking at her.
Anika straightens herself and in order to be saved from her husband’s teasing eyes and starts ranting: Itni badi ho gayi hain ye ladkiyan ek ki toh shaadi bhi ho rahi hai fir bhi samajh dono me se kisi me nahi hai.
(Both of the girls have grown old, one is even getting married but both of them do not have any senses.)
Shivaay looking at Anika teasingly wraps his arm around her waist and back hugs her: Mai sooch raha tha….
(I was thinking…)
Anika controlling herself: Kya? (What?)
A boy entering room: Yahi ki apko darwaza band kar Lena chahiye tha sabhi bade logon ke pass aur koi kaam nahi hai Kya?
Shivaay and Anika composing themselves say in unison: Shut up Reyaan!!!
Reyaan: Ary bade mom and bade pa… Aap log ye sab chodo aur jaldi neech aa jao aarti ka time ho raha hai. Jaldi se aarti karte hain fir mujhe protein shake bhi peena hai.
(Come down fast badi mom and bade pa… It’s time for aarti. Let’s do it soon so I can drink my protein shake.)
Shivaay patting his head: Chup kar Rudra ka mini version. Age ek kum tha ghaar me.
(Keep quite mini version of Rudra. Was one Rudra less in house.)
Shivaay leaves while Reyaan makes puppy face and looks at his darling badi mom. Anika creases his face and takes him down with her.

In the garden Shivika was chasing Ariana but both halt hearing the car horn. They turn towards the main gate from where a white jaguar enters the mansion and stops in front of garden. A tall handsome guy gets down the car his long well built body adorned in a three piece suit made him look dapper. He removes his coolers and smirks looking at the sis duo in the garden. Ariana smiles vivaciously and runs to him and he embraces his little sister.
Ariana: Thank God bhai you came otherwise di was going to roast me today.
Shiviaansh chuckles.
Shivika: And why do you have this misunderstanding that this macho man can save you from me.
Shiviaansh: Oh hello! Don’t you dear get near my sister.
Shivika: Aur mai toh alien Hu na.
Shiviaansh: Koi shak.
Both Ariana and Shiviaansh share a hi-fi.
Shivika flipping her hair strand: Be it in any team no one can ever make Shivika Singh Oberoi loose.
A man from behind corrects her: Shivika Singh Oberoi Rathore.
Both Shiviaansh and Ariana clear their throat in order to tease the to be bride and groom. Shivika blushes hearing his words.
Shiviaansh: Oh! Ho! Bingo my sister is a girl. She is blushing.
Shivika punches Shiviaansh on his stomach: What about the deep red colour of your cheeks while you talk to my dear Bhabhi.
She smirks back at Shiviaansh who makes a pleading face.
A lady from behind Shiviaansh who came with the man: Tell me even how deep it is.
Shivika sheepishly: Why not TEJASWI BHABHI…
Shiviaansh glares her while she murmurs “SCORES SETTLED”.
Anika coming out: Aaj koi plan hai andar ane ka ya nahi.
(Is there any plan to come inside today or not.)
Shiviaansh goes and hugs Anika: You are life saver mumma.
Anika chuckles.
Shivika: Haan haan bas apne iss bodyguard ke saath hi raho mai chali apne papas ke pass.
(Whatever…. You sat with your bodyguard I will go to my papas.)
Shiviaansh: Maidane jang chod kar bhaag rahe ho hazoor.
(Are you running away from battle field.)
Both the man and lady who had come with Shiviaansh come to Anika and touch her feet.
Anika placing her hand on man’s head: Jeete raho Abhimanyu. (Stay blessed Abhimanyu.)
She takes the girl in a hug: Always stay happy Teju.
Both of them pass a smile to her and follow her inside.
Ariana pulls Shiviaansh: Raita phail Gaya bhai.
Shiviaansh: Now what happened?
Ariana: I was trying to divert di’s mood but again she became upset.
Shiviaansh sighs: Umm…. Chill Aru I will handle her.

Priest: Maha aarti Jo karega vo age aye.
Shivaay comes forward and forwards his hands for his brothers. Om stands at his right side and holds Shivaay’s hand and to Om’s right Swayam stands and holds Om’s hand to left of Shivaay Rudra comes and holds Shivaay’s hand. Four of them perform maha aarti followed by all the Oberoi kids and couples.

Dadi: Anika, sabko aarti de do aur Prasad bant do.
(Anika, distribute Prasad to everyone.)
Anika: Ji dadi.
Anika takes aarti plate followed by Gauri and Ishaana holding Prasad plate.
Rudra teasingly to Saumya: Tum bas Prasad khane par concentrate karti ho kabhi kaam bhi kar liya karo.
(You always concentrate on eating at least for once do some work.)
Saumya tauntingly: Look who is speaking the one who does nothing accept for drinking protein shake.
Rudra: I at least have a good body. You have toh again become a prantha.
Saumya: Body…. I can see that 24/7 you have only one work and that’s to stay in gym but I am not free like you I have to go to hospital also. Useless!
Rudra: What hospital!!! You only go and sit there, don’t even move an inch.
Saumya: You are saying as if by siting in gym you make an entire mountain move.
Anika intervenes: Both of you Shut up! And take this Prasad.
Both nod and forward their hands.
Rudra getting back to their argument-cum-fight: Saumya you should be grateful that I can pick you up. Picking you up is no less then moving a mountain.
Saumya angrily putting her hands on her waist: I look like a mountain to you.
Rudra: Not one but you are collection of many mountains.
Saumya gets highly angry and taking ladoo from Rudra’s hand rubs it on his face.
All the spectators who were till now enjoying the show like a tennis match, cup their faces in overdramatic amusement.
Reyaan gets up from his place and starts his favourite work of family commentary: So now in the match RuMaya that is Pa V/S ma. Ma is leading by one score and my sweet dear darling papa’s account is shut at zero. Let’s see what will be papa’s next move. Will he be able to open his account or like always ma will back the trophy of victory.
Shivika pulls Reyaan on the sofa: Chup be bada aya commentary dena wala.
Shiviaansh murmurs: RU pa ki chamchi.
Shivika: Haan mai toh sirf chamchi hun tun toh Omi pa ka pura ka pura kitchen hai.
Ariana: Bhai, di stop it, is one show less that you all are planning to start multiple shows.
Reyaan: Di mega show is still on hold.
All look at him questioningly and he points at Shivaay and Anika who had started their famous cat fight.
Shivika: Urgh…. All are useless in this house.

A girl coming from outside: Somebody is saying as if they are world’s biggest workaholic.
Entire room gets dawned in silence and all turn to see the most gleaming face ever.
Shivika in excitement shouts: Meera di!!!!
She just sprints out of the sofa and takes Meera in a hug.
Shivika: I missed you soooooooo much di….. Thank you for coming.
Meera: Well I missed you too dear but don’t say thanks to me but the one who got me here.
Shivika looks back and then smiling sheepishly says: Thank you Ivan and Umang you guys are love.
{Ivan = RiKara’s 22yrs old son & Umang = Swayam & Ishaana’s 22yrs old son.}
Shiviaansh widens his mouth as Shivika praises Ivan and Umang and turns away angrily only to find Shivika hugging him.
Shivika kissing Shiviaansh: Thanks Shiv…. You are the best. (she whispers) only you know what is making me fall out of place.
Shiviaansh rubbing off his cheeks: Shut up idiot and don’t kiss me.
Shivika whispers: Right now why would you care about your sister’s kiss when Trjaswi is here to kiss you.
Shiviaansh hits her: Shut up idiot!
Shivika: Oh ho!!! Dulhe raja blushing and all haan.
Shiviaansh smirks at her and whispers back: I wasn’t worried about Teju but I think you should keep your kisses for Abhimanyu.
He winks at her only to get a punch from his dear sister.
Shiviaansh: Ouch! Junglee.
Shivika showing tongue: Your sister Mr. Junglee Singh Oberoi.
Manav: Guys stop your family cat fight…
Shivaay and Anika: What????
Manav: Chill Chacha, Chachi.

The entire Oberoi clan smiles as the word Chacha and Chachi reminds them of their joint sangeet function 25 years back where all the kids proposed to call Shivaay, Chacha.

All the kids from GHAR sang a song to show their thankfulness to Oberoi’s for their never ending love.
Kareena: Shivaay bhaiya, Om bhaiya, Rudra bhaiya.
She calls them and they oblige to her.
Amal: Bhaiya’s can we get a permission.
Shivaay: Permission for what Amal?
All together: To call you all Chacha.
Rudra being surprised: Chacha??? But why? There are so many good names like buddy, bro…
ShivKara hit him on head: Shut up Rudy!
Om: Ya you continue. Why Chacha?
Meera explains: Jwahar Lala Nehru our first Prime minister loved kids and hence everybody called him Chacha Nehru. Right….
All nod: Ya right.
Meera being emotional: You love us equally and never differentiate. You know you are the first person who is so kind and loving. Who is always by our side. You take care of us more then your own kids. I remember the day when I had fever, Rudra bhaiya stayed with me for entire night to take care for few days he even didn’t allow me to step out of my room. When Amal didn’t have any hope Om bhaiya motivated him and today he paints, writes, draws and what not. Shivaay bhaiya you got us rid of clutches of Sir. You gave us this life you all are like God to us. Thank you for everything.
All of them fold their hands after driving every single person in hall to tears. ShivOmRu hug all the kids.
Om: You guys don’t need our permission and no need to thank us you all are our kids. So stop being emotional now.
Shivaay: Right! And what’s with Chacha you can call us whatever you want. Now come here.
They all share a group hug.

A small token of thanks, a little show of feeling often make few relations eternal. The relations which do not have any name are one of those few relations which do not have any expectations, they do not demand and these relations are not only eternal but even the most pious ones.
Maybe for few this would be a very small feeling the reason being the aren’t able to feel it but for ShivOmRu this feeling was beyond words.

Sorry for short and late update guys I shall give the last part of epilogue asap. I am really busy with my exams that’s why I couldn’t write further hopefully I will write the next once I get time but I won’t insure you all that it would be any soon.

Keep smiling
Stay blessed
For now signing off

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