MANZIL (Chapter 21 and 22)

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Shagun walk in searching Raj.. Swayam wave at her & she come to him..

Shagun : ah.. Swayam..

Swayam : Hi.. Have a seat ( he pull chair for her)

Shagun : Hi.. Actually I’m here with someone else

Swayam : I know.. You’re at the right table sit

Shagun sit..

Shagun : you mean.. You’re Raj..!!?

Swayam nod with smile..


Kushi dragged Harshad to Arnav’s room..

Harshad : chutki I had work..

Kushi : just 5 mins bhaiyya please.. ( she pout )

Harshad : ok..

Arnav show him laptop displaying girl’s photo

Harshad : Sharon..! ( he exclaim)

Arnav : you know her..

Kushi : you like her

Harshad : No.. Name is written below her photo.. But why are you showing me this

Kushi : its a dating site bhaiyya

Harshad : what..!? Sharon enrolled here..

Arshi look at him confused..

Arnav : you know her..?

Harshad : No.. I meant she looked decent na so..

Arnav : wont decent people date..?

Kushi : bhaiyya you mean to say shagun di is not decent..

Harshad : when did I say that..?

Kushi : anyway.. we have enrolled you too

Harshad : what.?

Arnav : you’ve your first date with her in ½an hour..

Harshad : No way I’m not going

Kushi : fine I’ll say shagun di that you said girls who date aren’t decent

Harshad : I didn’t mean it..

Arnav : are you going or shall we tell her..


Anjali standing infront of mirror..

Anjali : Am I looking fat

Rajeev : Naa.. ( no..)

Anjali : don’t lie.. This dress isn’t fitting me

Rajeev : ( hugging her from behind) you’re thinking too much.. Its normal to put on some weight during pregnancy..

Anjali : phir bhi I don’t want to look fat

Rajeev : don’t worry I’ll still love you & pick you up in arms as I do now ( he pick her up & take to balcony)

Both settle on couch sipping hot coffee in chilly evening..

Anjali : but your back will break lifting me..

Rajeev : I’m fit & fine don’t worry.

Anjali : rajeev..

Rajeev : hmm..

Anjali : aapko ladka chahiye ya ladki ( you want boy or girl )

Rajeev : I’m happy with whatever God bless us but you’re not going to pamper our baby like you do to these..

Anjali : kyun..( why)

Rajeev : arre ghar mein ek toh samjhdaar ho.. Aat bhigde bacche hi kaafi hai ( at least anyone should be smart or else these 8 are enough to do mischief)

Anjali : accha.. I pampered them.. Tell me who fulfill their every wish hiding from me ah..?

Rajeev : what wish which wish..!? I think its cold here let’s move in.. Come we shall talk later.. ( he change the topic )

Kushi : what a siblings we have got.. So unromantic..

Arnav : forgot karva chauth night with ishra..

Kushi : they’re cowards hiding from everyone

Arnav : tum badi bahaadur ho ( you’re are very brave ah.?)

He pull her to him.. Kushi fiddling with his tie..

Kushi : haan hoon tabhi aapki girlfriend hoon ( yes I’m.. That’s why I’m your girlfriend )

Arnav : accha.. ( is it..) He lean to kiss her but kushi push him back..

Arnav : ( irritated) now who’s getting unromantic

Kushi : we are discussing something important.. We have to find pairs for harshad bhaiyya & shagun di.

Arnav : we can’t force them baby.. We can just help them.. You know how harshad bhai is..

Kushi : I’ll make sure he fall for someone.. Dekhte jaayiye mein kya kya karti hoon..



A girl is waiting in a ___ dress.. Harshad enter..

Harshad : ( to himself) God date with Sharon.. She’ll eat me alive.. Jise swayam nahi handle kar paaye woh mujhse kya samlegi kahan phasa diya indono ne ( swayam couldn’t handle her then how am I supposes to.. Where did these to put me in damn.. )

He see sharon & move towards her with a nervous smile..

Harshad : Hi Sharon..

She angrily get up.. Pointing finger at him..

Sharon : tum..!? ( you..!?) If you have come to convince me for you idiot friend then you better call a ambulance first..

Harshad : No.. No Sharon.. You’ve mistaken..

Sharon : No I’ve not.. I very well know you & your friend now get lost.. I’ve moved on..

Harshad : look its just..

Sharon : Shut up.. I’m being nice to you because you’re decent unlike your stupid friend.. You better vanish now.. I’m waiting for my date here.. Do inform this to your senseless friend

Harshad : ( to himself) God.. Yeh ladki ( this girl)

Sharon : (seeing lilies in his hand)And why are these for.. peace making ah.. ( she pour tomato sauce on them) this is my answer Now get the hell out of my sight.. ( she was about to throw ketchup bottle on him )

Harshad : stop it.. its me.. Blue shirt black blazer..

Sharon : now it will be red..

Harshad : Hobby shayari.. height 6 feet..

Sharon : you.. You’re my date.. Tum..!!? ( you..!!?)


Shagun : I didn’t know you love racing

Swayam : that’s the secret hope you keep it to yourself

Shagun : yea of course.. Btw won’t Sharon have a problem with this.. She allow you

Swayam ; I’m single..

Shagun : what..!?( first shocked then slowly smile creep on her lips )

Ishu was sitting behind their table monitoring their talks assisting swayam. She had covered her face with stole & had put on huge sun glasses.. So that shagun couldn’t recognise her.. Suddenly Raman come & sit on her table..

Raman : Hey beautiful..

Ishu : excuse me..

Raman : can I’ve a cup of coffee with you

Ishu : ( angrily ) don’t you’ve a girlfriend..

Raman : don’t spoil my mood by reminding me of her..

Ishu : ( to herself) Raavan kumar.. I’ll kill you..

Shagun : So how was the cake I sent to you

Swayam : cake..? ( to himself) which cake she’s talking about now

Shagun : yes the one I sent you on Christmas..

Swayam : it was really nice I loved it..

Shagun : I added 3 flavours in it which you liked most..

Swayam : huh.. ( to himself) God ishu help me here..

Raman : Anyway will you be my gf for today.. We will have fun..

Ishu : are you cheating on your gf.. Won’t she kill you after knowing this..

Raman : Naa.. She’s a dumbo.. Why are even discussing her..

Ishu was fuming & was about to pounce at Raman but he burst out laughing.. She look at him confused..

Raman : ( holding her hand) I love you..

Ishu try to withdraw her hand but raman hold it

Raman : ishu..

Ishu : you knew its me..


Arnav move towards kushi giving her teasing look..

Arnav : accha.. Kya kya kar sakti ho tum.. Mein bhi toh jaanu.. ( well.. What all you can do.. Even let me know. )

Kushi move back

Kushi knew he was getting naughty but before she could escape she collided with wall behind her & he was blocking her way caging her between his hands.. He lean & peck on her lips making her blush.. He lift her head holding her chin..

Arnav : ( huskily) I love you..

Kushi : I love you too ( throwing her hands around his neck.. ) that’s why I’m telling stop your romance & find the pair for them early so that we can marry after their marriage..

Arnav : shaadi ki kya zaroorat we are together na.. ( what’s need of marriage we are together now too ) anyway I don’t believe in it why to troubled them..

Kushi : but I do believe.. We will get married that too with all rituals.. And what you mean we are together.. I want to be with you in true sense.. Forever..

Arnav : ( wrap his hands around her waist & pull her closer) together in true sense.. What does that mean kushi.. Ah..? ( he ask teasingly making kushi blush more..)

Kushi : you know it better leave me.. ( she struggle.. )

Arnav : what’s the need to wait till to get married.. Ah.. ( he seducingly look at her & lean to kiss her but kushi push him back & runaway to door )

Kushi : pehle shaadi.. Aur woh bhi unlogo ki (first marriage.. That too theirs )

She run away.. Arnav smile..



Sharon : I can’t believe.. You.. I mean you.. And date.. That too blind date.. Did you get your head hurt..

Harshad : oh come on Sharon.. I was forced & I didn’t wanted to break their heart so..

Sharon : How sweet who forced you.. Anjali di?

Harshad : kushi arnav..

Sharon : oh.. The love birds.. Accha kiya unhone ( they did right)

Harshad rise his eyebrow..

Sharon : I’m tired of bad boys.. Finally some gentleman will be my boyfriend..

Harshad : are you taking all this seriously ( she nod yes sipping cappuccino ) No way.. I’m not doing all this..

Sharon : ( frowning) why.. Only because I’m your so called bestfriend’s ex ah..

Harshad I know all this is some days drama & then you both will be on each others arms..

Sharon : ( angrily pointing finger at him ) don’t even think so.. Its over.. I’ll kill him if he come infront of me & strangle you if you take his name samjhe..

Scared Harshad nod yes vigorously

Sharon : so you’re my boyfriend from today..

Harshad : ( immediately) No..

Sharon : why.? ( leaning close to him she whisper) Are you gay..

Harshad jerk back widening his eyes..

Harshad : Bad joke..

Sharon : then why aren’t you dating me.. Everyone want to date me except you.. How rude.. ( she frown)

Harshad : we are friends..

Sharon : I don’t want to get friend zoned.. We are dating from today & that’s final.. ( harshad about to deny ) if you deny I’ll call arshi..

Harshad agree invetibly


Shagun ; you didn’t taste the cake..

Swayam : huh.. Actually.. I didn’t get it.. Harshad ishu liked it a lot & both of them finished without giving me a bite..

Shagun : really.. ( to herself) idiots… ( to swayam ) I’ll prepare for you one more..

Swayam : thank you..

Shagun : shall we go out..

Swayam : out yea sure..

They leave..


Ishu : very bad prank raman.. I hate you..

Raman : but I love you.. Love your anger.. Your jealously.. Possessive ah..

Ishu : I was not jealous..

Raman : dikh raha tha.. ( I could see)

Ishu frown

Raman : BTW its bad habit to stalk others date.. Very bad

Ishu : what.. I.. Didn’t..

Raman : I saw.. I never expected swayam to be Raj..

Ishu : I was just helping him..

Raman : helping or saving from simmo.. Come on she won’t eat him alive.. But Sharon will if she knows this..

Ishu : they broke up

Raman : again..!!?


Shagun was explaining about her date with Raj to everyone.. She was describing him & praising him.. A lot.. Harshad informed arshi about his date & asked not to reveal to anyone.. They agreed & was happy for him.. Only he knew what it takes to date The Sharon but he calmed himself thinking not more than handling shagun..

Precap : 5 months leap Anjali’s baby shower & some revelations..

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  1. Veronica

    Awesomeeeeee…….. After a looooong 3day gap i am back…… Loved the epi soooo much….. Arshi so romantic …. Swagun and sharad scene was sooooo nice. Ishra were funny at the same time so cute.

    1. Anaya

      Tysm vero.. I’ve updated pyaar hai ya sazaa & ajnabhii too check them out & will update yeh Dosti by night.. Sorry for all the delay

  2. Poojatweet

    awesome update.. i just love it..

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