Manya alive in my heart episode 6

Guys i think i will finish this ff as i am not getting comments…..u will decide if i should continue this ff or not. So, silent readers and others pls comment if u want me to continue this ff
Amaya: so we r engaged informally
Mantu amaya hug
Everyone in the cafe claps
Manya smile
Amaya: mantu this was the best moment of my life and i would never forget it
Mantu: i dont know mere andar itne guts kahan se aaye that i propose u in public…..maybe because i love u
Amaya: chipkali…..mantu chipkali
Mantu: (scared) aaa…aaa (he turns to see)
Amaya kisses on his cheek and runs then she turns saying even i know how to fool u
She smiles and mantu smiles too seeing her smile
Next day
Sneha reaches mantu’s house with a box of sweets and pandit
Mantu opens the door and is surprised seeing this
Amaya winks at him and comes near him
Amaya: (whispers) kal informally engagement hui thi today we’ll take the date from pandit for formal engagement
Mantu: (whispers) ooo….
Sneha: can we come in
Mantu: y not…pls ur most welcome in my house
Sneha: mantu show ur kundali to pandit
Mantu: yess…wait a min
Pandit after seeing the kundali for 5-10 mins
Pandit: wow!! I see such a kundali once a year…..they r so compatible….they r perfect
Amaya: really…..yesss….good
Mantu: thank god!!!!
Sneha kisses amaya on forehead
Sneha: i am very happy today for u amu
Pandit: but…
Sneha: but wat panditji (bit tensed)
Pandit: there is a problem
Manya shocked
Amaya: wat ???
Pandit: the date for engagement is tomorrow or after 7 months
Sneha and manya shocked
Sneha: we cant wait for 7 months but tom is too early for all preps
Amaya: chill mom we will manage it
Mantu: ya lets start the preps
Everyone starts the prep
Amaya goes to the mandir and starts decorating it when suddenly she slips and is about to fall when…
Mantu catches her
Mantu: madam !! Sambhal ke
Amaya stares him with love in her eyes
Mantu puts her down
Mantu: aise kya dekh rahi ho…am i looking that handsome
Amaya: tum aur handsome (laughs) forget it
Mantu: hehehe…very funny….tum bhi madam kuch khaas acchi nahi dikhti ho
Amaya: oh really….look whose talking
Mantu: mantu the great, mahan, superb is talking
Amaya: tumhe nahi lagta that u r talking to much
Mantu: mujh jaise mahan log tumse baat karne mein interested nahin hai
Amaya: tum aur mahan pls haan
Sneha comes and listen to their fight and smile on their kiddish behaviour
Mantu: dekho madam ab tumhara bahut ho raha hai (sry for using hindi but this scene looks nice in hindi)
Amaya: ek toh u tum ye madam madam kehna band karo cant u call me by my name
Mantu: tumhe respect do toh problem na do toh problem…..yum chahti kya ho madam
Amaya: phirse madam….dekho mujhse bhes mat karo tum jaise ladke bahut dekhe
Tum log na laton ke bhoot ho baaton se nahin manoge
Mantu: dekho amaya violent mat ho
Sneha: (cant stop laughing) (in mind: i think i should stop their fight kyunki amu ka koi bharosa nahin hai
Amay: finally u called me by my name
Sneha: bas ladai hi karte rahoge ya engagement karne ka bhi irada hai
Both together: (very cutely ) obviously engagement karne ka irada hai
They stare at each other and laugh
Sneha smiles seeing them
Sneha: god keep their relation safe

Precap: amaya mantu engagement starts with a dance ……an old lady with specs and stick enters and mantu says dadi
Everyone shocked

Promo: amaya in order to become a perfect bahu brings food but dadi says is this wat u call food
Amaya : I don’t know how to make food
Dadi: and u want to become this family’s bahu
But mantu helps amaya in learning how to make food with some masti and love as flour falls on mantu’s head and amaya laughs but mantu puts flour on her too
Will dadi prove to be a problem in manya ‘s marriage ???
Will amaya with mantu’s help be successful in impressing dadi ???
Pls comment guys or i will have to stop this ff…. Waiting

  1. heyyyyy….I loved ur ff ….plzzzz continue it and update soon…..I always wanted that amu get mantu…but its not happened in original serial….so I think u r fulfilling my wish….thank uuu so much..

  2. Thx for the [email protected] but lets see if i get more comments

  3. Ur FF is nice but i think nobody comes here because in every FF of manya there is less comments
    I think u have to try to write on an another serial if u love to write

  4. Excited for mrg scenes coming ahead.. But try to write in hindi..

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