After many years, we are once again brother and sister: Chapter Two

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note: ranveer and gauri have no lovey dovey connection.


three days later:

om: gauri, wake up na.

gauri: no, I don’t want to.

their 4 years old daughter munni comes in all bouncy and smiley.

munni: mummy no awake?

om: lazy she is. lazy.

gauri: let me sleep. munni, tell your father that I want to sleep.

munni: mummy want to sleep.

om: tell your mother that if she doesn’t wake up then no salman khan.

munni: daddy say no wake up then no salman khan.

gauri shots up from the bed and says: kya! omkaraji, you can’t do that.

om: I can.

gauri: ok.

om smiles and carefully helps her get out of the bed then she goes to change.

an hour later:

the entire family was waiting for priveer and their children.

dadi: anika puttar, please get some sweets.

anika: ji dadi.

gauri: arre bhoojal I’ll get it.

anika: but you are pregnant gauri.

gauri: so? you have been working a bit too much. i’ll get it.

anika: om? care to say anything?

om: she doesn’t listen to me.

anika: fine get it.

gauri smiles and carefully stands up then goes to the kitchen.

just then:

voice: we are back!

the family saw prinku and ranveer smiling as they came through the doors and into the grand palace. their daughters ran in whilst their son stayed in prinku’s arms.

aastha: finally! we are finally in india.

rikara’s daughter, mishti: first time right?

aastha nods.

mishti: then we will make you have a mast time!

dadi: gauri puttar, jaldi na.

ranveer in mind: ‘gauri’? phir si?

gauri comes with the sweets and hands them to dadi. dadi blesses her and then gauri goes towards priveer when ranveer looked up, gauri looked at him. both got shocked.

gauri in mind: those eyes?

ranveer in mind: that smile?

that black and white flashback comes of a little boy running to an elder girl. the elder girl picked him up and twirled him around.

teri meri aankhon ne
mil ke jo khwaab bune
wo baRe pyaare thhe
tere mere paaon chale
milke ke do pairon tale
taare hi taare thhe

saari baatein mujhe yaad hain
wo chand raatein mujhe yaad hain

mujhe bhi tere haathon ki narmiyaan yaad hain
wo maasoom pyaari si besharmiyaan yaad hain
yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

inside gauri’s head: didi!

inside ranveer’s head: guddu!

yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

a black and white memory came when two kids played in the rain, sang songs and even danced in the rain.

yaad hain tumko wo barsaatein
jab milke hum bheege thhe?
kyun andar se aanch uThi
jab baahar se hum geele thhe?

kaisi thi wo befikri
guzri, phir bhi na guzri
aisi shaamein mujhe yaad hain
aisi baatein mujhe yaad hain

koi jaan ke jaan se to guzarta nahi
kabhi apni marzi se koi bichhaRta nahi

yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

kaandhe pe sar rakh ke tere
soyi thi main kitni der
DhoonDh rahi thi duniya mujhko
khoyi thi main kitni der

another black and white memory came when a small boy would keep his head on a girl’s shoulder and sleep on it whilst both were near the fire place.

kaisi thi wo befikri
guzri, phir bhi na guzri
saari shaamein mujhe yaad hain
saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

jo hoThon se naa keh saka
harf wo bhi to hai
jo aankhon se naa beh saka
dard wo bhi to hai…

yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

the last thing that happened was the scream echoing in both gauri and ranveer’s head.

om noticed gauri staring into space and snapped his fingers in front her.

om: oh hello! what happened?

gauri smiles and says: kuch nahi.

om: promise?

gauri: promise.

prinku: ranveer, you fine?

ranveer: yes ranveer, i’m fine.

gauri: arre call him guddu. he likes to be called that.

everyone looked at her and gauri had tears in her eyes.

ranveer: come again?

gauri: g…. gu….guddu.

ranveer started to get tears in his eyes remembering once being called guddu.

gauri: I am going.

she geos upstairs and all looked worried for her. shivay and om ran up but the door was locked.

inside rikara’s room:

gauri was on the bed, crying her heart out.

gauri: guddu, why did you leave your didi? why guddu? at a young age? guddu, I want you back! meri bhai!

precap: train ride+ 18 years back


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