After many years, we are once again brother and sister: Chapter one

rikara’s room:
om: sach mein prinku, can’t wait for you to come. anyway how are you and the kids? good? great? so when are you coming back to India? three days, yaar come sooner na! accha bye.
he cuts the phone only to find Gauri smiling in front of him.
om: hmm kya Chaya?
gauri: I want ice cream.
om: god, please control your cravings.
gauri: accha omkaraji, who were you talking to?
om: prinku.
gauri: prinku…. your sister right?
om: right.
gauri: so she is coming?
om: yes, with her kids and her husband.
gauri: her husband? kids?
om laughs and pulls her cheeks gently.
om: you see, she married ranveer in America but only some family members went. you didn’t because you were again pregnant at that time. due to work, she rarely comes here but this time she is coming for Raksha bandan.
gauri: ek minute, her husband’s name?
om: ranveer.
‘ranveer’ echoed in her head. why did that name sounded familiar?
voice: didi, I want chocolate.
choti gauri: arre ranveer, don’t disturb me, let me sleep.
voice: please.
choti gauri: guddu, i’ll give you chocolate if you let me sleep, ok?
voice: ok didi.
tears rolled down her eyes. om noticed and wiped them gently.
om: baby, why are you crying?
he hugs her carefully not minding her baby bump.
om: don’t cry baby.
gauri: I don’t know why I am crying.
om: shh. don’t say anything.
she hugs him tighter.
om in mind: why did she start crying hearing ranveer’s name? it’s almost like she has gone back into a flashback.
prinku: ranveer, we need to go shopping.
ranveer: what? no please! take Suhani ya aastha. not me!!
prinku: ranveer! those two are studying, now come!
ranveer: fine.
he gets up and then prinku showed a salwar on her phone.
prinku: would this suit gauri Bhabhi?
ranveer: who?
prinku: gauri Bhabhi, om bhaiya’s wife.
ranveer: ek minute, her name?
prinku: I think you have lost your hearing. gauri Bhabhi.
‘gauri’ echoed in ranveer’s name. did he knew someone once called gauri?
choti ranveer: didi, play with me?
voice: arre guddu, not now!
choti ranveer: gauri!
voice: oh hello, gauri nahi, didi!
choti ranveer: then play with me else gauri, gauri, Gauri!

prinku noticed his eyes swelling up. she hugs him and says: sorry if I said anything wrong.

ranveer: are prinku, you said nothing wrong. it’s just…. never mind.

prinku smiles and hugs him tighter.

the scene ends.

precap: priveer in India+ gauri and ranveer come face to face

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