Manu Punjabi got death threats from the killers of Siddhu Moosewala

Bigg Boss fame Manu Punjabi is apparently receiving death threats from the killers of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala. Today Manu took to his social media account and thanked Jaipur POlice for giving him security. As per the tweet there was a man asking for 10 Lakhs from Manu failing to give the same, he was threatening to kill him.

Manu tweeted, “I feel blessed and thankful to @Tomarhricha, Add SP RamSingh ji, Comm Anand Shrivtastav ji @jaipur_police to provide me security & find out the culprit. I got email claiming to be from gang of #SidhuMooseWala murderers demanding 10 Lakh or else they would kill me. Last week was stressful.”

Manu also posted the screenshot of the threat email he got.

Manu has already made his mark in the Punjabi industry with his song ‘Damaad’. He said, “I definitely would love to continue to be a part of the Punjabi entertainment industry. In fact, I have got more offers already, including one from another leading Punjabi singer after my debut song, ‘Damaad’ got hit,” in an interview.

He added, “When this industry is calling me with open arms, why should I have an issue working here. After all, this is what we artists are here for – to act.”

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