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hi everyone Bhanu is back with another ff i know ur not missing mee but frankly i am missing my lovely readers alott thanks a lot for ur love on my 1st ff tu meri mannat

ND sorry for ppl who messaged me in fb I did not rly you guys sry for delay too its hectic schedules sooo ok stopping this

so her i am with a new concept complicated one too

it has love -hate -love it its love story


here we go on prologue 1st

scne1, a girl is running with load of happiness in her face nd a boy in 20s is chasing her arey stop kiddo??

girl; i am not kiddo i am grown up

boy; but ur kiddo only if not stop

girl; mr. mannat i won’t haa

boy; my name is sanskar swara (yes in sanskar )

swara ; noo noo u said na on our 1st day i fixed it
You only said you have only desire

(sanskar got holded her he just lost in her eyes pulled her close towards him?

Sanskar in husky tone haa mannat Ho phir

Swara ” ha phir ?❤

Sanskar pulled her more close by tucking her hair he leaned towards her

Swara clutched his shirt in shyness ??

Sanskar with a smirk he leaned close to ?

When they about to kiss suddenly an sounding thunder disturbed them swara hugged him?

ND it started raining too

Both got wetted completely they had cute lovely eyelock with awkward silence ??

Screen freezes

Scene 2,

a person on age of 20’s entered inside the room with a force
his eyes are raging in angry

he seen a girl who is working in her laptop

He dragged her by holding her arms she just gulped in fear “you
Man: you swara Mitra how dare you to ignore mee even i called you from hr (yes the girl is swara )
swara; ( pushed him back) so wattt i don’t care sanskar Maheshwari i am not ur slave

sanskar; ( ragged in angry he pulled her close ) dont you dare to raise ur voice

swara; (pushed him with force) then dont you dare to touch me

sanskar; oh really ur mine i had right on you

swara;(angry ) who gave you right i am not ur wife ok??

sanskar; u will be soon darling?

swara; dont dream much trust me i will spoil you dream u cant get me mr. sanskar Maheshwari u can’t get swara mitra ok

sanskar; (smirk smile) oh really will see wt you can
i hate you swara , i hate you

swara; i hate you more more nd more

sanskar ragged in angry he pinned her to wall with a force swara got hurted in his tight grip she yelled in pain

sanskar; (tightened his grip on her ) don’t you dare to say that hate you only i should only hate you ,

swara; “leave me u stupid vamp”

sanskar; oh really then say me you don’t hate me

swara; no i hate you more then anything

sanskar he pinned her hands to her back nd kissed her furiously by bitting her nape swara struggling in pain she is out of breath due to his pressure on her still sanskar is not satisfied he kissed her wildly ignoring her feeling

swara cried out “stop ittttt”?

sanskar; raised his eyes towards swara ) kya hua bolo na you hate me still

swara; she tried to push him ) chi ur disgusting?

sanskar; oh really let me show how much i am (he again started kissing her neck where as his one hand is removing her jacket )??

swara pushed him with a force ” wt the hell ur doing stop it ”

sanskar;( victory smile) so now say u hate me still if so i will continue my work

swara; (cried out in tears ) i am sorry just get lost from her

sanskar; much better now anyways ur gud but todays ur lucky too so i am going bye sweetheart
nd next time dont you dare to avoid me or else u will see my worst
swara fallen on floor she cried badly by hugging her knees

“i hate you y u came into my life sanskar y ur hurting me badlyyy its paining its panning ” ?

no i will give you right answer mr .sanskar i wont accept my failure so easily

screen freezes

Do really sanskar hates swara ?

y he is doing so odd with swara ?

ND swara really hate him bcoz noo girl will accept such a person

Title: Mannat – desire – desire may be lot of kinds its may be possession or obsession or lust or anything beyond that too

Mohabbat- pyar – love only love ❤

This story deals with conflict between desire ND love
In any realtion there should be both
But love is most important than desire

Wt you say am I right ?

Character sketch

Sanskar mahesawri : Rich double shaded gud with all family nd society but he had hidden shade work minded ND money minded
In one line he think money will buy everything most pampered kid only son of rp ND sujtha ,Sujatha had passed away when he is 8yrs old rp is single due to love for this son
Sanskar is well pampered by rp
Ap treats him as equal to her son lucky even more only
He never heard no from anyone so he is egoistic too

Swara mitra : Gud stupid bcoz she cant speak or express her own wish to anyone ,work minded so cool ND pleasant type always hide her feelings up to her , looks like happy person for world hates boys some far only daughter of Shekhar ND sumi
Her feelings are well known to one person that is her di rags (cousin )
She never said no to anyone still the date
Always adjust herself to the will of others

To know more you need to wait for this ff

Mannat Ya Phir Mohabbat ?

special thanks to goldie di for this also she is helping mee
so sweet of you di

ND guys its a experimental story nd full of twists, romance ND love
Say me are you interested shall I continue
After getting maximum interest only I will think further
Soo share you view fast ha ?

keep reading nd keep smiling there is no tax for smile

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