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swara pov ,

I realized my position when the thunders calmed down

I tried to break the hug
But as I try to do it the grip on my waist is getting tight

His arms are around my waist its like a strong cage I am unable to move an inch also

He is off sense I know his hands are moving on my back sensuously
Its just causing shiver

I am losing myself in his touch

Do I am falling for him ?

The stupid thoughts got wiped out when I realized his last sentence

” ur my desire swara”

Means I am just a desire

Wt does it actually means
Is he loves me or it’s just lust ?

it’s not time to think such things now I wanna get out from his grip first

I pinched his waist in order to wake him up from this desires

” ahh” he winched in pain

I broke the hug ND pushed him back witha force

I really don’t wanna face him
So I ran into my room in embarrassment I think not sure
Wt my feeling is ?

I avoided him completely I don’t know for wt he came into my life ?
My fear grew up

But after that, he started talking calmly I always replied obediently
All my cousins got close to him than me

All thought we formed a team he made me meet his cousins who are settled in India

Every thing is fine I expected one day

arnav came in hurry” I need a help only you can help so plz ”

” wt help you need “I asked him

” I had a friend no actually girlfrnd of frnd she is In love with my frnd but family is opposed it

“We need to help them in getting her out of her home” arnav said in one breath

” noo I won’t do this if I do this his whole family will suffer I won’t ” I yelled

“Noo plz ntg will be so
If we do not help them they both will die so Plz ” arnav said in a convincing way

I nodded in confusion
“Arnav once ask sanskar too plz ”

” Ya sure I will take his help also all of 4 are helping her now ” arnav replied

“Ok done” i accepted

I got a crazy idea so I planned a sketch to implement that plan

“I will go to meet Pari–sanskar will be with me

,arshi (arnav nd kushi ) will come with you kavitha

I will get pari u get Adarsh ” i said them plan

” Are u mad how can u get Pari it’s dangerous” Sanskar yelled in angry

” I can u watch ND see tomorrow @ mrg 10 ” i answered in a confident way

“Sunday no office so we can do it freely”

third person pov ,

Mrg swasan left to pari home nd arshi nd kavitha left to adarsh mm

Swara got inside Pari home she is nervous

“Namaste uncle “Swara greeded pari’s dad

“Kyun Ho tum (who are you,y u came here “Pari dad questioned

” Woh I am Pari school friend tomorrow her engagement na I came to congratulate her “Swara replied politely

“Y not tomorrow” Pari dad questioned

“Woh I am leaving city tonight ” Swara replied politely

“Ok go she is in his room ” he replied swara finally

Swara left to Pari room

” Who are you ” pari gave a scaring expression towards swara

swara pov,

i entered in a lion’s den I think its risky still i need to help her na

she is cared of all ppl i think
so she is unable to believe me also

” I am Arnav frnd pack ur stuff we will leave fast” i ordered her

” No dad won’t let as u go plz” Pari yelled in fear

“no hurry all are waiting for you ” I yelled
I took a breath ND frowned “Pari plz do wt I say I will manage”

I took her bag ND left to back wall it’s so tall so I pulled a trump ND made her climb wall

But I lost my bracelet in her room in hurry
its precious for me
So I runned back to room but its late
Pari dad seen as I can’t leave it so I rushed out

I rushed towards wall

I jumped wall

Sanskar drove as to register office
Already arshi has got adarsh there

As we reached they rushed inside office

I followed them
i know its wrong thing
her family will feel pain bcoz of this
my heart is not accepting this

they are about to sign the papers

” Parii noo its wrong ” I yelled at her

” Wttt the hell wrong swara “Sanskar roared

“Actually its wrong we should not do this ” I yelled

“We know its wrong but they won’t accept our love”Adarsh spoken in distrust

” So we give a chance they will understand” I yelled with faith

“Then y we got her by risking this much” Sanskar questioned me

“Pari I did that much just to stop your marriage with other person but I don’t want you to hurt ur dad ”

“Let him think for some time I know he will change ”

“No dad will let their children suffer,” I said in convincing tone

” Ok as u say” pari accepted

“then wt shall we do now” Sanskar yelled in angry

“Waiting mr.sanskar waiting for there family acceptance ” I snored

” I won’t wait ” he yelled

“Who said u to wait it’s not ur marriage ok so stay cool ” i yelled back
“Oh no are u crazy” he roared in angry

“Yes crazy only so wat. Ahh. ”
“Sanskar winning anything doesn’t mean that other one should lose it” I said in convincing tone

” Noo when other loses only we can win ” he yelled

I was shocked by his answer

“Everything deals with success only swara so better u realize” he

” Its ur pov so plz keep it with you
Sometimes losing gives more happiness then winning
I saw but u can never witness it bcoz it’s all ur ego ” Swara yelled in angry

” Pari nd Adarsh u both stay in Arnav farm house there u can have protection”

She left ND got in her car
” Where ur going wait take me too ” he yelled while running towards my car

He ran ND sat beside me

but i drove back to pari home bcoz i wanna ask forgiveness nd i need my bracelet too

i reached the home nd jumped the wall nd made my way to pari ‘s room

sanskar is waiting outside only

i placed a note on bed

” uncle I am sorry for this but ur daughter respects u a lot she said that ” until u obey she won’t marry him she can wait ”

She can live without marriage but she can’t live by marrying another one so u think once
Wt is important for you ” ur daughter happiness or ur so called status ”

Swara place a letter ND grabbed the bracelet on floor ND jumped wall

but a nail on the wall dug into skin of my ankles blood oozed out but I am in hurry so got in car by holding pain

I had fallen down from the wall in pain sanskar hold me

Swara in painful tone ” shall we go home ?

we both are shocked to see few ppl are around as with huge sticks they blocked our way nd rounded as

i think we are caught now
sorry for late nd small one a little change in story so this is needed to show sanskar mind set so on next one you will get that

precap; kiss = slap or response keep guessing

next one is maha episode on Tuesday a new turn for whole story

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