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Swara pov

Life is going on some other string

I never meet such a person in my life
Y his ideology is so different

But my cousins are enjoying his this stupid ideology also

No no, only I know wt’s is his reality

I am missing my bestie
It has been 5days I talked to her

I don’t have weekend party also ?

He is watching something in his laptop ?

I had seen this bcoz I got settled in front of him in our living room

Actually, I had doubt from a long time wt, he watch for hrs ND hrs
I know he won’t work at nights

Still, his laptop will be on always

I got up ND moved towards his back by from another side

Finally, I reached the corner near to him

ND I leaned towards him to know wt he is doing

But all of sudden he turned back

My stupidity ?
“In place of hiding, I am closing my eyes in nervousness ?

He closed his laptop ? all of sudden with a jerk ND pulled put out pen drive too

I thought he may get angry with me

But for my shock, he stared me with a questioning expression
He is nervous I think

I am sry” I whispered in fear ?

Did u see anything” he questioned me

I nodded a ” noo

He took a breath ND spoken out
” y ur here, wt ur doing on my back ah ” he roared on angry

” I just came to know what ur doing” I answered calmly

” it’s a secret of desires” he answered me

” wt desires u have ? ” I questioned him

” I don’t wanna answer you now so get lost kiddo” he roared at me ND picked his laptop

The last word ” kiddo ” made me more angry ?

I grabbed the pen drive from his hand ND ran away

He looked at me in shock nd surprise

” wt the hell give my pen drive” he yelled

” I won’t say me first I am not kiddo”
I snored while running away from him

” ok ur, not kiddo give me my pen drive” he yelled helplessly

I won finally

” then say me it ur watching” I questioned him

” a movie incomplete desires” ok give me now, ” he asked in low tone

” u have that many desires, ah to have ” I yelled in surprise

” stop ur stupid questions ND give me my pen drive ” he roared in angry now ?

I got more anger so I thought to tease him
So I ran away with pen drive
He started chasing me
Accidentally the pen drive slipped from my hand ND it fallen into swimming pool which is located on ground floor

We are on the first floor

I saw towards him in fear

He gave a deadly glare at me
I am dead now

I ran out from balcony

He is chasing me in angry
If he catches me no doubt he will kill me on spot now

I ran speed so speed as I can

He is close to me now before he held me I thrown a pillow on the couch to stop him

But no use I grabbed some marbles from my cupboard he did not see them

I had fist full of marbles in my hand

Silently I dropped them on floor
Sanskar stepped on them
He fell down on floor all of sudden his back hit to floor

“ahhhhh ” he yelled in pain
with in seconds the pain turned into angry

i think i gonna see worst now “run swara run” my inner voice provoked me

I ran to terrace

( this scene one in prolog)

“Are you planning to stop this year? Please stop kiddo” he pleaded me

“Haw? Shut up. I’m not a kiddo. I’m a grown up girl”i yelled back.

“No. You’re a kiddo, if not, then stop” he yelped.

“I won’t stop Mr. Mannat” i screamed while

“Sanskar! My name is Sanskar Maheshwari Swara!” he said rolling his eyes at the childishness of me

“No. You were the one who told me that you had only desires didn’t you?” i teased while continuing to run like a maniac.


After chasing her for something that felt like a mile, finally, Sanskar could get a hold on Swara.

“Yes, you’re my desire. So?” He muttered huskily into her ears pulling her closer to him by her waist making her shiver.

“So?” Swara repeated as Sanskar tucked the hair on her face behind her ear and leaned forward to kiss her. She clutched his shirt due to the nervousness and the shyness she had in her as he smirked leaning more closer to her.

Just when they were about to kiss each other, a thunder disturbed them scaring Swara who hugged Sanskar tightly as if her life depended on him. It started to rain too. It was a perfect romantic atmosphere with two lovers staring directly into each other’s eyes and getting wet in the rain. There was complete silence except for the noise created by the falling rain.

sanskar pov,

I hardly controlled my emotions, .she is really testing my patience.
I am dumping all those emotions into my deep heart.

i am jealous of this rain bcoz it can feel her ever inch
but i can’t its hard to hold all my feelings

but she is in my embrace its best moment of my life
i think she is comfortable now
i can take one more step to get her
then she will be mine

I hugged her more tight nd she is still in same fear due to thunder

even this nature disturbed my kiss but atleast i got hug

precap : kiss = response or slap ?

( sorry few of my readers are upset on the thing i said yesterday
but when there is no value then its time waste to do anything even a work or in a relation the same commitment should be b/w writer nd readers
no more classes her after i will be silent bcoz i realized that i am not writing gud i think
nd i am sorry for small update nd next update will be on friday or saturday sorry for late i will try to give weekly thrice

love you all
keep smiling 🙂


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