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Mannat ya Phir Mohabbat ~~~Part -11

my wattpad id; @Bhanumitra
Sanskar stared her lips with desire nd a smirk

he is turning on while seeing her
swara realized her position she left the grip on his shirt nd she flinched and looked at him and tries to get up

but before that sanskar pinned her on the bed before she realize anything he captured her lips with his

Swara opened eyes in shock

She pushed him back to break it

But sanskar desire is stronger than anything he grabbed her by waist ND kissed her hungry without losing chance

Swara is struggling in his grip but all her trails are on veins
She couldn’t move an inch as he captured her bottom lips between his teeth’. She hit his chest with her tiny wrist and he let her do whatever she want till he is getting what he need’. She was keeping her lips firmly shut so that he can have the full access of her lips but he only chewed her lips,, looks like he is relishing her each nectar’. His one hand went to her nape that has deep cut neck’ and one hand was on her waist squeezing her flesh’ his tongue licked the honey sweetness’.

he just captured her lower lip while nipping it with his teeth and tongue,
his hands are driving crazily on her back
he has bitten her lower lip hard while it’s hard to her to breath also
she took out a gasp due to pain as she took out sanskar grab the opportunity and enter her mouth and started exploring her every corner’s of the mouth passionately

Tears just skipped down her eyes in pain

he felt her tears on his cheeks but his desire is dominating him more
he is crushing his full weight on her while his hands are trying to grab her shirt
finally, sanskar broke the kiss in order to breath but still he in on her
swara pushed him back with a force she just got up from bed with a jerk

before sanskar could react swara gave a tight slap

” wt the hell ” he yelled while placing his hand on his cheek

Swara gave one more tight slap on his other cheek

” don’t you dare to utter a word Mr.Maheshwari” she yelled in angry while tears are continually flowing down

Sanskar realized wt he did with swara a few minutes back

” woh actually it’s a mistake” he tried to explain her in cold tone

” yes, it’s a mistake” she whispered

” wtt ” he asked

” I trusted you it’s my first mistake”
“I thought are my old sunny it’s my second mistake”
“I thought that I misunderstood you it’s my third mistake”
” I made you a part of myself as a friend it’s my fourth mistake”

” and now you turned so disgusting but still I am talking with you na it’s my fifth mistake ”

U such a person

” she yelled in disgust

” wt do you mean”
You mean I am cheap ah
You mean I am disgusting

It’s just a kiss wt a big deal ” he yelled in angry

” Ho just a kiss,
Ur …. Just get lost from me ” she yelled in angry

Both got disturbed by a phone call its Shekhar Call

She is about to answer the call but sanskar grabbed her pH nd ended the call

” wt the hell ” swara yelled in angry

” wt ur going to do will you say this to your dad ” he questioned

” yes I really can’t take this anymore ur disgusting” she yelled in disgust

” noo you can’t say him anything” he yelled in angry

” y can’t I, u just wait ND watch ” she yelled in angry ?

Sanskar laughed aloud which made her confuse

” wt you will say ah ‘ dad this sanskar kissed me ‘ that only na ” he yelled with a smirk ?

” ha ” she replied

” so u want to say that to everyone, ” he asked

“yes I will, ” she said

” ok ur wish but I will also say him the thing you have done today”
ND I will inform Pari family that ur daughter of the great Shekhar Mitra ” he yelled with smirk which made swara shock

” how can you do this ” she yelled in tears

” really I can do anything,” he said

” wt the hell you want sanskar y ur doing this with me ” she yelled in tears

” plz don’t cry swara I don’t like ur tears ” he yelled with a smirk ?

She had fallen on floor due to pain on her feet
But sanskar held her

” swara plz I really don’t know what happened to me I never had such feelings to any girl ur the first girl whom I kissed, ” he said while caressing her cheeks sensuously

” I hate you just get lost” she yelled in disgust

” but I really want you swara plz
I want you” he said with a smirk ?

” wt does it mean ” she asked while moving back

He moved towards her while her back meet the wall

Swara gulped in fear ?

” ur really irresistible”
I really can’t stay away from you ” while caressing her swollen lips with his thumb
” I want to spend a night with you, ” he said with a smirk ?

Swara could not believe her ears
She never expected that the person whom she thought a good one is such a vamp who is a lusty person
Nothing matters him except his desire
Except for his lust
He felt disgusting on herself for trusting such a person

Her thoughts has broken when she felt his hand on her waist

” soo wat say are u ok with it” he asked while cupping her cheeks with his other hand

Swara pushed him back with a force nd gave tight slap

Which made sanskar angrier ?

He gave a tight slap to her by which she has fallen on floor while winching in pain

” I really don’t like this”
Don’t you ever dare to slap me u will see worst than this” he yelled while twisting her hand

Swara just gulped in fear ?.
She really don’t know what to do now

He was about to take one more step towards swara but he stopped as he heard a familiar voice

” sanskar swaraaa ”

It’s Shekhar I.e swara dad

” Shekhar uncle oh noo” he gulped

Swara sat on floor in numb

Sanskar composed himself ND left to down towards Shekhar
” Where is swara ” Shekhar questioned

” Woh uncle she is tried so she slept early, ” sanskar said while covering his face

” Gud ok say me how is ur day ” Shekhar asked

” It’s good ” he replied while hiding his face to hide fingerprints of swara on his cheeks)

” Uncle, I ‘m also feeling tired can I leave,” he asked

” : Haha sure beta gud ngt ” Shekhar said

” Gud ngt uncle” sanskar left to his room )

Sanskar pov

How dare your swara Mitra how can you slap mee
u will regard for this

But it’s my first kiss I never felt this with any girl before
But I had got addicted to you

I really want you swara I will get u soon
Arey sanskar think a way to get her
Think fast u can’t wait for more

Screen freezes
**** to be continued ***

Precap: Shocking birthday gift for swara

Note: nd I was planning to write anTS it’s A beast type story i.e a hate story with only lust and a fight of innocent girl
I am confused on pairs so u guys say me which couple u want

1-arshi (arnav nd kushi ) (only on wattpad )

2- swasan (both wattpad nd fb )

3-manik and Nandini (only wattpad )

so say me which is best in this options and only one couple plz

Please do vote nd comment


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    Awesome dear……. Continue soon….

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    Amazing part
    And I suggest u too write image fats about SwaSan

  3. Simi

    Devil sanskar?

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  5. when is sanskar going to change???!!! Episode was awesome…!!! I want your ts to be swasan only…!! 😀

  6. Good update.. Swasan as always.. I love to read ff on swasan.. Waitinggg

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  8. Wonderful…. as usual swasan

  9. Tamil

    Awesome dear
    Want Swasan

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    nice….poor swara

  12. SNY

    Awesome …

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