Mann Masth Magan—(episode 4)

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Recap: Ashish ready to help Ankit, Priya decides to look for a job, Kritika ready for the interview.

The story starts with Ankit waking up with his secretary Ria’s call.

Ria: hello sir, good morning. Sorry to disturb you. I have called you to inform that the flight is at 8 AM.

Ankit: ok fine.

Ria: but sir, I am still worried. How will we manage?

Ankit: Ashish is going to Banglore for the presentation. Don’t worry. He will take care of it.

Ria: ok sir. Bye

Ria hangs the call. Ankit wakes Ashish

Ankit: ashish wake up. The flight will take off at 8. Quick!

Ashish: let me sleep for five more minutes, bhai. Please

Ankit: ashish. You will miss the flight. Come on get up.

Ashish gets up and starts getting ready. Arshit gets disturbed with the noise and wakes up.

Arshit: Why are you people making noise at this hour? Turn off the lights and let me sleep.

Ankit: at this hour? Idiot wake up. Its 6 AM.

Ashish: I will get ready in 30 min and prepare breakfast.

Ankit: let it be. We”ll do it today.

Arshit: we?

Ankit: yes. ‘We’ means you and me.  Get out of your bed and help me. After breakfast we will drop him at the airport.

Arrshit: ok bhai.

Here Ahana is still worried. She is in the office.

Ahana: Sir, your files are ready.

Boss: oh good. Well ahana, will you do me a favor?

Ahana: sure sir.

Boss: I have a video conference which would take about 15 minutes. My daughter is coming to visit me.  Give her company till I finish my work.

Ahana: ok sir.

After sometime a girl comes looking for someone.

Girl: Is Mr.Smith busy?

Ahana: oh hi. I am Ahana. Sir will be coming back after a conference in 10 minutes.

Girl:  oh. This is Sophia.

Ahana: glad to meet you.

Sophia: same here. I see there are many Indians in the city.

Ahana: yes but only one in the office.

Sophia: I too live in India.

Ahana: really?

Sophia : yes. I work in a NGO in  Delhi. During vacations I visit my family.

Ahana: Wow. Thats really very nice. I wish I could meet my family too.

Sophia: I understand. But I think a break is necessary. You might be missing your family. Why don’t you visit them?

Ahana: I hardly get time for myself.

Sophia: you have to make time for your happiness. I mean this is your life and if you are not happy with the way you are leading it then just change the way. I went for a vacation to India 2 years ago.  I had made a documentary of monuments in Delhi for my project. When I came back I missed the place. I was not happy. I realized that life is not leading to anywhere. During my visit I got to know about the abandoned kids who were in need of love and affection. There was this NGO working for the kids. I wanted to help them. I took the decision and left for India. Now I am happy. My life has a purpose. I suggest you to search for happiness. Do the things which make you happy. Live your life to fullest.

Ahana: you are right. I think this is the time to change the way. Thank you so much for making me realise the importance of a happy life.

Sophia: you’re welcome

Boss: are the ladies busy?

Sophia: hey dad. I missed you so much.

Boss: I missed you too. Come on lets go home.

Before leaving Sophia comes back to Ahana

Sophia: All the best and I hope you will take the big decision soon.

Ahana smiles.

At Jaiswal House, the brothers start for airport and while leaving, Ashish seeks Dadi’s blessings.

Dadi: All the best dear. Take care.

Aditi: you people are acting as if it is Ashish bhai’s bidaai (a ritual in Indian marriages where bride leaves for her In laws house)

All of them laugh.

Ashish: Aditi!

Ashish, ankit and Arshit leave for airport. Ashish reaches banglore and gets ready for his presentation.

Here Kritika too goes for an interview. She does well and the manager is surprised at her talent.

Interviewer: well done. You are in.

Kritika: Thank you sir.

Interviewer: but there’s a problem. We had already chosen 5 candidates for Delhi. You are supposed to work here in this office.

Kritika:  but sir, its my dream. I have applied for Delhi. Please sir, one opportunity so that I can prove myself.

Interviewer: kritika, I know you are very talented. But we are full.

Kritika feels bad.

Interviewer: I cant promise but I can try. There’s my friend whose recommendation can work. But he is very strict and you really need to work hard to impress him. Let me talk to him. If he agrees then your dream might come true.

Kritika: Thank you sir. Thank you so much.

Interviewer: let me make it very clear that the chances are really less. He may or may not agree. Be prepared for the worst.

Kritika: ok sir.

Kritika leaves and is very upset.

Priya starts looking for job and gets a call. But after few hours, she receives another call from the same company. She is informed that her job application is cancelled due to some reason. Her former colleague informs her that her boss is behind all this.

Ahana calls her parents to talk about her decision.

Vijay( Ahana’s father): I am really very happy with your decision dear. We always wanted you to be with us but we didn’t want to become an obstacle for your career.

Ahana: thank you so much papa. I am coming. I have missed you and mumma so much.

Vijay: we missed you to beta. We are waiting for you. Take care.

Ahana feels very excited and wants to inform her friends about her return.

Here in Bangalore, Ashish gives his presentation and gets the contract. Just then Ankit calls him

Ankit: proud of you. You did it.

Ashish: it was all because of you. you trusted me and I succeeded.

Arshit: don’t forget me, I helped you by preparing the breakfast.

Ankit: oh really? That means we got the contract not by Ashish’s hardwork but by your terrible breakfast.

Ashish: yeah.

Arshit: by the way, bhai guided me by watching that video. So it is not my fault.

Ashish: ok ok. I want to capture sun set pictures in the evening. I will be reaching by 8 AM.

Ankit: we thought you will be reaching delhi by evening.

Ashish: actually I am tired and want to spend some time in the city.

Arshit: ok fine. Have a great time!

Ahana calls priya.

Priya: hey, how are you?

Ahana: very happy and excited

Priya: wow. Can I know the reason for your excitement?

Ahana: I am going to have delicious golgappas soon at our favorite place with you

Priya: what? Are you coming back?

Ahana: yes.

Priya: oh my god! I am so happy. When is your flight?

Ahana: today

Priya: realllyyy?

Ahana: yes. I have submitted my resignation letter and will be taking off today and landing tomorrow by 10 AM. Make sure you reach on time to the airport.

Priya: ok your majesty. I will be on time.

Precap: first meeting of Kritika and Ashish

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