Mann Masth Magan—(episode 3)

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Hello…I have started this fan fiction an year ago but due to some reasons I wasn’t able to continue with it. I am going to attach the links of my previous episodes posted an year ago. I will be continuing with the same story.
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Recap: Ankit furious on Priya for spoiling his day. Priya quits the job. Ashish to give the presentation in Bangalore. Kritika to attend the interview.
The episode starts with Veena (Ankit and Arshit’s mother) feeling bad because of Ankit’s decision. Sushma ( Ashish and Aditi’s mother) comes to console her.
Veena: Sushma, I have always been understanding that Ankit is very serious about the business. I never expected anything other than his happiness. I just want him to settle down. Am I asking for so much? Can’t he just understand my perception?
Sushma: bhabhi (sister in law) it’s fine. He will understand. Marriage is the purest relationship. We  just can’t force him. He has some dreams and he might be feeling that marriage will block his way to reach his dreams.
Just then Aditi comes.
Aditi: Badi maa( aunt) Bhai has sent a saree for you.
Sushma: patch up gift I guess.
Aditi: I think he felt bad for making you sad. And guess the color of the saree!
Veena, Sushma together: red!
Aditi: right! What’s wrong with bhai! Why only red?
Veena: I too don’t know and don’t even want to know. You know whenever he sees me wearing a red saree he gives a smile. That smile on his face makes me happy.
Aditi: awww… Wait I know why Bhai likes red.
Sushma: why?
Aditi: Because his face turns red when he is angry and he is always angry.
Veena: Aditi!! Too bad huh! My son is not always angry. And by the way he looks very cute when he is angry.
Sushma: cute? I really get scared when I see him like that.
Veena: he has been like that since years. Now I know that once he gets married, his wife will change him.
Dadi: you are right. Let the right girl come. Don’t hurry up. He is still not ready for that.
Just then Arshit and Ashish join the conversation.
Arshit: who is not ready and for what?
Sushma: we were speaking about Ankit’s marriage.
Arshit: not again!!
Ashish: you can ask bhai to take a leave from his office he might agree but marriage? Never. You will find him turning into angry young man. I don’t think bhai will ever agree to get married.
Dadi: why not? Once he finds his soulmate he will definitely agree!
Arshit: soulmate for bhai!
Ashish: what do you think? Will she be like Bhai? Angry all the time.
Sushma: leave about Ankit! He is not here. Tell me about your soulmateArshit: destiny will show the right girl.
Aditi: I knew it. You always give such philosophical and complex answers. Ashish bhai you tell me what are the qualities that you wish in your life partner?
Ashish: seriously? You think I will ever get married? Never! I don’t trust girls. They just cheat and hurt. I am happy without them.
Ashish leaves.
Aditi: how strange! All my brothers really need a doctor!! Now tell me dadi how will I get my bhabhis?
Dadi: nothing is in our hands. Marriages are made in heaven dear.
In the office Ankit is on a video conference.
Clients: this will be your last opportunity Mr. Jaiswal.
Ankit: I will not disappoint you this time. Trust me.
Clients: we trust you. But your final presentation will be in our head office. Are you ok with that?
Ankit: yes of course.
Clients: see you at 11 AM in Bangalore then. Good day.
Ankit: good day to you too.
Secretary (Ria: sir, you have an important conference tomorrow at 2 PM. How will we manage?After thinking for a while Ankit gets an idea.
Ankit: Ria book a ticket for Bangalore. I will take care. Also mail the presentation to me.
Ria: ok sir.

Ankit: I am leaving and do inform me about tomorrow’s schedule

Ria: ok sir.

Ankit comes home and finds Arshit writing something while Ashish is busy with his camera.

Ankit: so boys whatsup?

Ashish: Bhai, can you suggest me a peaceful place in Delhi where I can capture some really good stuff?

Arshit: you are obsessed with your photography!

Ankit: and you are obsessed with your books. Why don’t you people join our business?

Arshit: not again Bhai!

Ashish: business is made for you. Not for us!

Just then Ankit’s phone rings. Ankit gets up angrily.

Ankit: what? But it was scheduled at 2 PM! What were you doing? You know right we have another conference in banglore? Let me think.

Ankit is stressed. He gets angry

Ankit: She is the reason for all the mess! How can she collapse my entire schedule?

Arshit: She?

Ashish: Some “she” has collapsed bhai’s schedule? The schedule set by Ria failed for the first time. I cant believe this!

Ankit: stop it! She is the most rude, irritating and ill-mannered girl I have ever met!

Ashish: It seems you have had a great time arguing with her!

Arshit: tell us the whole thing bhai

Ankit tells them the incident

Arshit: seriously? Did she speak to you in that way?

Ankit: she was so rude!

Ashish: I would like to meet her and give her the title of the most daring and dashing girl in the city!

Ankit: are you kidding me?

Arshit: bhai she deserves that title. I mean we have never seen any girl talking to you in that way. There is something about her.

Ankit:  There so much attitude and nothing else. Now because of her I have to attend two meetings at two different cities in the same time.

Arshit: oh no!

Ashish: I can help you if you explain me about the presentation

Ankit: really?

Ashish: yes bhai! But that doesn’t mean I will join the business

Ankit: no no! that’s your choice and I am glad that you are there for my rescue

Ashish: bhai, we are one. We always try to do our best to help out each other. So now guide me about the presentation.

The brothers become busy helping out each other and the girls connect video call

Kritika: Why is this girl not taking the call?

Ahana: sleeping or what?

Priya: sorry for being late

Kritika: you are always late. Were you sleeping or what?

Ahana: looks like you have been on the bed since many hours? Did you take a leave?

Priya: I left the job

Kritika: what? Seriously? You did it. I am happy for you.

Ahana: yeah. I agree. Your arrogant boss doesn’t deserve hardworking employees like you.

Priya: yeah but now mumma wants me to get married.

Kritika: wait. Tell us how did all this happen

Priya tells them how she crossed way with Ankit and how all of a sudden her service in that company came to an end.

Kritika: your boss is such a fool! How can he say all those things to you? You know what? He doesn’t deserve you. \

Priya: may be. But now I aam jobless. Thanks to that arrogant and self obsessed person

Ahana: arrogant and self obsessed?

Kritika: is he good looking?

Priya: stop it kritika. You know what he is the reason for my insult. I will not spare him if he crosses my way again.

Ahana: I believe everyone comes in our life for a specific reason. Maybe he came into your life to free you from that stressful job

Kritika: I think Ahana is right. Whats the point in working so hard when your hardwork is not valued enough? Your family especially aunty ji was very concerned about your health.

Ahana: now stop crying over the spilt milk and move on.

PRiya: yeah. I am feeling better now. I will start looking for another job.

Kritika; good. I forgot to tell you people that I have an interview tomorrow.

Ahana: oh wow. All the best

Priya: I am sure that you will get the job.

Kritika: yaar if everything goes well I would be coming to delhi. The head quarter is at delhi

Ahana: I wish I were in Delhi with you people. I really don’t feel good here. I miss my family, my best frnds.

Priya: come back Ahana. We miss you too. Whats the point in working at a place where you don’t feel good at all? Instead settle in delhi, you can be with your people.  Think about it.

Ahana: I wish I could do something about it.

Kritika: you can if you want to.

Ahana: ok ok. We will discuss about it later. Its too late now.

Priya: yes. Lets talk tomorrow. Bye

Kritika. Bye

Ahana: bye

They hang up.

So this was the episode. Drop your views about the story till here. I sign off promising to post the next part soon.

Precap: Ashish’s presentation, Ahana’s decision

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