Manmohini 4th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini Is Trapped

Manmohini 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana runs behind Vanraj. Siya/Kali follows him. Dayimaa stops her and says she should go before Mohini calls her. Mohini walks to Dayimaa and asks where is Kali. Dayimaa says she must be somewhere around and asks if she found her shadow. Mohini says no, now she will use her bhura jadoo to find out her shadow. Rana follows Vanraj to jungle. Vanraj hides. Rana searches him. Vanraj grips Rana’s neck from behind. Rana pushes him and says he does not want to fight with him, he just wants to know how is he related to Kali. Vanraj attacks him again. Rana confronts, but Vanraj easily overpowers him and beats him brutally. Kali reaches there and tries to stop Vanraj. Vanraj pushes her and continues assaulting Rana. Kali brings fire and threatens Vanraj. Vanraj being a tiger gets afraid of fire and shouts to keep it away from her.

Mohini tells Dayimaa she will use her bhura jadoo/black magic to find out her shadow. She cuts her palm and gets desert sand and says this will lead her to her shadow. She follows sand which leads her to a room, but she does not find her shadow there. She sees a message on floor suswagatam/welcome. Chains then tie her hands. She pleads DK/Dayimaa to help her, but Dayimaa says Mohini cut her hands, how can she help, thinking Mohini killed many and now let her die. Mohini starts disintegrating.

Kali helps Rana and tries to take him from here. Vanraj shouts she is doing wrong, he will not spare Rana at any cost. Kali says they should take Mohini’s help to kill Vanraj. Rana says he will not take Mohin’s help with her black magic. Vanraj gets up and tries to attack Rana.

Precap: Mohini disintegrates into sand. Vanraj attacks Rana again.

Update Credit to: MA

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