Manmohini 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ananya gets her proposal cancelled through Shiv’s help

Manmohini 2nd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ketki tells Shiv she and Ananya are both of age for marriage.

In the kitchen, Sunanda curses her own self for spoiling the game. Her own image in the pot laughs at her, as Ananya would never be her daughter in law; and Mohini will be deprived of her powers forever. She brings the tea for guests. Ananya walks downstairs. The guests agree for Ananya’s proposal. The grandmother says they wish the wedding take place this week. Mannat is going abroad next month and will take his wife along. Ananya goes to sit with Mannat, while being showered with flowers and gifts. Shiv watches this. Sunanda sadly sits beside them, and giving Ananya’s hand in Mannat’s hand. Dadi smiles that she is the mother, then takes Sunanda inside.

Shiv signals Ananya through eye balls. Ananya takes a leave from everyone. Mannat takes the signal from Shiv and leaves the sitting as well.

Amma ji twists Sunanda’s arm behind and warns her to stay silent, and not create any hurdles in Ananya’s marriage. When Amma ji has left, Sunanda thinks once her Mann is back; she will treat this Amma ji well.

Shiv comes upstairs to Ananya and asks why she called him upstairs. Ananya inquires how she looks. Shiv asks if this is what he wants to know. Ananya walks closer and holds Shiv’s collar, and requests him to stay silent; she will take care of the rest. Mannat had walked upstairs. Ananya pulls her chunri over both of them, and hugs Shiv. They share an intimate eye lock. Something fell off nearby. It was Mannat, walking upstairs. Ananya sends Shiv downstairs. She says she and Shiv love each other dearly, but belong to different casts. Her Dadi won’t agree for the proposal. Shiv was forced to live in the house as a tenant and make a space in her Dadi’s heart. She requests him to say a no for their marriage. Mannat assures Ananya he will say a no for marriage.

The family was in the hall. Radha and Amma ji were saddened by the denial from Mannat’s family. Amma ji prays to God for a better proposal for Ananya and her timely wedding. Sunanda thinks she knows Ananya isn’t as innocent and surely did something. Kamal inquires Ananya what she did today. Ananya swears she didn’t do anything wrong, it seems she isn’t lucky enough to see all this happiness. She winks at Shiv.

Later in the temple, Ananya brings sweets as Prasad. She was thankful to God. Shiv comes to Ananya and makes her realize her mistake. Ananya say she lied for her family, she can’t leave her mother all alone; nor would she leave her father’s indebting business. Though her father doesn’t agree, still he needs a support. Shiv doesn’t know how much she cares for her family. Shiv thinks he would never be able to understand this girl, he should stay away from her. Shiv was given the Prasad by Pandit ji. He recognizes the taste of the sweet as the one from Panday Mishtan. He understands that only Ananya makes such sweet Rasgula. He wonders why Mahadev always bring him closer to Ananya. He wants to understand all these signals.

Ananya was done with her prayers. She turns to leave. Shiv stops Ananya. He asks if this Prasad came from her shop. Ananya recognizes his words of the taste. Ananya says yes, but she made these. Shiv eats the whole piece, then complements it to be amazing. He didn’t have such sweet in years, and no one can make sweets like her in whole Banaras. Ananya laughs and was genuinely happy. They hear a thunderstorm, Ananya excitedly runs outside. Shiv wonders why he is always attracted to this girl.
Both Shiv and Ananya playfully enjoy the heavy rain. Ananya turns to Shiv and was moved when he removes the wet hair strands from her face. Ananya pushes him away and dances around. Shiv thinks this heartbeat, and the feeling speaks itself of his love for Ananya.

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