Manmohini 28th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ananya treats Shiv’s burning body

Manmohini 28th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul holds a huge vase to break open the room now.

Ananya asks Shiv to read the mantra he reads. Shiv nods. Ananya cries and prays to God for some help.
Rahul was now throwing a huge vase over the door, and drops it over Mishra ji. Rahul’s hand was hurt.
Ananya was crying and says this isn’t a testimony of her alone, it’s the testimony of their love as well. She leaves through the window again.

Rekha was icing Mishra ji’s feet. They cursed Shiv and Ananya.

Sunanda comes outside Shiv’s house and wonders what they both are upto. Ketki reaches the back of the room notices the window was open. She jumps inside the room but no one was there. She looks around and wonders where they have gone. Shiv was hiding behind the bed and under the curtain, his eyes turning red. His hands draw black nails and teeth enlarged. Ketki had her back towards Shiv when he attacks her from the back, she was lucky to have taken a few steps ahead.

Ketki was happy that they have turned into a huge source of entertainment for her, its good and she must let them do so. She doesn’t see Shiv in the room and jumps out. Shiv finds a necklace and rubs the metal. Anaya purchases a huge bar of ice and carries it on her back. There, Shiv rubbed the metal on his hands for some relief. He falls over and Ananya’s anklet was spilt out from under the door of the room. Sunanda dreams of some intimacy between the two watching the anklet. She brings the anklet to the hall. Ketki sides Sunanda. Mishra ji takes everyone as they must now break the door anyways. Ketki was determined to pull out Ananya from Shiv’s life in anyway.

Shiv lay on the floor of the room, suffering badly. His eyes were blackened. Kamal and others again reached outside the room once again. Ananya carried the heavy ice bar on her back. She stops at the nearby temple and was determined to pass this test of her love anyways.

Kamal and Rahul push open the room door. Everyone was shocked to see Ananya. Ananya questions what problem they have. If Rekha has nothing else to do, and Ketki is always jealous whenever she takes the attention. She has been sitting peaceful in her room. Mishra ji questions what this shame has been. Ananya asks if she ever complained when he loves Rekha. She questions Dadi why she has turned against Shiv all at once. She tells Kamal that Shiv is sick and she wish he takes rest for a while. He has an allergy from dust and smoke. She had shut every door. Ketki silently thinks she is a liar. Ananya requests all of them to leave now, he is ill. She shuts the door once again. Everyone leaves except Sunanda. Sunanda wish to find the truth behind all this.

Ananya runs to Shiv at the back yard alongside their room. Shiv thanks Ananya. He wonders what would have happened to him hadn’t she been there. Ananya recalls finding Shiv still shivering in pain. She had carried him to backyard and rubbed ice over his body and face. He felt relieved. Ananya thanks God. She discusses with Shiv that its only a temporary solution, and they need to find a permanent solution. Shiv says only Dai Maa will have the solution.

Sunanda peeks through the door key handle. Ananya speaks to Dai Maa on video call that Shiv has been unable to wear his Rudraksh. Dai Maa says Satan has entered his body. Ananya says she will bring out all his good attributes. After the call, Shiv notices Sunanda had been peeking through the hole. He takes a nail and while thanking Ananya he stuffs the nail into the hole, unnoticeable to Ananya. Sunanda’s screams as it pricked her eye and leaves.

PRECAP: Dai Maa speaks to Shiv and was sure Ananya can soleve all problems in his life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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