Manmohini 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakua Eyes On Ram

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Manmohini 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ram gets romantic with Siya. Siya says he forgot along with them, there are also guards. Ram says guards will not turn towards them. Siya reciprocates to his advances and gets intimate. Chakua gets jealous and says he is leaving biryani and tasting bland food Siya. Mohini calls Chakua via black magic and asks how is her Ranasaa, bring him soon to her. Chakua says Rana saa is fine, let her first finish his guards. She kills all guards with her jokergiri.

Dayimaa rushes towards dining area to stop Dadimaa from consuming poisoned kheer when Mohini enters before her and stops Dadimaa. Dadimaa shouts how dare she is to stop her. Mohini says she was about to leave haveli and went into kitchen one last time when she saw scorpion in kheer, so she returned to stop her. Dayimaa thanks her. Mohini acts as leaving haveli hoping Dadimaa will stop. Dadimaaa stops her. Mohini says but Dayimaa… Dayimaa says she can stay here as she favored her today by saving Dadimaa. Mohini thanks them and walks aside. Dayimaa tells Dayimaaa that chudail has started her attacks again and she is worried for Ram and Siya now.

Mohini calls Chakua and asks her what is Rana saa doing. Chakua says he is relaxing. She gets tempting seeing Ram and Siya’s romance and thinks she will throw away this rice bag/Siya and will get Ram. Siya gets up and runs and Ram follows her. Chakua runs behind him. Siya falls down. Chakua gets into her body. Ram reaches her and lifts her. Siya possessed by Chakua hugs him tightly and acts as her. Dayimaa calls Ram and Siya, but they leave their phone far away near bonfire . She gets worried and tells Dadimaa that chudail has started her black magic and she is worried for them.

Chakua continues hugging Ram. Mohini calls her via chudail black magical illusion. Chakua goes aside and yells why did she call her aside and hugs ram again. Mohini shatters seeing that and warns her to not spoil her Rana saa. Chakua says she appointed cat to guard milk, it is impossible. Mohini calls sautan to save her Rana saa, she fought with her, but now unable to stop Chakua. Siya tied somewhere shouts for help.

Precap: Mohini pleads Ram to get into Behramgarh’s border. Chakua throws rope into his neck and lifts him back. Mohini pleads Chakua to spare her Ranasaa. Chakua says if she cannot get Ram, she will not leave him for anyone else.

Update Credit to: MA

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