Manmohini 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Shiv comes to live at Ananya’s place

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Manmohini 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ketki and Rahul discuss how they had planned a trap against Sunanda. Ananya had recorded the conversation and says she will show the video to Dadi now. Rahul says he won’t spare her easily. He chases Ananya across the street. Ananya hits someone and fells over him. It was Shiv. They get up. Rahul comes there. Ananya provokes Shiv to beat this man now, like he had beaten those goons the other day. Rahul pulls his sleeves up and punches Shiv. Shiv’s eyes flash black, he reads the Mantar his mother taught him, to stay calm. He confronts Rahul. Ketki tells Shiv she is their sister, it’s a family matter. Shiv blames Ananya to be a liar. Ananya grabs her purse and phone from the road side and runs again.

At home, Dadi inquires Sunanda who would save her now. Rekha’s husband suggests Amma ji about calling Pandit ji, a cat died at their place. It’s an omen that life of an elderly is endangered. They will have to serve a gold cat now. Ananya reaches the main door. Ketki struggles to grab the phone but Ananya brings the phone inside. Dadi was about to pay the money to her son in law but Ananya stops her. She tries to play the video in phone but it was corrupt. Ananya says Rahul had to tell her something. She walks to Rahul and whispers that it was his first mistake, he himself may tell this else if Dadi watches the video, she will throw them out of the house. Rahul tells Amma ji that the cat is alive, Sunanda didn’t do anything. Ananya brings Sunanda close to Dadi. Dadi backs up, agreeing it wasn’t her mistake. Ananya demands Dadi to say sorry now. Dadi says she would surely kill her tomorrow, if not today. The ladies walk away. Ananya warns them not to plan anything against her and her mother, else the video would go viral next time. Rekha protects her children from their father.

Shiv tells Dai Maa that he had almost lost control over himself today. Dai Maa was clueless how they were related, as he and the girl coincidentally meet each other. What if it’s a clue that they have to look together? Shiv was irked. Dai Maa was sure he is close to MahaDev, and He will be taken care of.
Rekha and her husband bring Pandit ji home. On their way, they discuss to trap Amma ji without anyone knowing about her. At home, they introduce Pandit ji to Amma ji and says Pandit ji wished to meet the elderly of their family. Pandit ji reads her forehead and threatens that death is around. Amma ji asks him some remedy. Pandit ji says they will have to arrange Maha Murtunjay Jaap. This will take her to her real protector. Amma ji hurries to temple after Pandit ji has left. Sunanda watches Dadi leave, and thinks she only wish her Mann and Ananya meet together.

Rahul brings a young boy to rob Nani’s neck chain. He plans to fake beating them as Nani’s protector.
On the way, Nani comes across two real goons who walk besides her. Shiv was still walking with the real estate agent in search of a house. The goons snatches Nani’s chain and run to the opposite direction. Shiv looks towards the goons and throws a knife towards them, which hits one of them straight. He beats the others. Nani recalls Pandit’s mention of a protector. Shiv brings the chain to Nani and requests to pray for resolution of his problem. Nani offers him to stay with her at her place. Shiv thinks about something for a while, then comes with Nani.

At home, Sunanda was laboriously preparing bitter gourd juice. She and Ananya both sense the heavy breeze at Shiv’s arrival. Sunanda walks towards the door, and says it feels her Mann is here. Ananya walks to the terrace and wonders if this man reached her home behind her. Sunanda was happy and enjoys the feeling. She wonders where Ananya is headed to.

Dadi calls Rekha’s family, Sunanda and everyone to gather around and welcome the guest. Dadi tells Rekha that their Pandit’s predictions went outright. Had this guy not helped her, she must have died. She decided now that this young man will stay with them now.

Sunanda stops Ananya and asks what happened to her. Ananya was irked that this man has been following her and reached home. Sunanda thinks if someone is hitting the threads of Ananya, it has to be Mann. Ananya comes to Shiv and inquires what he is upto, she is the princess of the house and not an ant can pass by here without her wish.

Update Credit to: Sona

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