Manmohini 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rana’s Concern For Siya/Kali

Manmohini 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devaki Dayima/DK brings Siya/Kali home and make her lie on bed. Mohini walks to her and asks what happened to Kali. Dayimaa says she collapsed throwing blood from her nose and eyes. Mohini calls Ghagrapaltan team and asks what happened to Kali. They repeat same. Mohini says even she shed blood from her nose and eyes while metitating. Dayimaa says Siya took all Mohini’s problems on her, so she shed blood and protected Mohini instead as she is Mohini’s nazar battu; now Mohini should treat Kali. Ghagrapaltan team also requests to save Kali. Dayimaa reminisces blackmailing Ghagrapaltan team to support her and lie Mohini, else get ready to be punished by Mohini for not helping her nazar battu Kali. Mohini agrees to treat Kali via black magic.

Vanraj eagerly waits for Siya in jungle and calls her repeatedly, but Dayimaa disconnects his call. He panics thinking Siya disconnected her call. He senses someone spying on him and grabs the person, gets angry seeing Jhumri and strangulates her throat. She pleads to spare him.

Rana gets tensed when he does not find Kali around and walks to her room. He is shocked to see Kali unconscious and tries to awake her with all his efforts, thinking why he is worried for Kali so much. Kali murmurs Ram Ram… in sleep. Rana asks what…She opens eyes and asks what is he doing here. He says he saw her unconscious, so he stayed near her till she wakes up; asks who is Ram. She change topic. He brings her juice and serves. Mohini walks in and asks what is he doing in Kali’s room. Ram says he is worried that if something happens to Kali, Mohini will be in trouble, so he brought juice for Kali and acting as angry offers juice to Kali. Once they all leave, Kali/Siya informs Dayimaa about Ram/Rana’s concern for her. Dayimaa says they should not let Mohini know about it, else Mohini will harm Rana/Ram.

Precap: Mohini points knife at Kali’s neck and says she knows her truth now.

Update Credit to: MA

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