Manmohini 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini Tricks Ram With Magical Illusion

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Manmohini 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vedika says Ram’s heart and life is Siya, and now with Ram’s idol established, Siya can perform yagna with it without any issues. Mohini creates an illusion via black magic in which Ram sees himself as Rana Bhanu Pratap riding horse. Enemy soldiers attack him with arrows, and he falls down from horse. Soldiers then surround him. Ram asks who are they, they will kill this man. Mohini says someone will come to save him. Bhanu confronts soldiers that cowards attacks from back, warriors attack from front. They shower arrows on him and he runs towards them pulling his sword. Mohini asks Ram if he remembers anything. Soldiers injure Bhanu and discuss the cannot easily kill Rana Bhanu Pratap easily, so they have to behead him and present his head to king.

Siya while performing havan thinks her intention are true and until she is there, nothing will happen to Ram. She continues that until she saves Ram from chudail, she will not sit calmly. On the other side, soldiers are about to behead Bhanu when a lady on horse shoots arrows and kills soldier. Her veil flies away, and she is none other than Mohini. She kills all other soldiers and rushes to Bhanu and sees him unconscious with severe injuries. She calls her horse. Mohini tells Ram that she got a chance to touch Rana saa for the first time and hugs Ram. Siya confronts Devimaa that Devimaa has to give darshan and save Ram. Mohini tells Ram that she would give her life and save him. She looks into his eyes and asks to remember those moments and her love for him, he should submit his 5th sense to him feeling warth of her love, her body warmth gave him life then. Ram sees Mohini trying hard to save Bhanu, rubbing his extremities to keep him warn and then hugging him and giving warmth of her body. Bhanu also hugs him. Mohini says he accepted her love and she will never leave him.

Mohini thinks her trick to capture Ram’s 5th sense is succeeding. She asks Ram to reunite with her. Old Mohini asks Ram to cross illusion barrier and come near her, he just has to cross 7 steps and promise her that his destiny is Mohini and he will sacrifice his life for her. Ram says yes and takes one step. Siya performing havan says nobody can separate Ram from her. Pandit asks to stand up and pray now. Mohini asks Ram to take one more step and promise to sacrifice his past for her. Ram says yes. Siya thinks Ram’s past, present and future is with Siya. Pandit asks Siya to pour ghee in havan. Siya does. Huge storm starts. Dayimaa thinks why this unseaonal storm started. Siya says Ram knows to keep relationships and his family is everything for him, god should open door and give her darshan, if lamps blow off, god’s temple’s lamps will light with her arthi. Mohini insists Ram to come near her.

Precap: Ram walks to Mohini, and Mohini hugs him. Siya thinks Ram cannot leave her like this. Mohini thinks Ram gave his 5th control to her and now is hers completely.

Update Credit to: MA

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