Manmohini 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ram Saves Siya

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Manmohini 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini gets happy seeing Daimaa returning sadly after trying to stop Siya smirks thinking old woman’s plan failed and thinks she is in Rana saa/Ram’s heart since generations and nobody else has place in it. Siya returns reminiscing Daimaa’s words that only she can protect Ram and should not divorce him, she should bind Ram in her love. Mohini fumes seeing Siya returning. Ram sees Siya’s signed divorce papers and mangalsutra and thinks at last she is gone. Siya returns and burns divorce papers. He asks what is she doing. She says he did what he liked and asked her to divorce him, she will do what she liked and will not divorce him, she will make sure their marriage lasts forever, Siya and Ram are one. Mohini coughs up blood and fumes that Sautan/Siya did not do right.

Siya lures Ram and gets intimate with him. Mohini cries that Devaki played trick and did not do right. Devaki Daimaa enjoys liquor with Saroj Dadimaa. Dadimaa praises Daimaa’s plan. Daimaa says this is her place and she decides what happens here, Ram and Siya cannot do whatever they like.

Siya kisses Ram. Mohini starts disintegrating into sand slowly and thinks what is happening to her. Ram pushes Siya away and asks what was she doing. She says she was showing that she can lure him even now. Ram walks down. Siya watches from balcony smiling. Mohini pushes her. She falls down calling Ram. Ram runs and holds her, saving her on time, and asks what was that. Dayimaa and Dadimaa also rush to her. Siya says she felt like someone pushed her. Ram nurses Siya’s wound. Siya asks if he is feeling pain when she is injured. Ram sits silently. Siya says if she is hurt, he will feel pain and and vice versa, they are made for each other and nobody can separate them.

Mohini continues disintegrating. Her ghagra paltan team asks what happened to her. She says she does not know, she just tried to kill her sautan. Her team does black magic and gets sand. She puts her disintegrating hands in sand and gets back to her normal shape. They say she knows the reason, she cannot harm her sautan as she wears Ram’s named mangalsutra, if she tries to hurt Sautan, she herself will be injured. Mohini says she will kill her sautan at any cost. Her team taunts her that she cannot harm her sautan a bit. She lashes them and says she will end her ghagra paltan to get her Rana saa… They taunt she cannot change her fate if she hits them.

Precap: Ram practices sword in the morning when Siya comes and stands in front of her. He beheads her. Mohini thinks if she cannot harm Siya, someone will.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ohhhh!!!!! this episode is speechless ??
    Siya-Ram chemistry is heating up the TV screens ????

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