Manmarziyan- Why Do You Want Me?! (Part 1)

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Radhika sat down on her bed. She sagged more as she relaxed. Her forehead creased in a frown as she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

“Qué es?” she scowled.
(What is it?)

“Valentina please stop the Spanish. You know I don’t understand a word” Samaira sighed.

“Lo siento” she shook her head “sorry. Tell me what is it Sam” she said as she pressed her temples.

“We were planning to go to the club today. It’s Friday night. And your last day to freedom. Have office from Monday” Sam replied.

“We have the weekend” she sighed.

“I don’t count weekends and you know it” Sam snapped.

“Ok. What time do we have to leave?” she asked.

“Are you sure you want to come?” she heard Kritika.

I’m coming. Tell me when are we leaving?” she asked as she pulled the door open to see Kritika, Sam, Manya and Riddhima ready.

“In another hour” Manya smiled.

“Are you OK?” Riddhima asked as she touched Radhika’s forehead lightly.

“I’m fine” she smiled at Riddhima “okay. Give me half an hour. I’ll be ready” she smiled.

“Okay” Sam smiled as she walked out.

Radhika smiled as she saw her four best friends. They stayed together since college. In a five bedroom duplex house. Radhika had moved out of her parents wanting to be independent. She wanted an identity of her own though she was the daughter of Diego Caro. One of the most reputed businessmen in the world. She lived the life of a Queen in her parent’s place and her brother Neil left no stone unturned in pampering her.

So, that’s Radhika Valentina Caro. Born to Diego Caro and Prerna Malhotra. Half Indian-half Spanish.

“I’m 26 and a virgin. The most boring and f**ked up life ever” Radhika hissed as she banged the walls and the warm water from the shower soothed her making a relaxed moan slip out of her lips.

“I hope I find a man who can take me today” she smiled to herself.

Radhika washed herself up and walked out in her bathrobe. She rummaged and ransacked her wardrobe trying to find the perfect outfit. She smirked as she a black cut out midi dress that stuck to her like second skin, revealing her luscious curves. The dress ended right agover her knees, exposing her long tanned legs. Pairing up with gold tassel earrings and black pointed heels, mild makeup, hair in a messy bun and red lipstick she was all ready to go. Giving herself one final look in the mirror, she walked out with a satisfactory smile. The four other ladies gasped. Radhika was this girl who never dressed up. She was herself. Be it college or parties. She always pulled herself away. While the four of them enjoyed, as always, and Radhika would sit on at the table, with her soft drink and decline the guys who asked her for a night.

Sam was in an off shoulder maxi. Kritika in a one shoulder denim dress, Riddhima in ripped jeans and a crop top. Manya in her black jeans and skimpy tee.

“Wow” Manya choked out.

“s*xy” Kritika winked.

“Man. You’re a tease” Sam blew a breath.

“I told you, there’s this dirty girl behind that innocent facade of hers” Riddhima smirked.

“You girls don’t look so bad yourself” Radhika smiled.

“Thanks” they said together.

“Life won’t be the same. Office. I won’t have time to think of these. Work work work” she sighed.

“Finally. I will get to see you then the floor tonight” Manya clapped.

“Yeah” she shrugged.

“Is Saransh coming too?” Kritika asked.

“Yes” Manya nodded.

“So, we won’t see you for the night” Sam laughed.

“We’re not like you both” Kritika pointed to Sam and Radhika.

“Can we leave? Before I get second thoughts” Radhika snapped.

They entered Edinburgh castle pub. The usual. Loud music blaring and people grooving to the beats. People making out and men rolling their hips against women groaning hard were seen. Radhika shook her head as she walked over to avoid the stares she was getting.

“You said you wanted to have fun” Riddhima squeezed her hand a little.

“You think I can do it?” she asked.

“Sure you can” Manya smiled.

“Where is Kritika?” Sam asked.

“Ron” Radhika pointed to the bar area.

“She’s got hers” Manya shook her head.

“I think I’ll go get myself a drink” Sam said as she walked out.

“Hey babe” a tall guy with messy hair walked to their table.

“Saransh” Manya leaped on the guy.

Before he could kiss her “please get yourselves a room” Radhika snapped as she looked at her red painted nails.

“Go have some fun Valentina. I’m sure it’s not so bad” he chuckled.

Radhika gave him a mock glare and he laughed as he pulled Manya along with him to the dance floor. They saw Kritika waving at them as she left with the blonde guy.

“Aren’t you going?” Radhika asked.

“Later” Riddhima replied.

Sam came back with a tray of vodka shots along with salt and lemon and grinned as she placed them on the table. Radhika looked up to see half drunk.

No wonder she was staggering.

And she managed to bring the tray without spilling any of the contents.

Riddhima and am picked up their mini glasses and started gulping one by one stopping to squeeze in some lemon and salt. Both of them threw their heads back and laughed like they had no tomorrow. Radhika sat there watching them.

“Come on Valentina. One shot” Sam grinned.

“Take the salt and then the lemon. I swear it’s too good” Riddhima said.

“Riddhi get a grip. I think you’ll sleep off while the poor guy will be ramming inside you” Radhika laughed.

“Shut up” she glared.

“Good one” Sam laughed drunk “come on Valentina one” she pushed one to her.

“Okay” Radhika blinked as she picked it up.

She closed her eyes tight and gulped it in a go. She felt her throat burn and her head light. She licked the salt and squeezed in the lemon. It felt better. She threw her head back and laughed at her friends who smiled in return. She had a few more shots and got up.

“Let me shake my legs. I feel hot” she said as she walked to the dance floor.

“Get yourself a man too” Riddhi screamed.

She waved off and danced to talk dirty to me. She shook her hips and swayed to whatever way she wanted. As she swayed, he felt arms looping her waist. She froze for a second, then continued dancing. She was pulled closer till her back the stone hard front of the unknown man. His touch was gentle though it felt like an iron band. His one hand that was pressed on her stomach and the other traced down the back of her neck to her cleavage. Their hips moved against each other in synchrony. She felt relaxed. She loved his touch. She wanted more. She moaned as she turned around still in his arms.

There he was.

He was tall. Sharp features. His black eyes holding something she couldn’t understand. But his gaze was soft. Dressed in dark jeans and a sweater shirt, he looked handsome and s*xy as hell. She hardly reached his shoulder. He was a big man. His fingers dug into her waist and pulled her close. She looked down at his chest not able to bear his gaze. He made her meet his eyes with his fingers having a gentle grip on her chin. His forehead met hers and his thumb brushed her cheek. Their breathing turned unstable. His fingers clutched the nape of her neck and clashed his lips hungrily on hers. She gasped, but in an instant gave in. Their tongues danced fighting for dominance. Radhika let go as realisation struck her. She kissed a stranger. She moved back and hit the bar.

She raised her hand for a drink and the bartender nodded. Suddenly her fingers were curled with another set of fingers. She turned around to see the same man, smiling down at her small frame. She glared as she turned around.

“You’ve had a lot. I don’t think you’ll need more” he whispered as he cupped her cheek.

“I don’t think I need to listen to you” she snapped as she picked up her drink.

“Little one, no” he whispered.

“Do I look little?” she glared.

“We’ll, I don’t know your name. This suits you. And yes, you’re little” he chuckled as he sat on the barstool.

“The nerve of you to talk to me like that” she sneered.

“I love this side of you” he smiled.

“Just go” she snapped.

“We know what we need. Why deny” he husked.

He spread his knees and pulled her in between trapping her close to him. She shivered as she felt herself growing warm. A new feeling built up in the pit of her stomach. He smiled at the effect he had on her. She too made him go overdrive. With this beautiful lady in front of him, he was ready to come undone that very instant.

“Sorry for going too fast on you. I didn’t mean to scare you. Shouldn’t have kissed you like that” he whispered as he stroke her cheek.

She just smiled as she looped her arms around his neck and leaned more into his arms.

“I’m not scared anymore” she said as she placed a quick peck on his lip.

Before she could distance herself even more, he pulled her back and his lips feasted hers in hunger. She couldn’t match up to his pace.

“Take me” she whispered breathless against his lips.

“You don’t have to ask me little one” he smiled.

“I’m Radhika” she smiled.

“Arjun” he smiled.

“I’ll just let my friends know” she said as she walked out of his embrace.

“I don’t think I can wait anymore” he hissed.

She smiled as she walked to Sam and Riddhi.

“Who’s that hottie?” Riddhi winked.

“I’m going home with him” Radhika clapped all excited.

“Good luck” she grinned.

“Do you need any of us to pick you up?” Sam asked.

“I’ll text you the address. Thank you” she whispered as she walked waving them a bye.

“Ok Radhika Valentina Caro, it’s going to be a one night stand. Get yourself a grip” she chanted as she walked out.

She walked out to see Arjun leaning on the wall with his eyes closed. His eyes snapped open as he felt her fingers on his chest. He pulled her to him and felt her warm.

“You wet?” he husked.

It only made it worse. That feeling. She nodded and gripped him hard as she wanted to let go of this thing as soon as possible.

“Your place or mine?” he asked.

“Yours” she whispered.

He pulled her arm and sped to his car. The drive to his place was quick. His hand on her knee all the time. She gasped as she got off the car. A mansion. He pulled her in after punching in a code.

“Beautiful” the words slipped out of her lips.

“Not as much as you” he kissed her neck and pulled her bun down.

“Do you know how beautiful you look in this dress?” he asked with his head in her neck.

“No” she shook her head “tell me” she smiled.

“The most beautiful woman I’ve sent in the longest time” he pecked her nose.

“Where’s your room” she asked.



He lifted her up and walked fast to his room. He placed her on the bed and pulled her dress as slowly as ever, torturing her already burning skin. His feathery touch sent shifters and she quivered under him. He got off his clothes and came back on top of her with his boxers on. He took off her bra and threw it one took her already hard pink peaks in his mouth. She screamed as she felt it hard to control. This was new for her. She felt him move lower and his kissed a too travelled lower and lower. She closed her eyes tight as she felt the last peice of clothing covering her was no longer on. She was exposed. She curled up into a ball. It was only her bathroom and bedroom mirror that was had seen her in her naked glory.

Now now… Being exposed to a man was not a thing that happens everyday.

“Beautiful” he smiled “don’t hide from me little one” he whispered as he pulled her legs and she blushed hard.

“I love this colour on you” he kissed her cheeks.

“Arjun please. I don’t think I can take it anymore” she shivered.

“Not so fast” he chuckled and she frowned.

His finger reached her sensitive area and she gasped. He pumped in continuously and she shivered as her stomach knotted hard. Arjun smiled as he bent down.

“That’s it. Come” he rasped as he bit down on her nip*le and she screamed hitting her high.

She was breathing hard all sweaty. Arjun smiled as he gave her one more head spinning kiss. He got off her and hot off his boxers. She gasped as she saw his lenght. She was a virgin. She closed her eyes preparing herself for the worst and felt him at her entrance. He thrust in slowly and she sucked in a breath. When he felt it was impossible to move further and saw her biting her lip, he pulled out.

“You’re a virgin?” he gasped.

“Yes” she nodded her head embarrassed.

“There’s nothing embarrassed of. You should have told me. I wouldn’t have rushed. But there’s no need to worry now. I’m going to take care of you” he pecked her lip.

He thrust in slowly. Then in one hard thrust, he broke her barrier and stilled as she screamed out.

“It’s over” he kissed her tears “relax baby” he cooed.

She relaxed as she felt the pain evade. She smiled and nodded for him to continue. His slow thrusts grew fast and hard as he kept going deeper and Radhika screamed with her nails digging his back. He groaned as he felt her tightening and he was close behind her.

“Shit I forgot the con**m” he panicked as he was about to pull out.

“No” she screamed “I’m on a pill. I need you inside me” she said.

With that his thrusts grew aggressive like a starved animal. She screamed as she came down with her release and Arjun roared as he too followed behind.

“You’re mine. M. I. N. E” he breathed out having his face be in her neck.

He supported him on his arms and kissed her deep. Tears spilled out of her eyes. She was way more than attracted to him. It was supposed to be a one night stand.

“Did I hurt you little one?” he asked panicked as he kissed her tears away.

“No. You were perfect” she smiled.

“You were too” he smiled.


He pulled out and got off the bed. She got on her elbows to see him walk into the bathroom. He came back with a towel. He bent down to clean her up. She sighed relaxed at the gentle warm wet for of the towel.

He was so sweet. So caring. She had to lock up these feelings. This was not how it was supposed to be. Was supposed to be a no strings attached way. They benefitted each other. He got in bed turning the lights off. He pulled her to him and kissed her head.

“Arjun” she whispered.

“Sshhhhh.. sleep. We’ll talk in the morning” he kissed behind her ear and had his hold tight on her.

Morning?! No no!! She had to leave. She waited for him to fall asleep. Everytime she tried to move, his hold grew tighter. Once she knew he was totally asleep, she turned around to him to see him for the last time and pecked his lip gently. She got off his hold and texted Sam the address and put her clothes on.

“You ok?” Sam asked as she saw her miserable form.

“Did he hurt you?” she asked as anger coursed through.

“He was perfect. I left him hanging. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. It was supposed to be a one night stand” Radhika cried.

“It’s k. It’ll be fine” Sam smiled squeezing her knee.

Radhika nodded hoping the same. She closed her eyes with a broken feeling. This stranger had put her in the soup.

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    1. Shree

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