Manmarziyan….. Second Chance Life 9 part 2

Second chance life….
Episode 9: life needs some fun- part 2

Arjun was at his office with radhika. He planned to make radhika happy like before and was taking her to the ice skating rink. But he had to check something regarding the case so they stopped here on their way. Arjun went in to meet with an officer named mathew leaving radhika at the front lobby.

Arjun: morning mathew. I want you to check something regarding a case.

Mathew: hey arjun. What is it?
Arjun: check previous files for homicide cases and see if any kindof warning was given before attacks. Like a letter or phone call. Make a list of it by tomorrow.

Mathew: oh will do it. It is for the mishra case isn’t it? You want to see if any similar cases have happened before.

Arjun: yeah. The current direction we are going with sarat….. it just does not click together. Feels like we have overlooked something. Sarat won’t be foolish enough to leave an evidence like that letter that could be traced to him.

Mathew: hmm you have a point. Anyway the result of fingerprint analysis is back. The letter had nothing suspicious.

Arjun: i have a doubt but need the reports i asked for you to collect inorder to confirm my suspicions. Once we get the report we can discuss it further.

Mathew: ok i will prepare it by tomorrow.

Radhika was surprised when arjun took her for ice skating. She had good balance as she was a dancer but she had never really tried skating. Neil and suraj was more into car racing and football. Suraj. Thinking about him hurt. Her twin. The one who she shared her mom’s womb with. The one who she first knew. The one who could understand her with just one shared glance. The one she believed would always be beside her. But fate was cruel. It didn’t like their bond and snatched him along with her dad and mom from her. She distracted herself away from those painful thoughts.

They enjoyed very much there. Radhika even laughed freely when a middle aged man fell down and dragged arjun along with him. After an hour spend skating they decided to go back home. They were walking towards the exit when a girl stepped in front of them. She looked like a model and had golden highlighted hair. Shr completely ignored radhika by stepping in front of her and blocking her from arjun. Then she smiled coyingly at arjun. Radhika was irked to see the girl flirtly twirling her hair through her fingers and staring at him through her lashes. Arjun looked at the girl questioningly.

The girl: hey… why didn’t you call me? You said you would. I waited and waited and waited…

Radhika was torn between whether to laugh or be angry. The girl’s saccharine sweet voice was grating on her nerve angering her but the bewildered “oh hell no!!” look on arjun’s face was testing her control to burst out laughing. It was clear from his expression that either he didn’t remember the girl or the girl was a psycho stalker and he wanted to run for his life.

Arjun: um… hey rachel. Actually..

But he was cut short as the girl’s expression turned sore and she almost screamed.

The girl: its SELENA!!!

Arjun didn’t know what to do and threw a pleading glance towards radhika that said, “save me”. Radhika tried her best to not laugh out loud. She bit the inside of her cheeks to keep in the laughter that bubbled up in her. She shrugged in a “its your problem deal with it way” at him and turned to walk back to the parking lot.

On the way home arjun kept sulkingly silent and refused to even look at her. Radhika wanted to laugh out loud at his childish antics but acted oblivious to his pouting. When he came back to the parking lot after somehow disengaging the girl from him, he gave her a betrayed look like she betrayed him by refusing to help him get free of the girl’s clutches.

Atlast arjun broke the silence.

Arjun: you know you could have helped me there instead of abandoning me.

Radhika: helped? With rachel? Oops!! Slip of tongue.. not rachel, its selena, isn’t it?

Saying this she burst out into laughter. Arjun smiled softly and enjoyed her laughter while it lasted. Just then he got a call from samaira. He frowned looking at his phone display and took the call. What he heard at the other end made his body stiffened.

Arjun: meet us at mishra mansion. Now.


He was this close to his obsession. This much close that he could smell her lingering smell in her lingering scent in here. He breathed in deep as he looked around the room. He saw a blue scarf lying on the bed and slowly picked it up and then carassed the bed and pillow. This was where she always slept. Her soft body lying here. He imagined it and soon wanted to even burn the mattress for being this close to her. He heard the door handle being turned and hid in the shadows in the corner. He saw her enter. His passion. His unquenchable thirst. His obsession. His everything. His. His. His . His radhika. Finally!! He will make her his completely today. He stealthly watched her move around in the room. He knew her boyfriend was downstairs. Boyfriend. That word made him livid. She will pay for making someone other than him her boyfriend. She was now standing with her back to him and he took the oppurtunity. He stealthily went to her and tightly placed his hand over her mouth.

Radhika couldn’t move as a feral clutch kept her tight to the intruder. She was not even able to scream. Arjun was downstairs waiting for sam and neil. She hoped he came into check on her. Or else she don’t know what will happen to her. Her attacker roughly held her and she jerked to let his hold go loose. Fear rose up in her and seemed like it lodged up in her throat. She felt sloppy wet kisses on her neck and wanted to gag. She tried to free herself and finally his arms went a pittle loose when he got lost in groping her. She was disgusted. She wanted to throw up but she took the oppurtunity given to her. She wildly jerked out of his hold at the same time screaming out loud.

Neil was listening to sam talk. Arjun was also keenly listening to what was being said. Neil couldn’t believe that sam would put herself in danger like this. What was she thinking that she could be nancy drew and play with fire. He burned with anger against vivek. The old man was taking his revenge and jealousy a little too far. Sam got up and went into kitchen to have some water. Neil saw that arjun was busy with his phone so he went after sam. He saw her standing at the kitchen counter facing away from him. He turned her around and locked her within his arms and against the counter. She gasped in shock.

Sam: neil…

Neil: what were you thinking huh? Going after them alone like that. You should have informed arjun. He is trained for these kinds of things.

Sam: at that time i didn’t think about all that. I just wanted to help solve all this. To help you.

Neil: and if something happened to you?

Sam: why neil? Why are you concerned about anything happening to me. You yourself told me that you hate me, that you can never forgive me. Does…. does this mean you forgive me?

She looked hopefully up at him but he turned away from her gaze.

Neil: don’t fool yourself sam. This is not concern or love for you. This is just me being afraid that the plan to keep my sister will fail. Afterall if you got injured who will provide us with information from beyond the enemy lines.

Sam’s face fell and her eyes filled up eith tears of hurt. Tears that he put in there. Those tears punched him in his face like a train hitting him suare in the face. He immediately regretted his harsh mocking words and extended his hand towards her.

Neil: sam i…

But the rest of his apologetical words got drowned in a scream coming from upstairs. Both of them rushed out of the room towards the staircase and saw that arjun was already halfway up the stairs. Neil and sam rushed in to see arjun holding a man in a restraining posture and radhika crying beside them.

Sam rushed to hug radhika and reassured her. Neil went towards arjun to see the face of the intruder and arjun turned to show them the man’s face. Neil was shocked and sam gasped.

Sam whispered: “saral”

Next episode: tornado strikes

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