Manmarziyan-A new story (Epilogue)

Hey!! Or should I even be saying it? Ok let’s not be rude in the beginning…If I’m not able to keep up with not being rude, I apologise now… looonngg tiimmeee.. And I ain’t here to give an explanation.. So here’s the epilogue.. For once I wanted to complete one story of mine… i took one year and I’m not ready to let it go just like that.. The last update of this story.. Haters feel free to get yourselves pizz.. Or get me your address in the comment box below I’ll send them for you.. Get up and jump people

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Days passed and it was all going well. Radhika’s health improved which shocked most of the doctors as she was supposed be bedridden. She made it to work. Arjun and Nandini made sure that they took care of her well. Radhika kept pouting and throwing more and more tantrums everyday as her food cravings kept building up and she was not able to fit in her old clothes. She took over maternity clothing way before than she had planned. Sam was utilizing every second she had with Jai. That little one was a bundle of happiness and joy. His smile in sleepand all cute antics would make Sam laugh out and lose herself. Neil made sure to click as many pictures as he could cause he got only the evenings with his son. Niti was put under Ankush’s surveillance as it was only him who could tackle her. Taking her to as many doctors he could. He wanted her to be treated by the best. She grew nervous as the days were nearing.

“It’s gonna be fine. I won’t let anything happen to you” Ankush whispered.

“That’s why half of my fears are reduced” she smiled “i’m going to kill Akash” she snapped.

“Why?” he chuckled.

“For taking my best friend away from me” she muttered.

“They just fell in love, let them have some time” he smiled patting her hand.

“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t let Manha pick my calls. I’m not going to be such a bone. I know he made her join the hospital again, but.. Aaahhh” she screamed in frustration.

“But that day.. We can never forget” he laughed.

“I know. The moment he went on knees and confessed, she chased him all around throwing her heels at him and slapped him hard. But in the end she accepted” she laughed.

“Now he has her all for himself” he smiled.

“Like i said I needed a share” she rolled her eyes.

“Woman you’re impossible” he chuckled.

“I know” she smiled a fake one.

“How’s riya?” he asked.

“All good. With daadi. Ahana’s so used to used to her company” she chuckled.

“They don’t have much of an age difference” he smiled.

“True” she agreed.

“Where is that guy?” he raked his fingers through his hair frustrated.

“Who?” she asked.

“Me” came a voice from behind.

“Hey Karthik” she smiled.

“No hello for me?” came another voice.

“Oh hi Anitha. Sorry didn’t see you” she grinned.

“That’s alright” Anitha smiled.

“Now happy?” Karthik asked.

Anitha pushed a card to ankush and he looked confused. Niti opened it and smiled. Finally. No wonder the two of them were out of sight for the last few days.

“You two sure know to give heart attacks” she smiled.

“What?” Ankush growled.

“They got married” she smiled showing the card.

“We get the invitation three days later” Ankush scoffed.

“It happened suddenly” anitha smiled.

“How?” she asked.

“He confessed. We married the next moment” anitha blushed.

“Finally the sheriff got the guts to get his girl” she laughed.

“Forgiven. Everything’s fair in love and war” Ankush smiled.

“How’s Radhika?” Anitha asked.

“Doing good. Eating and snapping at Arjun bhai. I really pity him now” Niti chuckled.

“Women and hormones” Karthik blew a breath.

The four of them left after a hearty conversation and Ankush drove Niti to Sam’s house. Niti spent some quality with her little nephew and returned home with Neil.

The day of the surgery and it was tension eating everyone. They tried to look normal, but it was impossible. Niti was sedated hours before as her blood pressure was not constant. Ankush slipped in a ring and let of her after he kissed her forehead deep. Surgery was a success and she was asked to come for further checkups for the next five to seven years. Worst part, losing hair. Radiotherapy was the only cure. And she decided to marry once she was completely fine. She knew she was putting his patience on test, but he was ready to too.

One more shocking news was Bonnie’s recovery. She entering Bird song with randhir. His dedication and love was more than enough to pull her out of her fears and forgive Arjun. Her happiness knew no bounds when she met Riya who was a replica of her sister. And meeting her best friend Niti. Seeing Bird song happy with Arjun happy in life with radhika expecting his children and Sam with Jai and Neil.

“Arjun I hope you have sons to hit you on my behalf” Bonnie laughed.

“On our behalf” Radhika came from behind.

“What did I do?” Arjun pouted.

“Riling us up” radhika fake grinned.

“My princess will protect me” he said frightened.

“We’ll see that” Bonnie laughed.

“How is Randhir treating you?” she asked.

“He’s the best husband. And I have a surprise for him” she winked.

“Don’t tell me” Radhika gasped.

“Yes it is” she winked.

“Love you so much for making me an aunt” Niti hugged her from behind.

“Neetz don’t test Ankush” she said.

“Please” niti whined.

“Ok. Chill” she smiled.

“Look your so called handsome hotness is here” Niti smiled heaving a sigh of relief.

“You won’t change” Randhir pulled Niti’s ear.

“Not my sister’s ear” Arjun snapped slapping Randhir’s hand.

“The world will end if I change” Niti poked her tongue out hiding behind arjun.

“Looks like no one missed me” Neil walked in.

“You’re a workaholic” Arjun smirked “no disturbing workaholics” he smirked again.

“Ok, time for us to leave” randhir said.

“Off to?” radhika asked.

“Switzerland. Permanent settle” he grinned.

“Lucky ass” Arjun blew a breath.

“Oh i think Bonnie has something to tell you” Niti winked and Bonnie facepalmed herself.

“What is it?” he asked concerned.

“I think you’ll wanna hear it all alone” she winked and walked out.


“No way!” came a high pitched shrill voice.

“Ahana listen” came the other voice.

“No Riya” she snapped.

“What do we do then?” Riya asked.

“Maa’s gonna kill me. I don’t want to marry Nihaal” she sighed.

“Why is bua rushing?” Riya frowned.

“I don’t know” she replied.

“Can’t Radhu bua do a thing? Arjun mamu? Neil mamu? And of all.. Did you talk to papa? Your so called best friend?” Riya rolled her eyes. She had so much help. Still, the girl sat not knowing what to do.

“You love someone?” Riya asked and Ahana choked on her drink.

“No” she replied immediately.

“Sanskaari bacchi” Riya rolled her eyes.

“Now can you help me?” she cried.

“When the “Fantastic Four” is always available, why worry?” they heard a chorus.

“Hundred years to the demons” Riya muttered under her breath.

“Here come my angels” Ahana’s face lit up like a christmas tree.

“Riya di sorry” said a twenty year old Jai holding his ears.

“For?” Riya snapped.

“For hiding your project” he mumbled “and for calling you adopted” he sounded awfully sorry.

Riya had been legally adopted by Ankush. Niti had claimed to be her biological mother as she didn’t want the tiny tot to suffer when she had no one. Being a high profile doctor helped her change things and claim full right on her. But after jai knew he taunted her with all the chances he had. He never minded the fact that she was three years elder. Hurt her and made her life screwed to the gut. Riya always took it with a smile though all knew. She was strong, but this time it was too much. Too much to take. He had called her an orphan and homeless. But he was a sweetheart to all. Was secretly in love with Komal, one of Arjun and Radhika’s twin, which the other twin Naira was totally against.

Jai was a replica of Neil, handsome, tall and not to forget those dimples. But was short tempered. He had the guts of sam and handled business with ease. Komal was a replica of Arjun in looks, but she was Radhika when it came to handling things.. With love and was gentle, of all.. was Arjun’s pet. Naira was a replica of Radhika, but it was Arjun who ruled every cell of hers. The most short tempered daughter of the family and it was hard to tame her. She could do anything for her loved one. Hated Komal for her quietness. Hated it more that Jai loved her and her sister did too. Last, but not the least.. Akriti, the youngest and the most loved the kid of the family. Ankush and Niti’s ten year old daughter. The most innocent of all. Was the quietest one of all and the most obedient one. Even after jai taught her naughty tricks, she always turned her elder brother in to Sam, who gave him a good dose. She hated Jai because he never left a stone unturned in hurting Riya. Riya was like second mother to her and could do anything for her. Was Neil’s little sweeto and the only one who was against Arjun who loved her just like his children. God knows why, but she didn’t like him from the start.

“Ahu tell” Akriti smiled.

“I don’t want to marry Nihal” she sighed.

“Good. Don’t marry that donkey. I’ll tell bua” Akriti smiled.

“But bua will not listen” she sighed.

“Di just try” Komal said.

“I’ll talk to paa” Naira said.

“No talk to papa. Ahu is papa’s pataka” Akriti smiled.

“I think that’s the only way. But i don’t want to hurt maa. She’s always chosen the best for me” Ahana sighed.

“I saw Nihaal kissing a girl in park, near my school. He is bad man” Akriti huffed.

“Let’s go” Riya got up, taking her phone and clutch.

“Aku, you want chocolate?” she asked.

“Yes. Twix” Akriti jumped.

“Ok come” she smile and took her little sister’s hand.

“Di I’m sorry” she heard Jai again. She turned to see him truly guilty.

“Fine” she snapped and turned around walking.

He sighed. He knew what he had done was wrong. She had worked days and nights on that project. It was to give her career a boost. She could have been recruited by her dream company, but she lost it all because of him and he was going to make it upto her and get her forgiveness too.

They reached home and heard mixed voices. The elders were arguing. And they understood, it was on Nihaal.

“Ahana is so young, why riddhima?” Arjun asked.

“That guy’s a pervert. Did you cross check once?” Neil asked.

“Neilu” a happy Akriti ran to him “I saw him kissing a girl near my school” she said gorging on her chocolate.

“And who got you this chocolate?” Ankush asked.

“Didu” she smiled.

“Mr. Mishra, no arguments” Riya shook her head.

That hurt him to the gut. She had been calling him “Mr. Mishra” for the past two weeks. He loved her the most though she wasn’t his blood. She was Niti’s darling.

“Riya” Niti glared.

“Not you too, Mrs. Mishra” she said in a low voice.

Neil and Sam glared at the culprit.. Jai. the cause for all the damage in the happy go girl’s life. What if she was not related to them by blood? They had a connection that was way beyond description, way beyond blood relation… a connection by soul. How was it her fault if her parents had died?

“I’m going back to Jodhpur” she snapped “at least there’s someone who respects me there” she walked to her room and shut it with a bang.

Everyone just landed on the sofa with a thud. Akriti curled up in Neil’s arms holding her half eaten chocolate. Riya walked out with her bags and when they walked to her, she stopped them with a glare. For the first time she was opening up. All her her hurt and anguish was clearly visible. When she was sbout to walk out, there came a group of people.

“We’re from Trinity Builders. Does Riya Mishra live here?” asked an old man.

“Riya. Just Riya” Riya snapped.

“We’ve come here to inform you that we’re hiring you as our head architect. When can we expect you to join?” he asked.

“Sorry to say, I decline it” she said and walked out with her bags, with everyone’s jaw kissing jaw kissing the floor.

Niti made a call “daadi” she cried.

“If Riya is coming, let her. I’m not on your side this time. Give her time” the old lady said “i’ll take good care of my great grand daughter” she said and hung up.

There was an awkward silence. Niti glared at Jai and he looked down. For the first time parting from Riya hurt him. He always wanted her out. Now nothing was in his hands. He only prayed for her to come back soon.

“I hate you Jai” Akriti snapped hopping off Neil and slammed the door of Riya’s room after she entered.

“So, this means, the wedding is called off” riddhima sighed.

“Maa, I know you love me the most and will choose the best. It happens, we can go on further and look for another” Ahana smiled.

“Riya will be back. Just give her time” she said when they still looked upset.

Little did she know that hat she had hoped for was wrong. Once Riya had decided, it was decided. She was not returning.

Jai sat next to Komal and laid his head on her shoulder. She wanted to get up, but he caught her and held her in place. The four of them looked at the kids and sighed. They knew they loved each other and had already accepted them. But all that worried Neil was his frequent mood swings and hot headedness. It was like seeing another another Arjun Mehra and Radhika Mishra. Looked like history was repeating. Naira glared as she looked at the two of them and walked walked to her room. She only wanted one chance to punch Jai. And she was going to do it for sure if he hurt her sister. Ahana smiled at the two of them, wishing for the best and walked out with Riddhima, Ankush and Niti for some fresh air.

They all had to move on. It was going to be hard without one member, but life doesn’t stop. End to something always led to a new beginning. A new story.


Tadaaaa.. Yey for once I’m happy that I completed.. Sad that I gave the worst of epilogues ever.. One year just goes down the drain… ok I give a damn.. There was someone who asked for a sudden epilogue and here it is.. Tadaaaa.. I don’t wanna say the name and embrass… new story just got ever.. Typed something.. Mixed and brought it to an end..

I thought I’d stay quiet.. But I just couldn’t.. That “Manmarziyan Really?” thingi.. Lol.. i’m like.. Where are we and what are we doing? Lol.. all right here.. We just had our writer system forcefully shut down…. Lets cut the “we”.. Keep it was me/i.. Because of you all.. Do we look like dolls only made for typing mmz ffs n posting?

And when my friend sent the link.. I got so angry and my siblings turned alert.. Poor gadgets always be the victim of my anger.. They pulled it all out.. So alert they are… and i made it a point to reply and i give a f**k if was being snappy and b*t*hy..

So called proud silent readers and haters to this story.. Do you know the damage this has given? Im this little sensitive person and was put to depression soon.. N m on pills now.. Not to blame you all.. I have college works and work related..

Have you all seen the side of a writer? How much we struggle to bring up a plot and make it live? We draft.. Delete.. Ask our friends to proof read.. Et their heads up for suggestions.. Then edit.. Read a zillion times before posting..

I started this story on december 6 2015 and made it upto 63 chapters.. There was good response in the beginning and then it just dropped.. Got messages to end it.. I know i was this stupid to take up and plan such a complex plot.. Now im made to hit epilogue forcefully… all half and half.. What ive typed over there is crap and i literally cringed.. Yet im posting.. Why? Because it was needed and you people don’t deserve it at all…

And i read.. What have we given? Let me get that straight.. We give our full.. Heart and soul.. To make it good and for you readers to enjoy…

Let me say what ive given in this one year…

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Os…each of 5000-8000 words
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Two more pending..
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I may or may not post them

Then two more one shots which are not on mmz page

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Now tell.. This much in a year.. Lord.. looks headspinning.. I myself didn’t know i had given these many.. Ive given 3 in 1.. 4 in 1 updates n all my friends would be shocked.. They’d check my fingers to see if i have bones or springs.. Its impossible to type n i made it.. Managing engineering and a big company is not easy.. Making time from all this is a big thing.. And family is there too

Anusha called herself dyslexic.. I dont think so at all.. and other silent readers took the pain and time to comment… why? To rub it on our face that we’re not entertaining you? Or is it just now that you remembered us? I really wanted to just forget this page after seeing that post and commenting.. But i wanted to show what ive given.. We’re not payed to post.. Even if we do.. We cant give everyday and every second.. Were humans..

When we were writing all we expected was a good.. One comment that’d make our day.. But no.. so stubborn you all are.. N i love it.. Keep it up.. In this way you hurt us all and loose writers.. I wanted to post this to just say how i felt.. You hurt a writer.. You lose one

This story and the others will be updated on wattpad after further editing…therell be a sequel and spin off to this story which will be put up on wattpad.. After a while.. I’m making it clear that im leaving and will make sure to never look back.. And i hardly care if you read this or comment.. Crap.. i give a damn

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  27. D!! No words.. I feel so sorry.. I understand how hurting it’d be to wrap up immediately.. and you were not rude at all.. you’re one wonderful person.. as much as I know you, you hardly get angry.. seeing this makes me understand to what extent you’ve been pushed.. ask people to read your mafia.. tell them you’ve got publishing contract.. then they’ll know whom they’ve lost

    Epilogue was cute.. all characters got a good end.. Riya’s part hurt… hate Jai

    Love you.. take care

  28. Dhanshree!! I’m upset to see this ending.. just wish you all the luck..

    As long as I know you.. you always take it with a smile.. this outpour shows your inner turmoil and anguish..

    The update was beautiful..

    Take care of yourself..miss you

  29. Okay!! So high time to celebrate!! Telly updates just lost a gem of a writer! Woohooo!! Chill ya Dhanshree I’m helping you.. feeling better? Did you laugh? I’ll ask James to compose a track.. now you wait.. your whatsapp will be flooded with tracks.. *winks*

    Epilogue super hit.. lalalala.. super funny.. slippers

    Chota comment for time saving..

    Love ya

  30. Dhanshree nails it all the time and now too.. people are dumb to not realise your worth darling.. lol I see all of REVA pouring in…

    Love ya

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