manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (Chapter 4)

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Manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 4)


NEIL: chashni, do you know him earlier? Actually he called u radhika but I didn’t introduce u to him.

RADHIKA: oh neil actually what happened was (she explained him everything)

NEIL: chashni at least u had an introduction. Hope everything will be fine. Chashi can u do me a favour?

RADHIKA: tell me neil

NEIL: I left my bike keys in maddy’s car can u please take it for me. U take the bike key and go to home I have to do some work here. Sorry chashni for not dropping u home.

RADHIKA: neil don’t be so formal. I will do anything for you. Don’t worry I will go home safely. Bye neil.

NEIL: okay chashi bye. After reaching home call me.

Radhika felt very happy seeing neil’s care for her. She nodded her head and went to the parking lot. radhika entered into the car in back seat and searched for the keys. Suddenly she realized that car was moving. She was shocked for a minute seeing arjun face in the mirror. She shouted sir please stop the car. Listening to her voice he asked her without stopping the car

ARJUN: what the hell r u doing in my car miss radhika?

RADHIKA: sir voh… I thought it was maddy’s car. I came here to get neil’s bike keys. sir please stop the car i have to go home.

ARJUN: okay look radhika I can’t stop the car I have to attend an important meeting today. So don’t disturb me and be quiet.

RADHIKA: sir but I have to go

Since arjun was not replying to her she decided to remain quiet.
They reached a very big hotel and arjun stopped his car. All were eagerly waiting for him. They welcomed him with bouquets.

ARJUN: radhika, you can go to home from here.

But suddenly some thought came into his mind and he said

ARJUN: radhika don’t go now I will drop you in home. it’s not safe to go out now. So come with me.

At first radhika was surprised to see his caring attitude for her. Since she doesn’t have other way she decided to go with him.

RADHIKA: okay sir I will wait in the reception till you come.

ARJUN: no need u can join me for meeting.

RADHIKA: sir but…

ARJUN: miss radhika now u r working in my company. It will be useful for you in your future if u attend this kind of meetings.

RADHIKA: okay sir I will attend this meeting. I will inform neil and come. Otherwise he will get worried.
She remembered that she left her phone in car.

RADHIKA: sir, I left my phone in car. I will bring it back.

He was feeling jealous on seeing neil and radhika relationship and said angrily

ARJUN: look radhika we don’t have time for this. It’s getting late and we have to go. U can inform neil later.
He grabbed her hand and started to walk. She was feeling uneasy but he didn’t mind about his. When they reached conference room he left her hand. Both of them entered conference room.

ARJUN: good evening friends anyway meet miss radhika she is our new writer.
All were so surprised to see radhika with arjun as he never brings any of his staff to such a big meeting. But hiding their surprise they congratulated her. She was very happy and seeing this arjun too felt her happiness. They sat in their respective places. The presentation begins

When all were happy about this presentation arjun felt something was missing.

ARJUN: something is missing. I’m not satisfied.

MANAGER: sir but this idea was written by our famous writer.

ARJUN: I can understand about your effort and hard work in this presentation but still I’m not convinced.
When he was about to leave the room. Everyone heard a voice

RADHIKA: sir with your permission can I tell something.

MANAGER: miss radhika I hope you will not interfere. This quote was written by our writer who won the copyrighter award continuously for 5 years. I believe no can give a better work than him.

Arjun hearing this became angry and said

ARJUN(angrily): everyone deserves a chance to express their talents. If you trust your writer then give a chance to her. Why r u afraid of her?
Everyone was so surprised to see arjun’s care for radhika. Radhika was too surprised.

MANAGER: sorry mam u can proceed.

When she finished saying her ideas to them everyone was surprised to see her talents. They gave a big applause to her and congratulated for her ideas. They also congratulated arjun for finding a talented writer. He was so happy and felt proud. After this everyone left the room except them.

ARJUN: very gud radhika. I’m very happy with your performance.

RADHIKA: thank u sir. If u didn’t support me this would have not happened.

ARJUN: that’s okay

RADHIKA: sir I have to inform neil I’m here otherwise he will be worried.

After listening this arjun felt so angry and said

ARJUN(angrily): if u don’t have any problem we can go now.

She was confused to see arjun getting angrier suddenly. She nodded her head and went with him. Both of them left the room and entered lift. Suddenly lift stopped in middle and radhika started shouting.

RADHIKA: help, help

ARJUN: stop screaming radhika my head is paining. Someone will come to help us. Don’t worry.


Neil’s phone was ringing. He eagerly took the phone and started to speak

NEIL: chashni, where r u? why didn’t u call me? I was so worried. First tell me r u okay? Where r u now?

PRERNA: neil, calm down my son

Hearing his mother’s voice neil was shocked

NEIL: sorry ma I thought it was chashni.

PRERNA: where is she now? Is she okay

Neil understood her fear and said she is fine no need to worry she said okay take care I will call u later.

Neil was much tensed and decided to search radhika.


But she didn’t listen to arjun’s word and started screaming. He pulled her close to him. radhika was so shocked by his sudden encounter and tried to release herself from him. He holded her so close to him and started to move her hair. Radhika was so much shocked seeing his attitude

RADHIKA: sir, what r u doing?

he kept his fingers over her lips and said

ARJUN: shhhh . he further came close to her. Both of them had an intense eyelock. He went near to her ears and said u look so beautiful when u’re quite. He did this to stop her screaming, but later realised he can cross his limits, he moved away from her.

Radhika was still in shock and moved away from him. Suddenly lift started move and they reached the floor.

MANAGER: sir r u okay I am really sorry for the inconvenience

ARJUN: that’s okay

Manager was really shocked seeing this kind of attitude from him. If he was the old arjun he would have shouted on him and even cancelled their business deals. But arjun thought in his mind how can I scold you? This lift gave me a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with radhika. He was feeling so happy from inside. He never experienced this kind of feeling in his life. He met many girls in his life but never experienced this situation. he was completely lost in her thoughts. He came to sense when radhika called him.

RADHIKA: sir I have to go to home. neil will be searching for me.
hearing the name neil again and agian. he became frustrated and said

ARJUN: u r not a small child radhika. Stop blabbering like small child and let us go.

Radhika was very much confused seeing both his caring and angry attitude. He decided to remain quiet and followed arjun. On the way to parking lot she met neil. Neil came running to her and hugged her tightly. Arjun became so angry seeing this.

NEIL: chashni, where were u yaar? Why didn’t u call me? I was so afraid.

RADHIKA: neil, I’m fine. See I came with arjun sir.

Seeing arjun he realized his presence and broke his hug.

NEIL: sorry sir I didn’t see you. Anyway thanks for keeping chashni safe.

ARJUN: that’s okay, It’s night now I think we should go to home now.
He gave radhika’s phone to her and started his car.

NEIL: are u fine chashni?

RADHIKA: I’m fine and sorry neil.(she explained everything to him)

NEIL: chashni congrats yaar. U got appreciation fom everyone I’m so happy.

RADHIKA: thanks neil. How did u know I’m here?

NEIL: I asked watchman about u. he said u accidentally entered into arjun car. I asked where did arjun go? He gave me this address. Chashni, I think we should leave now. it’s already late. She nodded her head and sat with him in bike.

It was a very big bungalow. Some very big party is going on inside. All were dressed in prestigious costumes. A voice came from the hall
PIYALI: hello, gud evening ladies and gentlemen. Well I know u all r waiting eagerly for this function. So going straight into the matter. Meet ms. Samaira kanna our daughter but from now our new managing director for kanna group of industries. Now over to sam

SAM: I’m so happy for your support. I hope I will do my best to bring this company to a better level. Thanks mom and dad for supporting me. Please enjoy the party.


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