manmarziyan: nesam chapter 4

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“how are you both related?” the dean asked neil pointing sam.
Neil, sam, mark and naina were in a college. Naina was asleep in the car, so mark remained with her there. Neil had spoken to the dean about sam’s admission. He wanted to clear everything by himself considering sam as his good friend. He did consider her more than that but he couldn’t reason or name the feeling. Anyhow, it felt heavenly. Neil had just informed the dean about his requirement for a seat. Neither the dean asked him then about the student nor he said. Now the question he threw at them was quite…. No-no toooo confusing to answer. The dean had said neil that seat was available only if the student is a close relative of his. Even neil had told that the seat was for his relative. Now, he didn’t know how to relate his relative to himself. Friend isn’t a relative and that way, he cannot reason it. sister isn’t an answer at all.
“I’m just asking as its necessary for the application Mr. Malhotra…” said Thomson, dean of THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE,
Berlin, interrupting his thoughts.
“yeah… I know….” Said neil forcing a smile.
He glanced at sam who was busy observing the texture of her fingers. She was closely observing each and every cell on her hands mastering in them. Neil stared at her for a while. Mr. Thomson cleared his throat to draw their attention. Both of their eyes met each other’s for a second. Sam didn’t know what to answer. Neil was thinking for a better answer.
“Mr. Malhotra?” the dean warned now.
“yeah… huh…. Hmmm… she…. She’s…. she’s my….” He awaited a second before answering straight.
“she’s my fiancée……”
Sam’s jaw hit the floor. Okay… okay… it was the dean’s table in her case. Sam saw him shockingly.
Thomson smiled at him.
“oh! Well you got engaged. You didn’t invite me?”
“huh… yeah… it was fixed suddenly yesterday, so I couldn’t tell or invite many…” said neil, trying hard to keep his tension off.

He perspired. Sam hadn’t taken her eyes of him.
“can you please spell your name, dear…” the dean asked sam. Sam was engrossed in watching Neil’s face. Her expressions were priceless. Neil saw her and signed her to look at the dean. Sam still did no move.
“Sammy, honey… he’s asking something….” Neil said, his voice cheesy like never before. Her eyes widened and the next second she turned away.
“spell you name dear…” he asked her again.
“S A M A I R A M I S H R A”
“okay, so you really are engaged to him, right?” he asked again watching neil and then her, fuelling Neil’s irritation.
Sam sat quiet not able to answer. She tilted her head towards him.
“honey, say yes…” Neil said nodding his own head in yes.
“yeah…” she said her gaze still fixed on him.
Neil sighed.
After all the procedures were complete, they were allowed to go and sam was informed that her classes commence from a fortnight from now.

Naina was crying in mark’s arms. He cuddled her, gently rubbing her back. Her cries were increasing for not seeing neil when she was up. Her nose, cheeks and ears were beet red. Her fingers clutched mark’s shirt tightly at his shoulders and her head rested on his chest. His shirt soaked in her tears. Mark had never seen naina being so scared. Her eyes held fear. He tried consoling her which turned impossible. He tried calling neil, he didn’t answer the calls. Sam had kept her phone on charge in the car. Mark was really worried about naina now.
“baby, please… neil will come now… pls, don’t cry…” he said caressing her hair gently.
The child was born stubborn for any of his words. He walked around carrying her.
“we’ll take your leave Mr. Thomson.” Neil said as they stood up.
“yeah sure….” Thomson replied with a smile.
Sam and neil walked around the corridor silently. That silence was turning awkward. Neil had no idea what to speak. He wanted to apologise to what he did. Of course what he did would have hurt her. He knew about her feelings for arjun. he didn’t want her to think that he disrespected her feelings. He really didn’t mean it. it was the situation which made him speak it. he wished she would understand.

Sam was lost in her world. She did feel that special feeling she never felt when neil said that she was his fiancée. Her feelings for arjun was not fake. But she couldn’t discard the feel she felt. Her lips had a slight smile and her cheeks slightly pink. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. She started liking neil’s company. Its just been a week and a half but she felt she knew him from years. The kid naina was no exception. She loved her. Avoiding neil for naina’s matter was difficult for her, but she had no other go. She was hurt when he asked her to stay out of his personal matters. She couldn’t accept it even when it was the fact. That was the exact reason behind her avoiding neil. But his tears melted her ego, anger. She wasn’t able to see his pain. She even tried distracting her thoughts from him by speaking to mark. He had become a good friend of her. He was her brother who was never there.

“oh! No…” neil shouted.
“whats wrong?” she asked panicked.
“mark has called me several times. My phone was on silence.” Neil said.
“maybe naina’s up. Come fast…” he continued. He dragged her gripping at her wrist. Sam tried hard to match his strides. Once finally out, they saw mark helplessly roaming around the car consoling naina. He ran to her. As soon as the kid saw him, she jumped in marks arms with her hands reaching for neil. Mark held her tight fearing her fall. neil took her from mark who glared at him.
“dada…” naina said wrapping her little arms around his neck. Her sobs slightly decreasing. He gently caressed the back of her head.
“throw your phone…” mark said opening the door for Neil.
“his phone was on silence…” Sam answer for Neil.
Mark glared at her opening the door for himself. Sam sat with Neil at the back. Mark turned the wheel back home.
“sorry baby….” Neil said cooing naina.
He sat her on his lap, her legs on either of his sides. She faced him.
“daddy is sorry…. Please don’t cry….” Neil said wiping her tears with his either thumbs. Naina just sat pouting. Her fingers played with his shirt buttons. Neil held her cute face with his finger tip forcing her eyes to face him.
“I’m sorry…” he said making a cry baby face.
That was enough for her. She smiled at him flashing her little teeth. He smiled back at her.
“yay….” He cheered. This smile was all he was waiting for.
He hugged her close to his heart. She wrapped her little hands around him. Mark and sam smiled looking at the father daughter duo.

Naina had turned silent. Its been two days since she returned. She remained silent since then. She cried if neil wasn’t there once she was up. Neil had to feed her, put her to sleep and be with her until she woke up. Neil had taken leave from his work. His magazine, “AUTHOR” was the leading magazine across Germany. He had started his magazine agency recently, but had hit the pot very soon, with talented workers who helped him in all the means. They were his guides, friends, relatives. He wanted to interview a growing model, ‘Manya sheikh’ who created a new sensation now. he had asked one of his workers about it but there were some problems with her dates. Now he was really worried as the next date she scheduled was nearing. Naina wouldn’t leave him and he didn’t want to take her to that lady. Everyone believed she was rude especially to kids. he didn’t know what to do. he thought of asking sam to look after her. He didn’t know if she accepts.

He opened his eyes suddenly. The warm bundle on his chest shivered due to the weather. Berlin was experiencing a very bad cold winter. He had known this before, he forgot to dress her up warm. She shivered again. He slowly wrapped her up in the shawl which covered her and got up, he carried her to his wardrobe and grabbed her a sweater. He gently kept her on the bed and clothed her with her sweater and her mufflers. He kept her in the middle of the bed and went to grab a sweater for himself. He turned to go back to his dreamland but stopped seeing sam standing in the porch, through his windows. She had a sweater put on with a muffler. A shawl covered her petite body. He smiled and made his way to the porch. He felt this was the correct time to apologise. He tiptoed across the room not to wake naina up. Once behind her he stood quiet for a while. Sam turned around bumping into him. Her cheeks coloured immediately. Neil smiled.
“hey Sammy!!!” he whispered huskily into her ears.
“n….ne…neil…” she fumbled.
“you know what?” he said bringing her face to his with his fore finger.
“you look beautiful….” He said slipping a strand of her hair behind her ears.
She shied. Her oestrogen level took over. He smiled.
“I’m sorry for that….” He said.
“huh?” she questioned.
“in college…” he stopped. Her cheeks were deep red. He didn’t know if it was her blush or embarrassment.
She nodded. She slipped out of his grip and ran to her room. He smiled. His jaws slightly ached for his continuous smiling session.
“cute….” He whispered and made his way back to his room. He slowly crept on his bed again not disturbing his daughter and slipped to his dreamland.

“neil…. Get up….”
This was the thirteenth time naina was asking neil to get up. Early in the morning she suddenly remembered him promising her to buy her some crayons and her purple jerry.
“naina please….” He said laying straight on his bed.
Naina had enough now. she climbed on him making herself comfortable on his tummy. She started jumping on him.
“neil… get up…” she asked him again rubbing her small palms on his chest.
“naina….” Neil was annoyed as she ruined his sleep.
She stopped jumping now. she kept her head on his chest. Neil now opened his eyes worried as her ministrations stopped.
“naina…” he called her pushing a strand of her hair from her cheeks.
She got up and smiled her early morning smile. Cute and beautiful.
“neil… pulple jelly…” she said.
Neil rolled his eyes.
“is this what you wanted to ask?” he asked annoyed.
She nodded her head.
“yes….” She said flashing her teeth. Neil couldn’t help but smile at his daughter.
“okay…. We’ll go tomorrow…. Daddy is busy today…”
“no…” she shouted and started jumping.
“please naina….”
“no… no… no….”
“okay…” he gave up. She did learn this from him, now he’ll pay for it.
“Sammy…” naina wanted sam to spend time with her. They were the little gang to trouble neil.
“okay… she will also come…”
Naina smiled kissing his cheeks…
“thlank you… dada…” she said.
“its thank you…”
“thannnk you…”
He hugged her with a smile on his face.

Mishra mansion.
“I’m sure… neil is perfect for sam…” prathima Mishra, told her son, dilip Mishra.
“are you sure…?” dilip didn’t want sam to suffer another heartbreak.
“yeah…. I’ll speak to khanna’s….”
“but ma, sam?”
“we’ll speak to her once we confirm things with khannas….”
Mala agreed. She wasn’t in a situation to leave sams’ side at any cost. Everyone among them kept quite when radhika had asked them about sam’s immediate departure. They had tried their best to keep it a secret. They wished it remained one always. They didn’t want their daughters to suffer.
“okay….” Dilip agreed.
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