Manmarziyan Lucky Everyday Chp 6 Part 1 The truth unfolds….

The mehendi ceremony had too many guest.Radhika managed all well and her mehendi came dark where Radhika showed it to Arjun and asked him to search his name.Arjun easily told her.She was shocked.He said I told that women to write my name there so you see its easy.Radhika was shocked and chased him to beat.All laughed seeing them.Sam was happy that all was well.
The sangeet ceremony was total hit!Sam and Neil had danced on the song,”Dheere Dheere se and also Tip tip barsa pani.”Radhika and Arjun danced on,”Tumhe apna banane ki kasam from hate story 3 and also danced on Tu tu meri.”Their style was already loved by everyone.Radhika wore blue lehenga with golden zari work and Sam wore pink lehenga with silver work.Neil wore maroon sherwani and Arjun wore sky blue sherwani.The women were already smitten by their charm,Radhika and Sam tried to make Arjun and Neil jealous but they didn’t react.They got angry and ended the function quick.While they were in room they got a letter
Radhika’s letter
“Jab teri kali zulfe hawa mein udti hai,
Jab tumhari aakhe sach kehti hai,
Jab tumhara dil pyar se bhara ho
Toh Vishswas bhi toh hoga,
Yehi baat pe hasiyega mat,
Kyunki humein khabar hai,
Aapko Pyar hai sirf humse aur Bharosa bhi sab se
Radhika smiled and tilted the letter where it was written,”Still I was Jealous”.She laughed and felt Arjun behind her hugging her.They had their passionate moments.
There Sam read her letter:
“Barsa tha pani jab mile hum tum
Gana baja tha Mohra ka
Ban gaya Yeh ganna humara pehle pyar ki nishani
Saminder Singh tera idiot sirf tera hai.”
He wrote at back,”But don’t ever try to make me jealous or else you know what I can do”She laughed at his gesture and saw a gift of Jhumkas were kept.She wore it and clicked a selfie and sent to Neil where Neil smiled and kissed her photo.
There was bachelor party where radhika was dressed in short dress as it was the theme.But as she was drunk as her juices have been spiked to alcohol.Arjun was called By Sam and Scolded the waiters.They apologised.Arjun took her to her home.
Radhika was endlessly laughing.She said,”Why moon has become two?Hey why is sky so blue?Wait did I ever tell you how I felt about you?”Till then Arjun reached home.She was not willing to come,Arjun pulled her into his arms and lifted her.They were inside the house and he dropped her on couch.He locked the door.Radhika said and laughed again,”I thought you are completely mad,I had attraction to you when I was teen and was with you,had that accident never had happened I would have really early told you about my feelings.”Arjun turned to her words.He was shocked.Did she remember everything he thought.She further said,”Let me tell you a secret,I never lost my memory.You know your Di..Nandini Di tried to kill you.I heard her plans of making you fall of from car and accident stuff.So to protect you I took your coat and made myself look like you,I looked really crazy.I was just thinking when the car hit me off and then I fell.I don’t know how you came there.But when my operation was done,Nandini Di told me not to tell else You would be dead.And I couldn’t imagine my life without you not even then,not even now.”She cried profusely and Arjun hugged her tight.She now spoke,”When you met me at college when I saved Sam,I could recognise you.I felt so happy that you were near me still we had some distance.But now I am with you,all’s right?Arjun nodded.He made her sleep and slept with her.
The haldi ceremony had took place.Suddenly Rohit came.Sam got up and shouted,”Why have you come,there’s nothing now?”Luckily no guest were there.Ardhika came to her on hearing her sound.Arjun calms her down and speaks,”He was always with us”Sam looks on shocked and asks,”What do you mean?”

Precap:Ardhika speak truth about Rohit.Rohit breaks down and cries.

How was it? After a long time I could write it.I wanted to write long but couldn’t make you wait.I missed you all so much.My mood was bad becoz of assignment which I had done,credit was taken by someone else and also behaves badly so feels bad.But you all make my day with your comments.So plz continue to give commment and suggestion.
Try to guess about the truth of Rohit.Till then,Love u all.

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