Manmarziyan – Let me live Part 20

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Hiee all here is the next part of the ride… thank u all for the comment and pls do comment ur views. Love u all

Enjoy the ride…..

Dinesh wake up and paid a lady to whom he slept the last night he was so happy that bird song is going to be his as the was the main share holder of the company. His revenge to make bird song his was made fruitful he was out of world.

Jai woke up and found his little angel was making unique sound and it was his alarm tune her cute wake up cry. He went to her crib and she was all busy with her toy and the toy was slipping from her hand. That made her angry. She sequeled her anger and jai all the time was enjoying her irritation. He picked the key toy and gave that to her and she said something to him. Her tone was more of a complaint. He picked her and spoke to her with an animated voice ; why is my baby so angry in the morning ?? She saw him with the key in her hand and looked at him and spoke her language and she was all sound and most of the time she picked the key and showed it to him. He took that from her and kissed her head and went out and saw neha sleeping in the kitchen all standing. He nudged her and neha hugged him and started to sleep.

Jai ; wake up sleepy head it is morning. Neha squeezed her eyes and said more of a complaint ; you and ur daughter are not allowing me to sleep. He smiled and kissed his doll ; baby ur mother is saying u r disturbing her and husked i know u dont ur mommy is a sleepy head. She kicked him slightly and said may i know who is lazy u or me baby ur papa is lying dont listen to him and be a victim just like me. Jiya giggled looking at her father and mother’s fight.
Both saw her and that was a perfect timing. Both jai and neha saw her and each other and laughed.
Neha ; u look happy today jai . Jai nodded and said after so many days i slept in peace and today is the day where i am going to start my work. Neha nodded and kissed his forehead ; all the best u have to fulfil the promise which u made.
Jai ; i will but not today i am going to take a day off from my work and spend some time with my family. Neha jumped and said after so many days yippiee and kissed his cheeks. Jiya who saw that blinked the way neha kissed.
Jai texted teji that he is taking a day off and he took neha and jiya to a resort to spend some nice time together.

Neil desperately wanted to spend some time with sam but she was busy with radhika and both were like enjoying the time together. He had no other option other than to seek help from arjun. He calls arjun and he attends it in 2nd ring……
Arjun ; wow seems to be like u have my number thats a news.
Neil; i want to talk to sam and im missing her.
Arjun ; ok talk to her why are u calling me ?? Wait oh my god im not that kind im straight. Neil banged his head.
Neil ; shut up arjun im not interested in u either or i want to have a future with u so can u pls call sam or radhika.
Arjun ; why should i call them ?? Neil made a cry face and shouted i want to speak to sam can u call her from ur mobile and ask her to speak to me she is not picking up my call.
Arjun ; relax……. relax brother one second sam…….. neil wants to talk to u………
Neil frowned; where are u ??
Arjun ; im not stupid like u to wait for years to speak to your love im with radhika.
Neil who had enough now cant help but to shout ; if u r not my brother i would have killed u ?? Arjun giggled at neil’s irritation and said ; u can never dear because i am ur sweet lil brother whom loved by the big one but always annoys me.
Neil ; arjun……….. present sir arjun retorted back. Inbetween sam and radhika came back and radhika had 2 plates of food and sam had a jug in her hand. Arjun saw that and raised his eye brows.

Sam ; dont ask it is her snack. I dunno where is all her food going she is looking like she was out of food for weeks. He smiled when radhika gave a plain stare. Arjun gave the mobile to sam and radhika sat next to arjun and they started to watch random movies and he loved the way she was munching the food when there was a serious scene and sipping the drink as well. Arjun never took his eyes from her but she was busy with the movie.
Sam came back from the call and saw arjun starring at radhika. She slowly tip toed and closed arjun’s mouth. Sudden gesture made him glare at sam. She giggled and saw radhika who was not taking her eyes from the tv.

Sam ; radhu i am going out with neil.
Radhika ; hmmm hmmm and munching with eyes on tv. Arjun nodded and she left and arjun slowly put his hand over radhika’s shoulder. She did not react then the next second she pulled his arms over her shoulders and sat a bit close to him. He smiled and saw the t.v. and decided to propose her.

Arjun informed teji but teji was scared coz she was not who will speak her heart out to any one easy but she spoke her heart to arjun it doesn’t mean that she loves him. He was scared for both of them and took his mobile to inform neil but then he remembered arjun saying neil and sam has went out.


Arjun took radhika to a club. She never loves those kinds of places as the past will always come in front of her eyes when some obe dashes her even if it is by mistake. She still has the fear. She turned to look at arjun who was busy drinking some drink.

Radhika remembered her father who begged in front of dinesh and he ; i was the one who killed ur wife what will u do ?? And kicking him…….his last words……. struggle…… all was because of that stupid drink which made his head in a toss. Arjun smiled at her. She called him to come with her out that instant. He said few minutes and went in and came back with 2 glasses of drink.
She fumed in anger when he offered her some drink She silently rejected but he kept on asking her. Radhika who lost her cool slapped him hard and rushed out of the pub.

Arjun never expected that and came behind her and saw her sobbing and walking out of the parking area. He pulled his car key and started from there without taking her with him. Both were least bothered about the others. He haulted his car in a random place and held his steering tight and closed his eyes to reduce his anger. He made a big breathe and tried her number but that was switched off. He tried again but no response it was switched off. He drove back to the pub but she was not there.

He panicked and started to zoom the entire mumbai but she was not found. All the time trying her phone which had no response at all. He was sweating badly yet frustrated and started to ask to random people showing hos mobile which had radhika’s picture but only negative response came as the reply.
It was more than 2 hours but she was not found. His mind went in all possible ways. He cursed himself for leaving her all alone. His mind made a thought and he drove to the outskirts of mumbai where dilip and radhika were spending their days before he died. His calculation was correct. He took a bottle and drank it full to get some confidence to shout at her and stepped out of his car.

That was an individual house a kind of separate resort where the back of the house was the shore of the sea.
She was sitting near a stone bench and was all the time looking at her house and her eyes were continuously watering it was out of control for her to see arjun drinking.
Arjun (irritated voice) ; hello madam……… she turned and saw him he was looking like he was drunk.
Radhika ; i am not in a mood to talk to u so pls leave me alone. Her voice slightly broke but she composed and turned her head to other side. Arjun smirked. He pulled her by her hand and made her stand and in a low voice but full of hatred; why did u slap me ??
Radhika shoves her hand ; why did u drink ??
Arjun ; what is a sin to drink ?? And dont say it is not good for health. Radhika made a weak smile.
Radhika ; i thought something but he casted his spell on u as well. My arjun is not the one who likes these kinds of stuffs but u r not the one who is my friend so leave me for heaven sake.
Arjun ; ooh now u started to preach me as well. Superb why on earth did u switched off ur mobile ?? To get my attention if u thought so sorry madam i am not there for u.
Radhika had enough; shut up Arjun sorry Mr.Mehra i am sorry that i bothered u go and carry on ur life with drinking and u can right royally forget me that i am exist and also from now on there is nothing between us, saying so she left him by taking a can which she booked.

He shouted loudly ; ya nothing between us ya ur right saying so he threw the jewel box out from his hand which had a cute ring for her. He held his hair in frustration and sat in the stone bench his eyes were showering.
Radhika in the car was continuously sobbing for hurting Arjun and hurting herself for that.


Dinesh was happy shopping for his stuffs. He gave the card for the payment. When the card was used the card became blocked.
Staff ; Sir do u have other card ??
Dinesh ; why is that so ??
Staff ; Ur card is been blocked….
Dinesh ; what ?? How could that be possible?? I used it yesterday….
Staff ; sir it says the card is blocked pls give me the other card sir or if u have cash u can pay that sir else u have to return the article.
Dinesh held the staff’s collar and yelled at him ; do u know whom are u talking with ?? That created a chaos in the place and the floor manager came and asked for the same, after hearing all he said ; sir i dont want to know who you are or what u are give me the money or leave the things which u have ordered . Dinesh felt insulted, he threw the money in their face and yelled at them and came out. He went straight to the bank and when he spoke to the authorities said it was because he asked to block the card last evening saying it was lost.

Dinesh’s head started to spin… I never said that i never said my card is stolen ??
Manager ; yes sir it was u who spoke to me through the phone saying that ur card is stolen and i asked u to send me a complain mail as that was late hours and i received then only i blocked the card sir. How can i do it without ur concent ??
Dinesh was not able to understand what is happening around them. His thought was occupied with one thing. He left the bank requesting him to unblock the card and went straight to his safe to find that his documents are safe or not.

Dinesh took all his important document and started from that safe deposit bank and then drove back to his house.

Jai was smiling happily and kept the receiver and said this is what is wanted Dinesh it will be easy for me to nail u now. Ur documents is more than enough for me to make u go all mad welcome to the place of hell my father. He smiled with tears in his eyes thinking of what all he did to him and to his family.

Few days later.

Both Arjun and Radhika did not speak to each other for more than few days and nesam and teji and jai did not speak about them. Arjun started to miss radhika and so was radhika. But their ego was in front of their feeling.
Sam had enough she went straight to Arjun who was standing and looking outside through his mind was occupied by Radhika and her nonstop talking. He terribly want to talk to her but this time she was stubborn than Arjun.
Sam ; what happened now ?? what is between u 2 ?? i never thought that u guys would fight ??
Arjun ; sam radhika slapped me for drinking….. sam frowned and composed herself and said ; did u forget that this alcohol was the one which killed her life and if u drink infront of her then do u expect a red carpet invitation ??
Arjun then realised that radhika always hates drinking and smoking then his stupid brain worked and then he realsied that he was meant to her….

He immediately wanted to speak to her and hug her tight to ask sorry. Arjun came out of the thought and gave a warm hug to sam and ran towards Radhika’s cabin. It was found empty he zoomed the entire place but she was found nowhere. Teji came from behind and husked ; ur lady love is on leave today. It is her mother’s death anniversary she is there at that house outskirts of mumbai.
Arjun smiled and hugged teji tight and said ; u r the best person on earth.
Teji ; so are u gonna say that today ??
Arjun ; nope she will say me…..
Teji ; how ??
Arjun ; wait and watch i will make her realise her heart and she will come running towards me shouting i love u arjun.
Teji ; did u watch any serial last night ?? why are u blabbering ?? Arjun laughed and pulled teji’s chubby cheeks and said ; teji i will not do any stunts yet she will come and say she loves me i guess she will slap me that time as well . OK bye will comeback with radhika say to Sam ok bye…. saying so he rushed towards the parking lot.
He sat and drove fastly towards the place and all the time smiling big. He thought ; radhika u r mine always mine forever.

Precap – Arjun drunk radhika shouts and blurt out her heart…… Dinesh house is on fire……. (not literally but)

Thats it guys i am sorry for being irregular i will try to keep it proper. Love u all…..

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    Atlast u posted this I was waiting for this from yesterday after noon. This chapter is superb sv. Arjun, he is also an idiot like his big bro. Now only he understood the reason of rads angry. This chapter, jai is the hero…his family moments were superb…. Now waiting for rads confession and to see dinesh’s distraction post it soon

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