Manmarziyan – Hamari Adhuri Kahani Chapter 22

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Sam was enjoying every minute forgetting her worries . Neil did not miss a chance to make her smile. Neil slowly signalled prena to take care of sam and went out to make a call. He calls rathore.
Rathore ; some here has called the poor man like me sir.
Neil ; dont pull my leg rathore wanna help.
Rathore ; ooh now i have become rathore from rathu and u r requesting for help. Im gonna murder u for that first. Neil laughed .
Neil ; well buy birdsong. Rathore was shocked
Rathore ; are u insane what will sam think and its not good to do that but y u r asking all of a sudden ??
Neil ; bs sinked rathu i want u to take over that not letting other to……
Rathore ; ooh 2 in 1 purpose ??
Neil ; stop pulling me rathu….
Rathore ; i will take care neil just then there was a huge fight.
Neil ; what is happening there ??
Rathore (gave a big breathe) ; my kids are fighting.
I want the remote…….. no its my time…… how dare u pull my hair ??? And both were fighting rolling over thesofa and finally radhika pulled the remote from teji and sat over him and both were breathing heavily because of fight. Their hair all messed up and his specs half in his eyes and half near his ears. Rathore clicked it and sent that to prena neil and danny. Danny is the official news source of these messages. He knew who broke up with whom and how many times.

Prena was laughing looking at her kids and wished them that nothing harm to near them. Danny who was the admin of the boy’s group of creative shared it. The main member was rathore and arjun. Arjun came out from shower and was about to call radhika saw the picture and laughed his heart out.
He called her. She attended when she was clipping her hair.
Arjun ; panoti u became all kali with teji……
Radhika ; haa ??
Arjun ; check the pic i sent u. Radhika saw that and jaw dropped pic courtesy rathore. She was about to burst in anger but turned out to be big laugh. They spoke for sometime and helled the call.

Mumbai. ………
Bird song…
Samrat was in the cabin and was looking at every brick with more emotions. His life his journey was about to end. He looked at sam’s cabin radhika’s place piyali’s place. The cafeteria every where. Piyali entered his room and saw him in a devastated state. She felt pain. She walked to him and kept her hand over his shoulder and he raised his face with flodded eyes. Before they could speak nandhini came all the while laughing.
Piyali ; u here again get out of our office.
Nandhini ; ur office really she laughed i wanted his pain im getting it. Mark my words i will buy this bs in hooks and crooks and will pay u salary as a boss.
Samrat ; that will never happen now get out. She smirked.
Nandhini ; farewell samrat.. and left the office. Karthika saw nandhini and the happening. She knew that informing teji would be the correct one. She texted his number and wished he still has the number coz he left everyone but karthika would inform about the happening to him in that number trusting he will see it and he always had that number just for the information.
Teji barged inside the rathore cabin and ardhika were in serious discussion with rathore. All were looking at him and he was hell angry. All were confused looking at him.
Teji ; is bird song is going for sale ?? All frowned. Looked at each other.
Teji ; that nandhini came back and she said she will buy that bs .
Ardhika ; what ??
Rathore ; teji stop AM take her out now in a commanding voice. Teji was glaring arjun and arjun nodded he does not know anything. Radhika went out and arjun came out and they both were sitting in their place. Rathore called through intercom and asked her to go out with danny or arjun.
Radhika came to arjun who was holding his head.
Radhika ; arjun come lets go out.
Arjun ; i donno anything radhika trust me.
Radhika ; we will speak everything out now come.

He saw her. Her face was not showing any emotions. That gave him immense pain. He stood up and they left. She messaged rathore that she may be late to home night. They reached arjun’s flat. Arjun who was in the verge of breaking saw her. She asked him to sit in the sofa and she went in and came back with coffee. He was looking at her. She gave him and sat next to him. He kept the coffee aside and hugged her tight. Radhika just rubbed his back.
Arjun (without breaking the hug) ; radhika trust me i did not do anything i broke the relationship with nandhini that night and never ever looked back at her radhika dont leave me pls.
Radhika broke the hug wiped his tears and saw him he was not less than a kid to her now. She smiled and kissed his forehead.
Radhika ; did i ever speak that i will leave u or i dont trust u arjun ?? He saw her. She continued; i trust more than i trust myself. No one will try to steal me what is mine u know the softer radhika but im meera sister of rathore whom u donno arjun the changed version. I was thinking how to buy that bird song and make sir and piyali mam back to normal again.
Arjun ; did u lost it ?? Nandhini may hurt u leave it radhika.
She smiled and said ; u will be there by my side so why should i fear i have the worst so i dont fear anything. Arjun saw her determination in her eyes. He was calmed down.

Creative office……

Rathore; u sure that lady is involved ??
Teji ; look at this message rathu and showed the text which krithika sent.
Rathore ; last time she played the game her own way this time she has to face me before hurting my dear ones.
Teji ; my doubt is how did she became this strong i mean she was sent out that day itself but how come she is back.
Rathore ; leave it to me little one ur squirrel brain cannot think more. Teji saw rathore who was laughing at his statement.
Teji ; who is squirrel mind ??
Rathore; u of course. Teji had enough and made a pout face. Rathore stood up and gave an arms hug and said she is our chashni i will make her safe and make sure that neil is also informed that, that lady has made her entry. Teji nodded and they resumed for the work and rathore started his work to take over bird song as creative. He called his lawyer for the procedure.

Teji informed neil that nandhini is back to bird song to make her way to get it. Neil turned and saw Sam who was busy with few kids and balloons, he made sure that nothing is reaching her until this mess is all cleared as he wants only her happiness as he knew rathore will take care of radhika and Teji but for sam it is only neil. He saw her and she was enjoying the cool breeze forgetting everything . In the mind he promised come what may i will never leave u saminder singh i will always be idiot ur idiot.
Sam ; ice cream idiot ?? Neil smiled and nodded and they held their hand and neil thought ; nandhini last time i left u because of Radhika but not this time u have messed with the bad team we will stand each other side to side and will never leave our hand. Count down starts madam.


Kundra’s mansion.
Teji was pacing in his hall and was seriously thinking whether Arjun is also involved. His brain says he is involved but his heart is denying the fact as the way arjun reacted promised him that he is not the part of the plan even before he was used as a puppet. He was having a debate with himself. Just then radhika came and saw him. He was least bothered about anything but just thinking of what ….. how….. why and when .
Radhika gave him a side hug . He stared at her she was way more normal than what she will be.
Teji ; chashni ??
Radhika ; yup
Teji ; chashni i mean u i mean i him …….
Radhika ; he is not involved i can guarantee u that.
Teji ; how can u say that chashni he was the same person who broke the heart of all.
Radhika ; but he was unaware of what is happening to him same the situation is now. He does not know that what is happening to him now too.
Teji ; from when on did u take his side ?? Does he know about u and u guys patched up ??
Radhika (giggled) ; so many questions squirrel head ??
Teji ; dont call me that even rathu calls me that. She burst out in laugh.
Teji ; jokes apart chashni how can u trust arjun sir u sacrificed ur life and ur future because of him but now u r saying he is innocent why ??
Radhika (smiled) ; teji i left him becausei thought i was a stone a road block between him and Sam but then i came to know that sam never loved sir it was only neil for her. But she did not realise her feelings for her. Then when he came here i came to know he still loves me like mad, Teji say me one thing for a mistake which he never committed why should he be punished ??
Teji ; what ?? (in a higher voice) he hurt u chashni he just hurt u sam neil every one. He married u by force .
Radhika ; he did but he was the one who protected me from that saral he protected my dignity when i was there with him and also he was my side when the so called whole family of mine where against. Even i was hell angry with him but then i realised he always wanted to break the relationship with his sister and come to me. Teji saw her. She was right he did some wrong but he was not bad.
Teji ; so what are u saying chashni ??
Radhika ; i want u to just believe me and be my side as always . He smiled and hugged her and said i will never leave u come what may as for me it is only u the only relation i have. She smiled and stood up.
Radhika ; come we need to go
Teji ; where ?? She gave a look Fine fine coming……..
They headed towards Arjun’s flat and found him behind the house in lawn area. He was planting cute cute roses dark red one. He did not turn but called her.
Arjun ; panoti ur coffee is in the table and ur fav cookie in the kitchen take it and come i am watering the plants. Teji was dumbstruck the so called Arjun mehra the stubborn head khadoos is gardening . He was about to faint. He held radhika’s hands and she silently laughed at teji’s reaction.
Teji ; Arrrrrrrrr
Radhika ; jun….. she completed. She shouted back khadoos come here wanna talk to u….
Arjun ; 5 minutes radhika and he continued his work . Till then he did not see her. He made everything proper and stepped in and found radhika inside the kitchen and teji was standing with folded arms.
Arjun ; teji………….. u ???
Teji ran and hugged Arjun. Arjun was mum . They broke the hug and Teji said ; sorry sir i misunderstood u .
Arjun ; dont as it was my mistake of hurting u guys.
Teji ; i should say u have seriously changed sir.
Arjun ; argh sir u guys made any promises by irritating me by calling sir call me arjun teji i hate this sir tagline. Radhika giggled and sipped the coffee.
Arjun ; what ?? (looking at radhika ) she nodded nothing.
Arjun ; would u mind some coffee ??
Teji ; pls she kills with her cooking skills, she is horrible.
Arjun ; thats why i always cook i want to live and both laughed. Radhika gave a deathly glare to both of them.
Arjun ; ooh hell no she is angry she will kill me panoti i did not say anything and went behind her. Teji laughed and thought ; u r right chashni he is good.
Precap ; Nandhini gets the help of rivals to take over bird song…………. Rathore makes necessary arrangements to take over bird song…………. Face off of Rathore and Nandhini…………..

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