Manmarziyan ff -MMZ: Redefined (Episode 2)

Hi friends!!! Thanks for all your comments regarding my ff. I hope all the silent readers too like my work. But if you don’t like certain parts don’t hesitate to say so. I want to know your true reactions.
Again i would like to say this story is imaginery and is only intented for a fun reading experience. Please forgive me for my grammatical mistakes.

So here it goes…… episode 2….

Scene 1: Mumbai, BirdSong

A taxi stops in front of the building and a smiling Radhika climbs out of it. She looks at the building and smiles thinking, “finally i am here.”
She gets sad thinking about her family. Flashback shows Radhika crying and hugging her dadaji tightly saying to behave and control his diet. She then hugs Ankush and he pulls her cheeks saying to smile abd go. Next she hugs her Ridhima di and they share a smile. Then she hugs her mother and father (Mala and Dileep) saying i will came back to visit soon and that she will call everyday two times to talk to them. Flashback ends by showing Radhika looking back at them before she gets into a bus.
Presently, Radhika smiles and says to herself, “i will make you all proud of me. I promise.”
Just then a black white car speeds up to the building and stops abruptly beside Radhika. Due to its speed dust rises up and irritates Radhika. She tries to cover her mouth and nose and coughs waving her free hand in front of her to clear the air. She mumbles, ” i know Mumbai is a big city but is it neccessary to show off this much style. Go slowly and consider about others too.”
She turns back and pays the taxi driver.

Now the white car’s door opens and Arjun steps out. He takes out some file from the car and locks it. Both of them turns and walks at the same time and collides with each other.
The handbag and papers kept in a file in Radhika’s hand fells down and the papers scatters out. Arjun looses his hold on the file and bends down to take it. Radhika also bends to pick up the scattered papers. Arjun after taking the file looks at the person who collided with him and starts to say irriatingly, ” excuse m..” but halts seeing her. Radhika looks up at Arjun. Arjun slowly takes off his aviator glasses all the while staring at her. Both are in an eyelock. They are brought out of it by hearing a nearby horn and Arjun starts to say, “are you blind? Watch where you are going.”
Radhika gets irritated and says, “oh now i am at fault?!! Watch where YOU are going. You are the one who crashed with me. You had those big glasses on and didn’t see me. And instead of asking sorry you are blaming me. And you are responsible for 50% of Mumbai’s air pollution. Due to your fast driving these dust became agitated. Now own up to your mistake and say sorry.” She says all this in one breath and Arjun stares at her.
Arjun gets up and say, “what? Say sorry to me. And go away.”
Radhika also rises and says,” for what? You are at fault ask sorry to me.”
Arjun shakes his head and says,”unbelievable” and leaves from there saying,”forget it”.
Radhika looks at him and says,” rude and no manners.” She looks up to the sky and say, “bhagvanji what kinds of people are you making now a days and sending to earth.” She shakes her head.

Scene 2: Inside BirdSong

Neil and Sam are going through some files and Neil says to Sam,”yaar when is this Arjun Mehra coming?”
Sam: “why you have some other plans today idiot?”
Neil: “yeah datewith a beautiful lady.”
Sam: ” who is that beauti that i don’t know about?”
Neil: “no sammy you know her infact you have known her your entire life.”
Sam( now intrigued) : “who is that idiot? She is more important than me?”
Neil (laughing): “oh sammy her name is Prerna my mom.”
Sam gives imitates his laugh by saying, “ha ha ha you are so funny. Idiot!!!”
Neil puts his hands over her shoulder and says, “and sammy remember where there is Samminder Singh there is her idiot.” He smiles adorably at her showing dimples. Sam smiles at him.

Scene 3: BirdSong, boardroom

Every one is sitting round the table and Piyali ( Sam’s mom) stands in frond of them.
Piyali: “as you all know we have a new head of creative dept joining us today. I expect you all to show him the same respect you show me and Samrat.”
She turns to the door and announces, “Mr Arjun Mehra”
Arjun enters the room and shakes hand with piyali and then turns to face everyone and smiles.

Next episode: A girl meets Radhika and says that she is to meet with Arjun sir as he is her superior. Radhika enters Arjun’s cabin and gets shocked seeing him.

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